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Hotels and restaurants in Tibet

When it comes to hotels in Tibet, Lhasa boasts some of the finest accommodations, with options ranging from 3-star to 5-star. Our top choices for 5-star hotels in Lhasa are St. Regis, Shangri La, and Inter Continental.

For a comfortable 4-star experience, we recommend the Shambhala Hotel. If you're looking for an excellent 3-star option, we suggest the Kyichu Hotel or the 1 Gold star Shambhala Palace.

In Shigatse, we love the 4-star Gesar Hotel as an excellent choice for our travelers. For those visiting New Tingri, we suggest the cozy 2-star Everest hotel.

And if you're planning to stay in Darchen, we highly recommend the welcoming 3-star Himalayan hotel. No matter where you choose to stay, we are here to help make your Tibet trip unforgettable!

1. What are the 5-star luxury hotels in Lhasa?

Lhasa has three luxurious hotels which are the St. Regis Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, and Intercontinental Hotel.

One of them is the St. Regis Hotel, which can be found in the eastern part of Lhasa near Tibet University and the Muslim Quarter. This hotel is among the nearest 5-star accommodations to the Jokhang Temple in the heart of the Tibetan old town.

Located in the western part of Lhasa town, Shangri La Hotel is in close proximity to the Tibet Museum and the Norbulingka Palace area.

Photo: 5-Star St.Regis Hotel Room

The Intercontinental Hotel can be found in the eastern section of Lhasa, close to the new Eastern Bridge. However, it is quite a distance from central attractions such as Potala Palace and Jhokang Temple.

From November to March, these hotels offer room rates with breakfast that fall within the range of 200-300 USD. On the other hand, in the high season - which runs from April to October - the rates go up to approximately 300-400 USD per room, inclusive of breakfast.

Each of these hotels offers a comfortable bar and swimming pools for travelers. The St. Regis Hotel is the closest to Jhokang Temple and also offers the most luxurious room option. The cost of a room with a view of Potala Palace at this hotel is approximately 1000 USD per night.

Hotels and restaurants in Tibet

Photo: 5-Star St.Regis Hotel Bathroom

2. Lhasa St.Regis Hotel.

The Restaurant at St. Regis Hotel offers a serene view of the Potala Palace, making it an ideal location for travelers seeking a tranquil atmosphere to take in the sights of Lhasa. 

St. Regis is Tibet Traveler's 5-star hotel recommendation inside Lhasa.

Photo: 1 Gold Star Shambhala Palace Room

Shambhala Hotel Potala Palace View Room

Photo: 4-Star Shambhala Hotel Potala Palace View Room.

3. 4-Star Shambhala Hotel

We absolutely love the 4-Star Shambhala Hotel! The rooms are so delicate and luxurious, and you can even choose to have oxygen in your room. Plus, it's just a stone's throw away from the old town of Lhasa's Jokhang Temple. We've handpicked this hotel as one of our top choices for our valued Travelers looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay.

The hotel features lovely Western-style rooms and is conveniently located only 50 meters from the Jokang Temple and the charming old town. It's a leisurely 30-minute stroll to the Potala Palace, and you'll find the coziest cafe in Lhasa right down the corridor," The Summit Cafe."

They have a particular room with a stunning view of the Potala Palace. If you wish to experience this magnificent view at the Potala Palace View room, give us a heads-up. It's an additional $40 to $70 per night per room, with prices changing depending on the season.

Enhance your stay with the Deluxe Luxury rooms, which cost an extra $50 to $90 USD per night per room, varying by season.

Shambhala Hotel Luxury Room

Photo: 4-Star Shambhala Hotel Deluxe Luxury Room

Shambhala Hotel Deluxe Luxury Room

Photo: 4-Star Shambhala Hotel Deluxe Luxury Room

Shambhala Hotel Luxury Bathroom

Photo: 4-Star Shambhala Hotel Deluxe Luxury Bathroom

Shambhala Hotel Double Bed Room

This is an image of a Twin-Bed Room at the 4-star Shambhala Hotel, designated for travelers who prefer twin-bed rooms.

4-star Shambhala Hotel Single Bed Room

This is an image of a Single-Bed Room at the 4-star Shambhala Hotel, designated for travelers who prefer single-bed rooms.

Shambhala Hotel Bathroom

Photo: 4-Star Shambhala Hotel Bathroom

Our top priority is ensuring the comfort of our valuable travelers, which is why we have selected rooms that are equipped with oxygen at Shambhala Hotel.

Shambhala Palace

4. Shambhala Palace 1 Gold Star.

Shambhala Palace is a comfortable lodging option in Tibet that provides a homely Tibetan ambiance. It is part of the Shambhala Serai group, which also includes the House of Shambhala and another branch close to the Tidrum nunnery hot spring.

The Tibetan quarter of Lhasa is home to Shambhala Palace, which is conveniently situated within a 5-10 minute walk from Bhakor Street and Jhokang Temple.

5. Kyichu Hotel.

Owned by a Tibetan family, Kyichu Hotel is a 3-star hotel situated in the old town, approximately 150 meters from Jhokang Temple and 1 kilometer from the Potala Palace. It has been operating since 1996 and is located in the old town.

Photo: 3-Star Kyichu Hotel

6. Shigatse 4-star Gesar Hotel.

Gesar Hotel is a fantastic option for those seeking a comfortable stay in Shigatse. The staff, who are all native Tibetans, are friendly and hospitable, ensuring that guests feel at home in their rooms, which are equipped with invigorating hot showers. Additionally, the breakfast provided is a definite highlight and is eagerly anticipated by guests each morning.

Gesar Hotel Single bed room

Photo: 4-Star Gesar Hotel Single Bed Room

4- star Gesar Hotel in Shigatse

Photo: 4-Star Gesar Hotel Double Bed Room

Gesar Hotel Western style room

Photo: 4-Star Gesar Hotel Double Bed Western Style Room

The Gesar Hotel has received high ratings on Trip Advisor, so be sure to check out the reviews. At Gesar Hotel, we have prioritized the comfort of our valuable travelers by providing VIP rooms.

7. Pelber New Tingri Everest Hotel.

The Everest Hotel was established in 1987 and is regarded as one of the finest hotels in Pelber. It is located at an altitude of 4300 meters and is equipped with oxygen to ensure guests have a safe and comfortable stay. The hotel is conveniently situated in the center of Pelber town and offers a stunning view of Mount Everest's North Face.

Pelber Everest Hotel New Tingri

Photo: Everest Hotel Single Room

Pelber Everest Hotel New Tingri

Photo: Everest Hotel Double Bed Room

Pelber Everest Hotel New Tingri Bathroom

Photo: Everest Hotel Private Bathroom

To ensure that travelers enjoy their journey to EBC, we provide accommodation at the Everest Hotel for a night before the Tibet travel journey to Mount Everest base camp.

7. Rongbuk Monastery Everest View Guest House.

Mount Everest base camp is a popular Tibet Travel destination. Rongbuk Monastery Guest House is one of the best accommodations available at Mount Everest North Face Base Camp (5200m). The guest house provides single and double rooms with an attached bathroom and a view of Mount Everest. However, shower facilities are not available due to the high altitude.

The cost of accommodation is around 100 USD to 150 USD per room per night. We usually book travelers at Black Yak hair tents, but upgrades to the Rongbuk Monastery guest house are available for a charge of 50 to 100 USD USD per room, depending on the season.

Rongbuk monastery Everest view room

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Everest view room

Rongbuk monastery Guest house Private Bathroom

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Guest House Private Bathroom

Rongbuk monastery Everest view Restaurant

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Guest House Everest View Restaurant

8. Restaurants Options in Tibet.

When traveling in Tibet, it is important to prioritize consuming nutritious food. With numerous restaurant choices in Lhasa, we have selected several popular options to highlight. However, before delving into these recommendations, it is necessary to consider the typical costs for lunch and dinner in Tibet.

9. Lunch and Dinner Expenses.

In order to accommodate the needs of travelers, we have designed our tour package to exclude the cost of lunch and dinner. This allows each individual to choose the meals they prefer while staying within their budget. It is estimated that lunch and dinner in Tibet will cost approximately 10-20 USD per person per day.

Larger cities including Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang, Ngari, and Nyingchi offer a variety of cuisine such as local Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali, and Western. In contrast, small towns outside of these cities have limited food options, with only local Tibetan dishes, noodles, rice, vegetables, Yak meat, potatoes, and bread available.

10. Few Highlight Restaurants in Lhasa.

You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining in Lhasa! From Tibetan and Chinese to Western, Indian, and Nepali cuisine, there are plenty of restaurant options to choose from.

1. Tibetan Family Kitchen

Within a distance of 20 meters from Jokhang Temple, A good friend, Namdol, runs the Tibetan Family Kitchen. A decade ago, she started her tourism career as a tour guide, the number one in Tibet, and is now running a restaurant in Lhasa. Tibetan Family Kitchen offers Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepalese foods. One of the most popular dishes is Tibetan Yak meat Momos. One of the most preferred activities by travelers is attending the cooking classes offered by Tibetan Family Kitchen. You can contact them on 138 8901 5053.

2. Kyichu Hotel Garden Restaurant

The Kyichu Hotel Garden Restaurant is a top-notch dining spot in Lhasa known for its beautiful garden. The restaurant employs skilled Nepali chefs who specialize in preparing Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian cuisines.

3. Lhasa Kitchen

On Dangayling Road, you can find Lhasa Kitchen on the second floor of a building. Their menu consists of dishes from Tibet, China, and Nepal.

4. House of Shambhala Restaurant

The House of Shambhala Hotel boasts a comfortable eatery that serves up delectable dishes from Tibet, China, and Nepal. Positioned approximately 100 meters away from the Jokhang Temple, the restaurant can be contacted by dialing 0891-6326533.

5. Namaste Restaurant

Owned by a Nepali man and a Tibetan woman, Namaste restaurant is renowned for its Nepali and Indian cuisine. It can be found on the second floor near the Lhasa Movie Center.

6. Makye Ame Restaurant

On the second floor of the Jhokang Temple, travelers who are doing the kora will come across a sign for Makye Ame. This restaurant provides a variety of food options, including Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali, and Indian cuisine.

8. Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

The restaurant known as Po Ba Tsang can be found on Dangayling Road. Its reputation stems from the delicious Tibetan hotpot offered, as well as the traditional Tibetan dance performances provided for visitors.

Photo: Cooking Class at Tibetan Family Kitchen

9. Lhasa Java Cafe

One of the popular local Tibetan-owned cafes in Lhasa is the Java Cafe. It is located opposite the Kyichu Hotel in the Shenli Square building.

10. Summit Cafe

Summit is one of the oldest cafes in Lhasa, owned by a Foreigner; Lhasa has three summit cafes. One of the cafes is inside the Shambhala Hotel on Dangayling Road.

11. Gam Chung Tea House and Ze Dro Tea House

They are the two oldest tea houses in Lhasa: Gamchung and Zedro. They offer sweet tea for eight jiao and Tibetan noodles per bowl for 1 USD. These tea houses are the best places to meet local Tibetans on the Dangayling Road.

When you're traveling in Tibet, food is a big part of the experience! But outside of the big cities, there are fewer restaurants to choose from. If you're not used to spicy or sweet foods, don't worry - we suggest looking for dishes that are lower in oil and don't have a lot of sugar. Trust us, there are plenty of delicious options to try!

11. Conclusion.

Getting a good night's sleep and eating healthy can really make a difference in your sightseeing experience. So, please try to choose a cozy place to stay and some yummy, nourishing food. It'll definitely help you make the most of your trip! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read our article. We're committed to keeping it up-to-date, so if you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments. We'd love to hear from you! Oh, and if you're thinking about traveling to Tibet, check out our five steps to book a tour to Tibet. You can also shoot us an email regarding Tibet travel planning. 

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Feb 24, 2023


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