Gyantse is known for its authentic beauty. The best Barley Flour in Tibet is from the Gyantse and one of the most beautiful Tibetan women Nangsa Wobum was born near Gyantse so Gyantse plays a big role in the beauty of Tibet.

Sightseeing in the Gyantse

1.Gyantse Dzong or Fort

Gyantse Dzong was built around 1390, it is one of the best remaining Dzongs or Fort in Tibet. Nowadays we can still witness the beauties of these remaining Palace, Dzong or Fort. 

2. Palkor Chode Monastery 

Palkor Chode, Palcho monastery is the main monastery in Gyantse town. The earliest history of the Palkor chode monastery is traced back to the 9th century. The main chapel of the Monastery was built during the time of the second Prince of Gyantse named Rabten Kunzang Pak during the 14th Century.

Photo: Gyantse Palchoe Monastery 

3. Kumbum Stupa

Kumbum stupa was built during the 14th Century by the Prince of Gyantse. It has nine floors and one hundred thousand images of Buddhas.

The wall paintings of these stunning Buddhas in the Kumbum Stupa are very rare. 


They are a few 3-star hotels available in Gyantse town.

1.Gyantse hotel

2.Yeti Hotel

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Nov 06, 2017


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