How to plan a Tour to Tibet?


Every year more than 10 Million Travelers are traveling to Tibet from all around the world. 

Travelers love to touch the roof of our world, reaching Tibet is a dream come true for many Travelers, we would like to thank all the previous Travelers for their love for Tibet.

They are more than 1000 Travel agencies in Tibet, some Travel agencies are owned by true local Tibetans and based in Lhasa.

Some Travel agencies are claiming to be local Tibetans by using photos of locals, they are mostly based outside of Lhasa but they are more successful than the Lhasa-based Travel agencies in many ways. 

Some Travel agencies are owned by Tibetans from Kham and Amdo region, which is based in Kham and Amdo.

The brief information on around 1000 Travel agencies claiming to be based in Tibet.

The same thing happens when they are more than 3000 Travel agencies or even more based in China, Nepal, Europe, other countries in Asia, Australia, and America claiming to be Tibetan experts and selling the tours to Tibet via contacting a local Travel agency based in Lhasa for all the information. 

The above information confirms the reason for traveling to Tibet becoming complicated. 

Each Travel agencies share different information so that they can sell the tours. 

If they are sharing exact information it is good but most of the time, they do their best to make it complicated so Travelers get the feeling of difficulty in mind, that Travelers will contact them and buy through them so win-win for them for making it complicated but Tibet Travelers aim is different. 

Tibet Travelers is a local Tibetan owned Travel agency based in Lhasa with more than 15 years of Tibet tourism experience starting from working at the Mount Everest north face base camp in the year 2003

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is a friend of Lonely Planet writers, our Manager is listed in Lonely Planet Tibet Guidebook with a Thanks words since 2006

To find a true local Tibetan-owned Travel agency based in Lhasa is worth more than finding 100% non-local Travel agencies based outside of Tibet. 

Why choose Tibet Travelers as your Travel Agent in Tibet?

Tibet Travelers is the Tibet Travel Expert

Reading our articles on Tibet tour and travel, Travelers can easily witness our expertise.

How to Plan a Tour to Tibet?

A tour to Tibet can be planned easily in 2 steps.

1. Duration, month, destination, and budget of travel in Tibet

2. Documents required to travel in Tibet, Tibet travel information 

1. Duration, month, destination, and budget of travel in Tibet

The first thing Travelers have to decide is the travel duration, month of travel to Tibet, and destination in Tibet where Travelers plan to travel. 

How many days Travelers are planning to spend in Tibet?

Which month of the year Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet?

Which are the destinations places in Tibet where Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet?

After the confirmation on duration, months, and destination, Travelers have to check the spending budget while traveling in Tibet since Tibet is a destination where Travelers are not allowed to travel independently.

Travelers must travel with the Travel agencies on an organized tour. 

Travelers can choose a destination for travel to Tibet from Tibet Travelers website via checking the spending budget.

Photo: Beauties of Trekking in Tibet

2. Documents required to travel in Tibet, Tibet travel information 

They are only 2 destinations from where Travelers can travel into Tibet.

1. China

2. Nepal

They are 2 important documents Travelers will need for travel to Tibet.

1. China visa

2. Tibet Travel Permit

These are the simple and easy 2 steps to travel to Tibet.

To summarize the article for Travelers:

1. Duration

2. Month

3. Destination

4. Budget

5. Documents required for travel to Tibet

After this information, Travelers can buy flights to China or Nepal via


Fare Compare 

Cheap Flights

After sharing the flight information to China or Nepal. 

Travelers can check Tibet Travelers' information on Flights and Trains to Tibet. 

We hope the above information is useful for all the Travelers who are planning a tour to Tibet.

Travelers can also send us email at for any questions regarding traveling to Tibet.

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 23, 2018


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