How to travel to Tibet from Singapore? - Best Ways 2024

How to travel to Tibet from Singapore?

How to travel to Tibet from Singapore? In early 2024, Singaporeans can enjoy a 30-day visa-free stay in China, including the Autonomous Region of Tibet travel duration. This exciting development makes it easier than ever to explore the beautiful region of Tibet's travel journey, which boasts a wealth of attractions that can be visited within a month. We warmly welcome you to come and experience everything that Tibet Travel adventure has to offer.

1. 30-Day China Visa-free for Singapore citizens.

Singapore is renowned for its cleanliness and is one of the cleanest rich countries globally. Tibet is a popular travel destination for Singaporeans due to their appreciation for nature and spirituality.

We've got some excellent news for all Singapore Passport holders planning to travel to Tibet! Starting from early 2024, Singapore Travelers will be able to enjoy a 30-day free visa in China, including the travel days in the Tibet Autonomous Region!

2. The Best Ways to Travel to Tibet from Singapore.

If traveling from Singapore to Lhasa, Tibet, the most recommended route is through Chengdu and Kunming. Previous travelers from Singapore suggest taking this route.

Two flights operate daily from Singapore to Chengdu. One of them is Sichuan Airlines with plate number 3U3910, which departs from Singapore at 17:00 and reaches Chengdu at 21:50. The other one is China Air, which departs from Singapore at 16:00 and reaches Chengdu at 20:25.

The flight from Singapore to Chengdu takes approximately 5 hours and costs around 350 USD. We can help you get discounted flight tickets.

Chengdu to Lhasa takes 2 hours and 10 minutes, while the flight from Kunming to Lhasa takes 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Since Singapore citizens will have a 30-day free visa in China, we also recommend taking a train from Xining. From Chengdu, take a flight to Xining; from Xining, take a 22-hour train to Lhasa, Tibet.

3. The time in Singapore and China.

The time zone used in Mainland China, including the Tibet Autonomous Region, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, is China Standard Time (UTC+8). This time zone is also the same as the time used in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Western Australia, and Central Indonesia.

How to travel to Tibet from Singapore? Singaporean Travel to Tibet Gawula pass

Photo: Whole Team at the Gawula Pass (5200 meters) Miss.Rozz, Guide Mrs.Drolma, Mrs.Soo, Mr.James, Mr.Kevin, and Driver Mr.Damdul.

4. Singaporeans 2024 April 18th travel to Tibet

Four Singaporeans 2024 April 18th travel to Tibet. The group included Mrs. Soo, Mr. James, Mr. Kevin, and Miss Rozz Lee. The Tibet Travel journey began with an email from Mrs. Soo, who expressed her desire for a Tibet travel adventure that combined natural beauty with spiritual experiences and locals. Initially, I recommended a 10-day tour of Mount Everest and Namtso Lake.

Special thanks go to Mrs. Soo, who loves being with locals and nature and has immense positive energy, which I can feel while reading through her Emails. She suggested the eight-day Tibet travel itinerary, ending the Tibet tour at the Nepal border with a continued journey to Nepal and, from there, taking a flight back to Singapore. Therefore, we opted for an 8-day Tibet travel journey from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp and the Nepal border.

Singaporean travelers are eligible for a 15-day free visa in China, which also includes travel duration in Tibet Autonomous Region. Therefore, we only needed travelers to provide us the passport scans to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit. It took us around a few weeks to obtain the permit, and we mailed it to two different destinations since three travelers were flying to Tibet from Kunming in Yunnan.

5. Miss. Rozz travel from Singapore to Tibet

Final Traveler Miss Rozz (Instagram) had a connecting flight from Singapore to Beijing, where she had a one-hour stopover before taking another flight to Chengdu. She needed to travel to Lhasa from Chengdu, but due to the short time duration in Beijing, her luggage was not delivered to Chengdu. As a result, Miss Rozz and I waited at Chengdu Airport Starbucks Cafe for around an hour for a coffee break to ensure that her luggage arrived in Lhasa on the same day.

Miss Rozz recommended not arranging a connecting flight with only one hour's duration, as it is too short for larger airports like Beijing. I appreciated her advice, and it will help us provide better service to future Singaporean travelers. Additionally, once we delivered the Tibet Travel Permit to Miss Rozz, she took another connecting flight to Lhasa from Chengdu.

Miss. Rozz, a tall model lady who enjoys silence and peace, loves to travel to Bhutan because of its lovely people and beautiful nature. She shared a great moment while in a forest in Bhutan, listening to traditional music. Her mind was so overjoyed that tears were streaming down her face, and it was a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it with me.

How to travel to Tibet from Singapore? Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup and Miss. Rozz

Photo: Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup and Miss. Rozz is waiting at Chengdu airport.

When we arrived in Chengdu, Miss Rozz's luggage was not delivered to Chengdu airport from Beijing. We were both worried about it, but while we were chatting, we talked about the situation. Fortunately, the staff at the Chengdu Airport goods office were very helpful.

The lady in charge kept calling both me and the Lhasa office to ensure that Miss Rozz's luggage would be delivered to the Lhasa St. Regis Hotel that evening. Finally, at around 8 pm, the luggage arrived at the St. Regis Hotel in Lhasa, and we were both very relieved and happy.

6. Travel from Tibet to Nepal for Singaporean

On April 18th, the journey started at Lhasa airport. Our female Tibetan local guide, Drolma Dolkar, and driver, Damdul, picked up Mrs. Soo and Mr. James and took them to the St. Regis Hotel, while Mr. Kevin was taken to Shambhala Palace. We arranged our first thank-you dinner to express our gratitude.

The following day, the travelers went on a sightseeing tour of Lhasa city. On April 20th, our guide and Mrs. Soo picked up Miss Rozz Lee from the airport. On April 21st, the journey to Mount Everest began with a drive from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, and Shigatse. The group stayed overnight at the 4-star Gesar Hotel.

On April 22nd, travelers embarked on a journey from Shigatse to the majestic Sakya Monastery. Our knowledgeable guide informed us that Sakya is a popular destination among travelers owing to its breathtaking natural beauty, which often evokes tears of joy. As the day drew to a close, we checked into the highly acclaimed Everest Hotel in Pelber—the best accommodation option in town. The hotel provided oxygen in the room, ensuring that we enjoyed a comfortable and rejuvenating stay.

On April 23rd, we had the privilege of witnessing the awe-inspiring view of Mount Everest, the highest peak on the planet, from the Gawula pass at an elevation of 5200 meters. This was a momentous occasion for us, as the beauty of nature enveloped us with its love, warmth, and joy.

When we arrived at Mount Everest's base camp, we made our stay comfortable by choosing the Rongbuk Monastery Guest House. The guest house provided us with an oxygen supply in our room and a stunning view of Mount Everest. We expressed our gratitude for the hospitality extended to us through a delightful thank-you dinner that we arranged during our stay. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that touched our souls and filled our hearts with gratitude and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

On April 24th, the travelers embarked on a scenic journey to Old Tingri, Phikutso Lake, and caught a breathtaking view of Mount Shishapangma. They later arrived at Kyirong town and spent the night at the hospitable Phuntsok Rapsel Guest House. During the tour, I was in Chengdu, so we had a video chat through WeChat, and all of us were elated with the tour. To express our gratitude to the travelers who booked the tour with Tibet Traveler, a local Tibetan travel agency, we arranged our third thank-you dinner.

On April 25th, our travelers successfully obtained their visa for Nepal at the border in Kyirong town. Our Nepal was quick to arrange a vehicle that was waiting for them at Rasuwa Gadhi, ready to take them on a scenic journey from the Nepal border to Kathmandu.

While arriving in Kathmandu, through our travel office partner in Nepal, we arranged our final thank-you dinner for the travelers as a token of our appreciation, and we were thrilled to hear that they enjoyed their tour. Our team takes pride in ensuring that each traveler has a safe and memorable experience, and we are committed to providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Singapore travel to Tibet Monastery

If you need help determining where to travel in Tibet, we recommend Mount Kailash and Mount Everest as the top travel destinations for Singaporean travelers. For those seeking spiritual experience, Mount Kailash is considered the center of the world and offers a 52km trek around the sacred mountain over three days.

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is a dream come true for many travelers who aspire to reach its base camp. If you are interested in learning more about Mount Everest.

We recommend a few travel itineraries for travelers. The first Tibet travel journey is a 10-day Tibet travel that begins in Lhasa and culminates at Mount Everest base camp and Namtso Lake.

The second Tibet trip we recommend is a 13-day Tibet travel journey from Lhasa that takes you to Mount Kailash, where you will trek for three days over 52km at an altitude of 5000 meters. During this tour, you will also visit the Guge Kingdoms and Mount Everest base camp.

Are you a Singaporean who loves to explore spiritual destinations like Bhutan in Tibet with spiritual vibes? If so, we have an exciting article to share with you! Our viral piece is all about Drukpa Kunley, the great yogi who has had a significant impact on Bhutanese culture and spirituality. We invite you to read it and discover the fascinating world of Yogic Tantrayana's great influential masters in Tibet for spiritual lovers.

Mount Kailash

Photo: The Stunning Mount Kailash

If you're a traveler intending to visit Nepal following Tibet, we highly suggest our 8-day overland excursion from Lhasa to Kathmandu, which includes a stop at Mount Everest's North Face Base Camp.

For those who enjoy spirituality, hiking, nature, and hot springs, we suggest taking our 9-day travel journey to Tibet, which includes breathtaking nature excursions. Our suggestion for those who enjoy trekking is our 11-day Ganden to Samye trek.

8. Conclusion

We warmly invite Travelers from Singapore to explore Tibet with us. We are highly rated on Trip Advisor from our precious Travelers. Our team consists of an English-speaking Tibetan Tour Guide and a Chinese-speaking Tibetan Tour Driver to ensure that communication is accessible and you have a fantastic tour experience. For faster communication, please DM on Instagram, WeChat or Facebook.

Thanks so much for checking out our article. If you're looking for some free info on traveling to Tibet from Singapore or want to book a Tibet tour, we'd love to chat with you! You can email us on Instagram or WeChat for a live chat or at

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Apr 20, 2023


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