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Many Travelers are concerned about the high altitude sickness in Tibet. 

The average altitude of Tibet is around 4000 - 4500 meters. The high passes in Tibet are about 5200 meters. 

Around 95 percent of the Travelers traveling to Tibet have no health problems while traveling in Tibet. 

We have met a few Travelers having altitude sickness on the day of arrival in Lhasa. It is quite normal to have some altitude feeling on the first day since this shows our body is adjusting to the altitude. 

The next day, many Travelers are healthy.

We recommend Travelers bring altitude medicine like Diamox. 

It is good to take one medicine day before arrival to Tibet. 

Travelers can also buy the Hongjingtian red herb medicine in Lhasa for altitude. 

The altitude sickness in Tibet is not that serious. We have seen Travelers at the age of 70-80, and also young children at the age of 8-10 are traveling in Tibet without any problems. 

Many Travelers get altitude sickness because of mental discomfort. Our mind is the source of our body. When our mind is in panic, our body naturally becomes panic, so we recommend Travelers not overthink about altitude sickness and focus on the beautiful nature in Tibet.

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A healthy body and mind are the key to having a great trip to Tibet. Today Tibet Travelers would like to share five health tips in Tibet. 

Five health tips in Tibet for Travelers

  1. Wearing warm clothes during the tour. The weather in Tibet changes very often. Sometimes in one day, there will be 3-4 different kinds of weather. The changes in climate bring cold and fever to Travelers if not wear warm clothes. Once Travelers get cold and fever, the problem gets worse because of taking it as altitude sickness, so all the mental problem comes out to make it worse. We recommend wearing warm longer pants and a coat while traveling in Tibet.
  2. Not to take a shower on the first day of arrival in Tibet. This is a piece of advice from previous Travelers since the temperature in Tibet changes often. Travelers can wash hair, face, and feet.
  3. Food is the primary source of the great trip in Tibet since our stomach tells us if our body is in a good mood or not. We have seen Travelers very fit sick because of food poising. The foods in some Restaurants are oily and spicy, so we recommend Travelers choose food with less oil and chili. The weather in Tibet is quite hot in the day because of being closer to the sun, so oily food makes dizziness and ruins the trip. The spicy foods will make Travelers go to the bathroom a lot. This is not good since at night it is quite cold especially outside of Lhasa. The bathrooms are basic Tibetan style so to wake up at the night and to go toilet will ruin sleep. Not having appropriately slept will ruin the trip. 
  4. Having a healthy mental by not overly thinking about altitude sickness helps to maintain a healthy trip in Tibet. 
  5. Doing light exercise before ten days of arrival to Tibet for Travelers planning on a trek or hike in Tibet. 


Potala Palace

These are the five health tips from Tibet Travelers. We hope the above tips be helpful for all the Travelers planning on traveling to Tibet. 

For the emergency, while traveling in Tibet, there is a small hospital in a few villages between every 100 km.

There are a few big hospitals in Lhasa, Shigatse, Ngari, Tsetang, Nakchu, and Nyingchi. 

We recommend Travelers to buy the insurance in your home country. Travelers can also buy insurance in Tibet with the help of the Tibet Travelers travel agency. 

We also recommend Travelers bring a small first aid box. 


The health tips in Tibet are essential for Travelers to have a great trip in Tibet. 

Tibet is the roof of the world and home of nature. The highest mountain in our world ( Mount Everest ) is in Tibet at Tingri county. 

The holy mountain Kailash and sacred lake Manasarovar is in Tibet in western Tibet. 

Tibet is the home of Buddhism; our great ancestors are full of wisdom and compassion. 

We recommend Travelers to travel to Tibet and witness her beauty. 

We also recommend Travelers to take good care of health while traveling in Tibet since health is the key to having a great trip in Tibet.

Travelers can leave feedback and suggestions in comment sections. 

Travelers planning on traveling to Tibet can send us an email at 

Written By :Tenzin

Oct 22, 2018


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