How to Plan a Tour to Mount Everest?


The moment we see highlight written Mount Everest, Travelers are thinking about trekking, but that is in Nepal South side of Mount Everest, where only possible to reach base camp is via trekking for a week or a helicopter. 

From Tibet, North side of Mount Everest, Travelers can travel via overland from Lhasa to the Mount Everest North face 5,200m

To plan a tour to Mount Everest, the first step is to know about the information on China visa and Tibet Travel Permit. These are the two documents required for travel to Tibet. 

China visa is the main document required to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Travelers can visit the link on how to get a China visa?

After the information on China visa, Travelers can check Tibet Travelers link how to get the Tibet Travel Permit?

After sharing information on documents required to travel to Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers would like to share the information on how to plan a trip to Mount Everest?

1. Facts about Mount Everest

Mount Everest, known as Chomolungma in the local Tibetan language is the summit of our world with an elevation of 8848M 

Mount Everest was named after British Geroge Everest in the year 1856

Everest is located between Nepal and Tibet. Southside from Nepal and Northside from Tibet. 

From the Nepal side, they are two ways to travel Mount Everest as explained above. 

1. Trekking from Lukla 

2. Helicopter from Kathmandu

From the Tibet side, they are two ways to visit Mount Everest. Both by overland.

1. Overland from China to Tibet and Mount Everest. 

2. Overland from Nepal to Tibet and Mount Everest. 

For more information regarding Mount Everest, Travelers can read another article.

Mount Everest region is my hometown

Below we would like to share the best months to travel Mount Everest and suggestions on the duration required to travel Mount Everest North face base camp.  


2. Best months to travel Mount Everest and the travel duration 

Even though Mount Everest is a popular travel destination for the whole season in Tibet.  Each month have a different view of Mount Everest. 

From April to October, there is less snow on Mount Everest. November to February, there is more snow because of winter. 

One month when there is best weather in Mount Everest is starting from April to May end as tested by climbers who climb the Mount Everest from Tibet side as less wind. 

From June to October, they are more chances to see the stunning view of sunset when Mount Everest changes color from yellow to red and orange, which is my favorite. 

For snow lover Travelers, we recommend traveling in winter from November to mid of February. 

9-10 days travel duration to Mount Everest base camp is a perfect suggestion from Tibet Travelers to all the Travelers. 

Many Travel agencies in Tibet including Tibet Travelers are arranging the eight days Group Tour to Mount Everest base camp, which is very popular but it is quite rushy for Travelers who are not used to altitude fastly. 

Travelers who are traveling to Tibet from Nepal via overland to Mount Everest base camp.

Tibet Travelers highly suggest doing trekking in Nepal to acclimatize with the altitude.

Links for Tibet Travelers private and group tour Mount Everest.

Private Tour

Group Tour 

Tibet Travelers also arranges trekking, camping, and cycling trip on Mount Everest.

They are two treks to Mount Everest East face Chutang Kangshung valley and Advance base camp North Col

Tibet Travelers can also arrange a customized tour to Mount Everest for Travelers who prefer itineraries. Travelers can send us Emails for more information. 

3. Altitude and preparation 

Mount Everest North face base camp is located in Tingri county around 8km from the Rongbuk monastery, with an elevation of 5200M

To travel towards Mount Everest, Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to bring warm clothes.

1. Down jacket and raincoats

2. Comfortable hiking shoes

3. Sunglass and sun cream

4. Diamox or first aid just in case

5. Sleeping bag 

This is the information regarding planning a tour to Mount Everest North face base camp. 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Travelers can Email Tibet Travelers at 

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Feb 19, 2018


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