How to travel from Singapore to Tibet?


Every year many travelers from Singapore are traveling into Tibet, 

There is also one good news for Singapore travelers who plan to travel to China and Tibet, For Singapore Travelers, it is much easier to issue the Tibet Travel Permit since Singapore Travelers will get 15 days free visa in China including Tibet.

This is making it much easier also for travel agencies since Singapore Travelers who prefer to do a shorter tour in Tibet. can easily send a passport scan after confirming the trip.

The second question is how to get to Tibet from Singapore?

Many Singapore travelers ask us questions about how to get to Tibet from Singapore. Our Answer is, they are no direct flight from Singapore to Tibet. After checking many possibilities, the best way to get to Lhasa, Tibet from Singapore is, flying from Singapore to Chengdu since Chengdu is the lowest price flight from Singapore if travelers are planning to fly to Lhasa, Tibet. We request travelers from Singapore to stay 1 night in Chengdu to pick up the original Tibet Travel Permit from the hotel reception since Tibet Travelers is not allowed to mail the Tibet Travel Permit outside of China. Tibet Travelers will mail the permit to the hotel in Chengdu after receiving the address and phone number of the hotel from travelers, we can also recommend hotels at the airport like Chengdu Shangliu airport Mingkang hotel. (Phone number of the Manager is: 18583628058) Please make sure to speak Chinese, if not please let us call them) You can book this hotel from or also through us.

The final question is about how to buy the flight tickets to Tibet?

Flight ticket from Singapore to Chengdu, you can easily buy by yourself in any domestic airline. Tibet Travelers can help to buy the best price flight tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa and Lhasa to Chengdu. Once we have the confirmation dates, we will check the lowest price for that date and we will let you know with details of the flight, once travelers confirm the price and flights details, Tibet Travelers will buy the tickets for you with some deposit through PayPal Once travelers get to Tibet, travelers can pay the flight fee with the trip fee in cash.

Tibet Travelers has arranged a tour for many travelers from Singapore every year, This year Tibet Travelers have already arranged a tour for Singapore Travelers Vidya family, Debbie family, and Jaymz family and we are happy to share our excellent reviews from Singapore travelers in our Trip Advisor page.

Tibet Travelers would like to thank all the Singapore Travelers who have chosen Tibet Travelers, May you all be healthy and happy!

This is the information on how to travel to Tibet from Singapore, Tibet Travelers happy to arrange a tour for all the travelers from Singapore who are planning to visit Tibet. Email us today for your upcoming journey to Tibet.

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 04, 2017


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