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It is a dream of Luxury Travelers to take a helicopter tour in Tibet. Now in 2018, the helicopter tour is available for all Travelers.

Traveling in Tibet via overland vehicle tour takes many days of sitting in the vehicles. Traveling from Lhasa to Mount Everest North face base camp takes around 5 days in total with a duration of 1300kilometers of a round trip.

Traveling from Lhasa to Shigatse in 280km will take around 5-6 hours of driving because of the speed limits. 

From Shigatse again, there is around 430km to Mount Everest North face base camp for a duration of 1-2 days via driving through 3 high passes around 5000 meters so now we have good news for Luxury Travelers that Tibet Travelers arranges helicopter tours in Tibet to much important sightseeing including the Lhasa city tour, Namtso Lake tour, Yamdrok Lake tour, Lhasa to Shigatse tour, Shigatse to Old Tingri tour, Old Tingri to Mount Everest North face base camp tour with different duration and different price ranges. 

Photo: Mount Everest North face the sunset

The duration range of helicopter tours

  1. Lhasa city tour: 10-12 min
  2. Namtso Lake tour: 1 hour 10 min
  3. Namtso Lake sightseeing spot tour: 12-15 min
  4. Lhasa-Shigatse: 1 hour 13 min
  5. Shigatse-Tingri: 1 hour 10 min
  6. Tingri-Mount Everest North face base camp:25 min
  7. Everest base camp sightseeing spot tour: 12- 15 min
  8. Yamdrok Lake tour: 1 hour 20 min
  9. Wedding photos tour: 1 hour 

The price range of helicopter tours

The price is around 200 US dollars to 4600 US dollars depending on the destination of the helicopter tour.

For more detail on the price of each sightseeing helicopter tour, Travelers can send us an Email at info@tibettravelers.com 


Tibet Tourism situation is getting better every day. Now we have the helicopter tours in Tibet.

Tibet Travelers hope more Travelers visit Tibet to witness the beauties of Tibet, which is also the beauties of our world. 

Tibet Travelers is one of the hardest working local Tibetan travel agencies based in Lhasa. We do our best to share the latest Tibet travel and tour news to all the Travelers to make it convenient for Travelers. 

We highly welcome Traveler's feedback and suggestions on our website and articles on Tibet via Email. 

Thank you for reading our article on Tibet Tour. for more information regarding traveling to Tibet, Email us at info@tibettravelers.com 

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Aug 03, 2018


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