I bought a Thangka


Today is a great day for me, before starting the article I would like to share that I had a great dream last night and something great happened today. One of my Tour Guide has a couple of friends who is an expert in hand-tailored Thangka. 

Today I was going to meet my Tibetan female Tour Guide Drolma for the arranging of the Private Tour in Tibet for 21 Days with an Italian group of 8 Travelers, 4 of the Travelers are arriving tomorrow from Nepal via a flight from Kathmandu and other 4 Travelers arriving from China via Chongqing through the flight on 28th July. They will have around 7 hours at the airport and I have found a friend from Chongqing who is going to deliver the Tibet travel permit to the airport and deliver to them so Travelers don't need to spend a night in Chongqing. 

They are going to travel from Lhasa to the Nepal border through Mount Everest base camp via bicycling and camping trip all the way for a total of 18 days with 3 extra days in Lhasa. 

It was a great day to start, the beautiful special dream last night made me feel that something good is going to happen since I do believe in my dream as a sign. 

Even though Tibetan masters said that dream is an illusion, the dream which comes in the early morning around 3-6 am will sometimes predict the future. Even in the biography of Je Milarepa, Lama Je Marpa let all his disciples look for their dream to predict the future of Je Marpa Kagyu Lineage. Je Milarepa has a dream of all the future including his own future that a Vulture and a White Crane with lots of children from Crane flying in every direction.  Lama Je Marpa predicts that the Vulture is Je Milarepa, he is like a Vulture who will stay in high mountains as his home, the White Crane is his disciple Je Gampopa, who is going to flourish the Kagyu lineage with lots of great disciples. Later Je Gampopa has so many great disciples including Je Pagmo Drubpa, Je Karmapa, Je Darma Wangchuk, and Je Zundru Drak.  These 4 great disciples of Je Gampopa flourished Kagyu lineage even further via creating 4 different lineages. 

  1. Phagdru Kagyu from Je Pagmo Drubpa 
  2. Karma Kagyu from Je Karmapa 
  3. Barom Kagyu from Je Darma Wangchuk
  4. Tsalpa Kagyu from Je Zundru Drak

Je Pagmo Drubpa has taken the Kagyu lineage even further via creating a sub-lineage Drigung Kagyu from Je Kyopa Jigten Gonpo, and Drukpa Kagyu from Je Drukpa.

They are also 6 other sublineages so after hearing the dream from Je Milarepa, Lama Je Marpa shared that Je Milarepa's disciple will take the Kagyu lineage further and wider as a prediction from a dream from Je Milarepa.


The Thangka I bought is a hand-tailored from Tibetan couple with 2 children. The Thangka is the four-armed Compassion Buddha Chenrezig. I have this feeling that if you have compassion, you have everything.  Tomorrow I am going to visit Jokhang Temple for the blessing ( Rapney) from Buddha Shakyamuni via help from a monk.  

After welcoming the Compassion Buddha Chenrezig in my small apartment, I feel very happy.

I would like to Thank Tour Guide Drolma for bringing the Thangka to me. Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article stories from Tibet. 

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 24, 2018


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