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Social media is taking the traveling to Tibet to the next level. 

Tibet Travelers is the Instagram's most active local Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa.  Recently we have posted around 5-15 stunning Tibet photos and short clips.

It is difficult for Travelers to decide where to travel in Tibet so Tibet Travelers has been sharing stunning Tibet photos and short videos where Travelers can have preview glimpse of Tibet. 

Social Media is making it easier for Travelers to decide where to travel to Tibet via enjoying the stunning Tibet photos of Tibet Travelers.

Before many years it is quite difficult to reach Travelers directly.

Nowadays social media is making it easier for local Tibetan travel agencies to reach to the Travelers. 

Tibet Travelers shares Tibet travel update information and stunning photos on a few of the social media platforms. 

Tibet Travelers has two Facebook page.

Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers: Tibet Travel Expert 

Tibet Travelers has a travel group in Facebook for Travelers

Tibet Travelers also shares Tibet travel post in our 


Google Plus

Tibet Travelers also highly recommend Travelers to use the most helpful social media app in Tibet ( Wechat ) 

Tibet Travelers Wechat ID is: tibettravelers

Wechat is the Facebook version in China and Tibet. Travelers send a text and voice message, voice chat, video chat, send photos or videos when there is wifi or 4G. 

Photo: Tibet is the best places to see stars 

Most of the sightseeing areas in Tibet has now wifi.

4G service is also available in Tibet at all the sightseeing areas including the Mount Kailash Kora trek and Mount Everest north face base camp. 

Wifi is also available in some of the black Yak hair tea tents at the Everest north face base camp. 

Wechat is one of the best apps to contact Tibet Travelers while in China and Tibet. 

Most of the time Whatsapp is not working in Tibet so we highly recommend Travelers to download Wechat before traveling to Tibet.

How to download Wechat?

Even though Tibet Travelers is active in few of the social media App.

We urge Travelers to follow Tibet Travelers Instagram page since we are the most active local Tibetan travel agency in the Instagram.

We recently shared around 20 short clips of Tibet to all the Travelers.

Few of the clips are liked by many Travelers. 

We have already shared 2100 post on our Instagram with many stunning Tibet photos. 

Tibet Travelers Thanks to 2000 Instagram followers

Tibet Travelers short clips are much more different than the post shared by few of the travel agencies in Tibet so we have written this article to share this message with all the Travelers.


Some Travelers prefer to travel in Tibet without the social media and it is good so Travelers can enjoy the beauties of Tibet completely without needing to look at the phone while a beautiful nature missed by.

Travelers can contact us through the phone of the Tour Guide while traveling in Tibet for emergency helps. 

Tibet is a first-time destination for many Travelers.

They are many places in Tibet that we also haven't travel before so we would like to share these photos and short clip hidden beauties of Tibet to the world so Travelers can plan the trip to Tibet accordingly.

Travelers who have chosen Tibet Travelers before can send us DM so we can also follow you in social media. 

Travelers can also tag the photos of Tibet with Tibet Travelers so we can share your stunning photos of the world on our social media. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article Instagram most active Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa. 

Travelers can also read our previous article on why choose Tibet Travelers?

We are learning with the social media app.

If Travelers have any suggestions, most welcome in our comment sections. We will make sure to reply asap and improve. 

Travelers can send us Email regarding Tibet travel information or booking a tour to Tibet. [email protected] 

Written By :Tenzin

Aug 31, 2018


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