How To Plan A Tour To Mount Kailash?


Mount Kailash is known as the holiest mountain in our world.  

They are 4 ways to get to Mount Kailash. 

1. Overland from Lhasa to Mount Kailash

2. Flight from Lhasa Gonggar to Ngari Gunsa airport and overland to Mount Kailash

3. Overland from Nepal border through Kyirong town to Mount Kailash

4. Overland from Nepal border Simikot through Purang town to Mount Kailash 

To plan a tour to Mount Kailash, the first step is to know about the information on China visa and Tibet Travel Permit. These are the 2 documents required to travel to Tibet. 

China visa is the main document required to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Travelers can visit the below link for how to get a China visa?

After the information on China visa, Travelers can check the Tibet Travelers link for how to get the Tibet Travel Permit?

After sharing information on documents required to travel to Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers would like to share the information on how to plan a trip to Mount Kailash?

1. Facts about Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, known as Kang Rinpoche in the local Tibetan language is the holiest mountain in our world.

Kailash is located in the Ngari western Tibet, around 1200Km from Lhasa.  

From the Nepal side, they are 2 ways to travel Mount Kailash as explained above. 

1. Overland from Kyriong border

2. Overland from Purang border 

From the Tibet side, they are 2 ways to travel Mount Everest. Both by overland.

1. Overland from China to Tibet and to Mount Everest. 

2. Flight from Lhasa to Ngari and overland to Mount Kailash. 

For more information regarding Mount Kailash, Travelers can read Tibet Travelers another article about Mount Kailash is the most desired destination

Below we would like to share the best months to travel Mount Kailash and suggestions on the duration required to travel Mount Kailash.

2. Best months to travel Mount Kailash and the travel duration 

Mount Kailash can be possible to travel only during summer and autumn starting from mid-April to mid-October. Others months are in winter when there is snow on Mayum la pass, which makes it difficult to get towards Mount Kailash. 

Travelers can also visit Tibet Travelers link on Mount Kailash pilgrim for more information regarding Mount Kailash.

The suggested duration of Mount Kailash from Lhasa is around 15-16 days in total. 

Tibet Travelers arranges 3 different types of tours to Mount Kailash. Private tour and group tour of 16 days link share below plus customized Tour.

Tour to Mount Kailash can be also modified via ending at the Nepal border or starting at the Nepal border as Travelers prefer routes.

Private Tour

Group Tour 

Customized Tour

Travelers who are traveling to Tibet from Nepal via overland to Mount Kailash.

Tibet Travelers highly suggest doing trekking in Nepal to acclimatize with the altitude.

Photo: Stunning Mount Kailash above clouds

3. Altitude and preparation 

Mount Kailash is in Ngari western Tibet around 1200km from Lhasa. The town before Mount Kailash known as Darchin is located at an elevation of 4500M 

To travel towards Mount Kailash, Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to bring warm clothes.

1. Down jacket and raincoats

2. Comfortable hiking shoes

3. Sunglass and sun cream

4. Diamox or first aid just in case

5. Sleeping bag 

This is the information regarding planning a tour to Mount Kailash. 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Travelers can Email Tibet Travelers at 

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Feb 19, 2018


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