How to buy China sim card in Tibet?


Many Travelers would like to connect with families or friends back in the home, so Travelers have asked; How to buy the China mobile sim card in Tibet? 

Today Tibet Travelers would like to share the detail information so Travelers can get in connect with loved ones back in the home.

There are three China mobile data companies in Tibet.

  1. China Telecom
  2. China Mobile
  3. China Unicom

Now the mobile data is becoming easier day by day. Travelers can easily buy a new sim card in Lhasa, Tibet with the help of Tibet Travelers.

In China, the best connection China mobile date company is China Mobile.

In Tibet, the best connection China mobile date company is China Telecom. 

The reason is the connection tower. China Telecom has connection tower in many remote areas, so it helps Travelers to get the connection data even in the remote places in Tibet. 

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How to buy China Telecom Sim Card?

The first question is about the rules from Telecom.

  1. Telecom data Sim card must use for at least three months as a rule from Telecom office. 
  2.  Travelers must need the passport or Chinese ID card to buy China Telecom Sim card.

Since Travelers have to pay for three months at the least for China Telecom mobile Sim card Data, so we recommend Travelers to buy the Sim card with the help of Tibet Travelers Tour Guide ID card. 

After three months, our Tour Guide will visit the China Telecom Office to cancel the service since to cancel the service must need the original ID card or passport. Travelers have already departed to home so Tibet Travelers cannot use the Travelers original passport, so we recommend using Tibet Travelers Tour Guide ID to make it convenient for Travelers. 

How much the China Telecom Sim card cost per month?

The cost of China Telecom Sim card is 129RMB per month which is around 19 USD per month.

How much is Mobile data service available for 129RMB?

The 129RMB has unlimited mobile data service. After using 20GB, the service will go down to 2G. 

How many WIFI device Travelers can use for 129RMB?

Travelers can use two devices at the same time.

How many minutes of calls are available for 129RMB?

Travelers can use 600 minutes of national calls inside Tibet and China. 

Travelers cannot use International call, so we recommend using the China Telecom Hotspot data to have a video call via the social media Apps.

WhatsApp is not working sometimes in Tibet, so we recommend Travelers to download the best social media App in Tibet ( Wechat ). Travelers can read our previous article on how to download Wechat App?

Travelers can also read our article about No Gmail, Instagram, Google, and Facebook.

Travel to Tibet is Now or Never


Buying the China Telecom mobile Sim card data is quite convenient while traveling in Tibet.

Travelers can also buy China mobile Sim card in China with Travelers passport. 

Since there is free WIFI at more than 70 percent of the travel site in the hotels and restaurants so Tibet Travelers travel agency won't recommend Travelers to buy the mobile data Sim card.

There is free WIFI even at the Mount Everest North face base camp Black Yak hair tea tent hotels which will be open from April 1st to October 23rd.  During the winter the Tea tents will be closed because too windy and cold.

For Travelers planning on Trek in Tibet can buy the China Telecom Sim card. 

Travelers can also give the mobile number of our Tour Guide and Traveler agency Manager Tenzin ( +86 189 0899 0100 ) to Travelers family and loved ones to connect with the Travelers.

We hope the above information is helpful for all the Travelers traveling to Tibet.

Travelers can send us Email regarding Tibet travel free information and journey to Tibet. [email protected]

Written By :Tenzin

Oct 23, 2018


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