How to get a Tibet Travel Permit? 2024

How to get a Tibet Travel Permit? 

Obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit(TTP) can be done most efficiently by utilizing the services of a local Tibet travel agency. Our agency can promptly aid you in getting the necessary permit for travel to Tibet.

How to get a Travel Permit if traveling to Tibet from cities in China?

If you plan on traveling to Tibet from any city within China, you must have a China Visa to obtain the Travel Permit. Providing a scanned copy of your China Visa to travel agencies can facilitate the process of obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit without any complications.

How to get a Travel Permit if traveling to Tibet from Nepal?

When you travel to Tibet from Nepal, we will handle both the China Group Visa and Tibet Travel Permit for you. 

Details about the Tibet Travel Permit.

1. What documents are required to get a Tibet Travel Permit?

To obtain a Tibet Travel Permit while traveling to Tibet from cities in China, it is mandatory to provide us with scanned copies of your passport and China visa.

When traveling from Nepal to Tibet, it is essential to provide a passport scan to us.

2. What is the cost of a Tibet Travel Permit?

To obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, travelers must participate in an organized tour. The permit itself does not require any fees.

3. What is the duration for obtaining a Tibet Travel Permit?

If you plan to travel to Mount Kailash, Mount Everest, and Kangshung Valley trek, you should expect the Tibet Travel Permit to take around three weeks to obtain.

However, if you are interested in shorter tours, they typically last around two weeks. To ensure your safety, it is recommended that you book your tour a few months in advance.

4. Which places can travelers visit with a Tibet Travel permit?

Kindly inform us of the Tibetan destinations you intend to explore. Please be aware that only the locations specified on the Tibet Travel Permit are permitted for visitation.

5. What is the expiration date for the Tibet Travel Permit?

The length of the Tibet Travel Permit depends on the Tibet Travel plans' duration. It is only possible to extend or expand the permit coverage with a reservation made in advance.

6. Is a travel permit required to board a flight bound for Tibet?

Prior to departing for Tibet, travelers need to possess the original Travel Permit if they are arriving from other cities in China by flight. We will arrange for the original travel permit to be delivered to your hotel in China.

7. Is a travel permit required to board a train to Tibet?

You can present the printed copy of your Travel Permit at the train station when taking the train to Tibet from Chinese cities. We will send the Travel Permit to you via email scans.

Tibet Travel Permit Name List

Image: Travel Permit Name List

8. How to get a travel permit when entering Tibet from Nepal?

Upon arrival at either Lhasa Gonggar airport or the Nepal Border, the Tibet Travelers Tour Guide will be in possession of the Travelers' Tibet Travel Permit. Our contact in Nepal will assist in obtaining the China group visa for the Travelers.

9. How many travel permits do Travelers need to travel to Tibet?

Our travel agency can arrange the necessary permits for travelers, which typicallye to four, range from thre depending on the Tibet Travel destination. 

10. What is the Alien Travel Permit?

To travel to places beyond large cities near the border, an individual must have an Alien Travel Permit. Depending on the travelers' Tibet travel destinations, the tour guide will acquire the Alien Travel Permit using the original Passport and Tibet Travel Permit in Gyantse, Tsetang, Darchen, or Shigatse City.

11. What documents are necessary for China visa categories?

Individuals holding a China Visa under the Z and M categories must present a work card or employment letter from their company, stamped with an official seal, in order to acquire a Tibet Travel Permit. If the China Visa falls under the Q category, a letter from the individual's family is mandatory. Students with an X-category China Visa must provide their student ID card.

12. Conclusion 

Getting a Travel Permit is a breeze! Just shoot us an email, and we'll take care of everything, ensuring a stress-free experience for you! Our priority is to promptly obtain the Travel Permit for our clients, resulting in our outstanding 5-star rating on Trip Advisor from our valued travelers.

We're delighted that you've taken the time to explore information about the TTP. Our comprehensive Tibet Travel and Tour Guide offers a wealth of valuable insights on traveling to Tibet, providing over 5000 words of free travel information.

As a local travel agency, we offer an authentic local Tibet travel experience. Feel free to email us at to start planning your trip to Tibet! We can't wait to welcome you to Tibet! We would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve the article. Your time is valuable to us, so please leave a comment with any suggestions you may have.


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Jul 03, 2023


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