How to fly to Tibet without a night in China?


One of the important questions from Travelers traveling to Tibet is related to the Tibet Travel Permit.

To fly into Tibet from China, Travelers will need the Tibet Travel Permit. This is the main reason Travelers will have to spend a night in China in a hotel to pick the original Tibet Travel Permit.

Tibet Travelers will request Travelers to spent a night in China where Tibet Travelers travel agency can mail the Tibet Travel Permit to the hotel. Without the original Tibet Travel Permit, Travelers are not allowed to board the flight into Tibet from China. 

They are many Travelers preferring not to spend a night in China. They would like to buy the connecting flight to Tibet from home destination to China which will spend only a few hours in China. 

We have received many questions from previous Travelers. One of the most popular questions is: Can Travelers not spend a night in China before traveling to Tibet? 

Before sharing the solutions, we would like to share a little information about the Tibet Travel Permit. 

  1. What is Tibet Travel Permit?
  2. How to get the Tibet Travel Permit?
  3. Can Travelers travel to Tibet in a day without spending a night in China?

These are the important questions regarding traveling to Tibet.

1. What is Tibet Travel Permit?

They are 2 documents Travelers will require to travel in Tibet. China visa and Tibet Travel Permit.

Tibet Travel Permit is one of the documents required for Travelers to travel in Tibet. 

2. How to get Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travel Permit can be able to obtain from the Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa with the help of a local travel agency in Tibet like Tibet Travelers.

Travelers can visit our previous article for full information on Tibet Travel Permit.

Photo: Tibet first beauties of Tibet can be seen from the sky

3. Can Travelers travel to Tibet in a day without spending a night in China?

In the above information, Tibet Travelers has explained that the Travelers will need the original Tibet Travel Permit to board the flight to Tibet from China.

Now it is an important question about how Travelers can get the Tibet Travel Permit without spending a night in China in a hotel?

After doing some research to make it convenient for the Travelers. Tibet Travelers has found a great solution for the Travelers.

Yes, Travelers can travel to Tibet in a day from your home country through 2-3 times changing flight into Tibet without spending a night in China.

Tibet Travelers friends in China will come to the airport to deliver the Tibet Travel Permit to our Travelers.

We request Travelers to book a flight to Tibet from China, which gives around 5 hours gap so our friends in China have enough time to deliver the Tibet Travel Permit to the Travelers.

Photo: Beauties of Tibet from the sky

It is also a safe way to give a 4-5 hours gap for the next flight from China to Tibet in case if the first flight from your home destination to China is delayed. 


Making things convenient for our Travelers. Making the trip to Tibet a great lifetime experience are the main missions of Tibet Travelers. 

At the moment, we have a connection in Chengdu, Beijing, Xining, and Chongqing for Travelers who prefer to travel in a day to Tibet from your home destination without spending a night in China.

Our friend partners in China charge 500RMB to travel to the airport and deliver the permit our Travelers. 

To make things convenient for Travelers via sharing all the Tibet travel information on our website and to keep focusing on new itineraries where fewer Travelers visit and more local people can be seen are the main aims of Tibet Travelers.

We highly request Travelers to share your suggestions so we can improve every day.

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on how to fly to Tibet without a night in China?

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email Tibet Travelers at [email protected] 

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Sep 25, 2018


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