Tibet Hot Springs for Travelers


Tibetans believe that the Hot springs are the blessings of the Maha Siddha's. 

They are many Hot springs in Tibet. Almost all the Hot springs in Tibet are especially for local people so it is hard to find fancy hotel design Hot springs in Tibet but if you are local lover of Travelers, this article is for you. 

Few Hot Springs in Tibet for Travelers 

1. Tidrum nunnery Hot spring

From my experience, one of the best Hot springs in Tibet is Tidrum nunnery hot spring. The reason behind this is the cleanness of the hot water coming straight from the rocks. 

The Tidrum nunnery Hot spring is located about 140 km from Lhasa with a duration of 3-4 hours drive from Lhasa. 

They are a few local Guesthouses, no bathroom inside. The public bathroom is quite difficult to adjust for Some Travelers.

Travelers can also choose to stay at the Shambhala Palace branch hotel located around 5-10 km from the Tidrum nunnery.

This hotel offers good rooms with private bathrooms, it is a great choice for Travelers who are not used to a public bathroom and local Hot springs.

Travelers can also read another article about what we can do near Tidrum nunnery?

Tidrum nunnery Hot spring is free of charge for both locals and Travelers.

2. Lhatse Shechen Hot spring

Lhatse town is located around 150 km from Shigatse, around 420 km from Lhasa.

I have been here before, this is one of the bottom muddy hot springs in Tibet. Many of the other hot springs in Tibet have mud at the bottom. 

This is another good choice for Travelers who are traveling to Mount Everest or Nepal border.

Locals charge some Entrance fees for the Hot spring in Lhatse, which is located around 10-15 km from Lhatse town. 

3. New Tingri Lolo Hot spring

I have been to this Hot spring last year and spent an overnight.  It is also one of the bottom mud Hot springs in Tibet.

Hot spring is located inside the Tibetan family house. They offer basic accommodation but not possible to have a private shower.

Hot spring is free of charge but accommodation will cost around 50-100 RMB per person per bed. 

4. Old Tingri Gangkar Hot spring

This Hot spring is located around 15 km from Old Tingri Gangkar town.

Before decades ago, it was one of the best local-style Hot springs near Tingri. Later they built a hotel inside the Hot spring. 

Since it is changing quite often, I recommend Travelers to visit here on the way to Nepal border and decide to stay here or Old Tingri. 

5. Tadapuri Hot spring

Located about 70 km from Darchin. 20 km from Menshi town.

Tadapuri Hot spring is located near Tsanda town and Mount Kailash.

I have been here a decade ago. Hot spring is quite small but open widely. It is one of the best Hot springs in the western Tibet Ngari region. 

6. Rutok Hot spring

Located around 70-80 km from Lhasa towards the East. The highway from Lhasa to Nyingchi has made this Hot spring a day or 2 days trip for Travelers. 

There is also a meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche near the small hill for a blessing. 

Nowadays this Hot spring has become like a swimming pool with Entrance fees. 

For Travelers who plan to visit here, I highly recommend also visiting Siji Lhatso lake or loop Tour from Lhasa to Sangri town through Siji Lhatso and Woka Cholung, which is one of the most beautiful hidden beauties in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers will write an article about Woka Cholung's hidden beauties soon. 

For the moment, Travelers can also read a few more information about Siji Lhatso Lake.

Photo: Beauties of Nyingchi 

7. Yangpachen Hot spring

Located around 80 km from Lhasa towards North. Yangpachen Hot spring is a good option for Travelers who are traveling to Namtso Lake.

This is also one of the swimming pool-style Outdoor and Indoor Hot springs in Tibet.

They charge an Entrance fee of around 100 RMB per person.

It's a good option to visit here and decide when Travelers are traveling to Namtso Lake.  

These are the Hot springs that are open to both local Tibetans and Travelers around the world.

Few Hot Springs in Tibet only for Local

1. Kya Hot spring and Kote Hot spring 

Kya Hot spring is located around 30-40 km from my hometown Tashizom.

I have been here in my childhood times and still remember the blessings.

Kote Hot spring is located around 50 km from my hometown.

On the way to Kharta Kangshung Valley Trek, Travelers will pass by this Hot spring which is located inside the Tibetan's house.

They are a few hot springs located in Kote village.

2. Dromo Hot spring 

Dromo town is located at the border between India Kalimpong.

Dromo is known as one of the hidden beauties in Tibet.

Many Locals say that Dromo Hot spring is one of the best Hot springs especially for people who have broken bones. (Orthopedics)

These Hot springs are only for local Tibetans. Hope these Hot springs be open to Travelers soon.

Five Hot Springs near Lhasa for Travelers 

1. Tidrum nunnery hot spring ( 140 km )

2. Dolong town Shongpa Lhachu hot spring ( 25 km )

3. Dolong Dechen village hot spring ( 60 km )

4. Yangpachen hot spring ( 85 km )

5. Rutok hot spring ( 160 km ) 

Hot springs are one of the best medicine for people who have a problem with bones, a car hit, broken bones, bone fracture. (Orthopedics)

Many of these Hot springs were discovered when a bird or wild animal with fracture bones swim inside the Hot spring and got cured so later many Mahayana Buddhist masters shared this wisdom with local Tibetan people. 

Travelers can also read our article Proverbs from Buddhist Maha Siddha's.

This is the information regarding Hot spring in Tibet.

We recommend all the Travelers to travel to Tibet and witness the beauties of Hot springs in Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 08, 2018


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