Milarepa 1052

Milarepa - In the Mountains as the greatest Yogi 1052

Have you heard of Milarepa? In the Himalayan Yogi culture, he's known as a shining star. According to legend, he's even climbed Mount Kailash with just a sunray - something no one else has ever done! Pretty amazing, right?

Milarepa's life story beautifully captures the essence of Buddha Dharma, evoking both laughter and tears while igniting a passion for enlightenment.

The Great Himalayan Yogi

1. Jetsun Milarepa.

Je means Lord, and Tsun means purity discipline. One of the number one biographies of Tibetan masters is the biography of Jetsun Milarepa. Jetsun Milarepa is one of the Tibetan Yogi enlightened in one lifetime. 

2. Guangtang Kya Nga Za.

Milarepa was born in 1052 at the Gungtang Kya Nga Za near Phikutso Lake. Gungtang village is located around 100 km from Saga, approximately 150 km from Old Tingri, and about 100 km from Kyirong town. 

3. The Rich Father.

His father was a great businessman named Mila Sherap Gyaltsen. Jetsun Milarepa was born when Mila Sherap was on a business trip. When his mother delivers the message with messengers to his father to pick a name for him, his father is so pleased after hearing the great news of his newborn son. He said it is a great joy to listen to this news, so let's call my son" A joy to attend to, " which is the actual name of Jetsun Milarepa, "To Pa Gah" (also meaning pleasant to hear)

4. Passing Away Father at 8.

When Jetsun Milarepa was around eight years old, a severe illness caught his father, and he couldn't even wake up from bed, so he called Jetsun Milarepa's Uncle and Aunty to take good care of the family and wealth until Jetsun Milarepa reached the age of 15. The Uncle and aunt agreed with the agreement letter from the father.

5. Bully from Uncle and Aunty. 

After his father passed away, Uncle took all the men's wealth; Aunty took all the women's wealth of the family. They even let his mother, his younger sister Peta, and himself be the family's servants. It was a hard time for them.

After a few years, his mother sold a small field and gathered all the villagers and people present during the agreement, including his Uncle and aunt. 

6. Mother tried but failed. 

Mother urges the Uncle and aunt about the agreement. Still, instead of giving the wealth back, they start criticizing his mother and family, saying that the wealth belonged to them from the beginning since Uncle has so many sons, so no one was ready to raise their voice and help Jetsun Milarepa and his mother.  

7. More Bully from Uncle.

Uncle shouts that if you have more people's support, bring them to war with me, and if you don't have, use black magic to destroy and leave the house. Slowly, everyone goes home. The words from Uncle created a deep sadness in his family.

8. Journey to U and learn Black Magic. 

After a few years, his mother sent him to U Tsang to learn black magic with some gold. Mother told him that if he returned without the black magic, she would commit suicide. 

9. Taking Revenge with Black Magic.

After learning black magic, he came back to the Gungtang and used black magic that killed 33 people, including the sons of Uncle, during the marriage ceremony. 

10. Feeling Emptiness with Victory.

He went back to his black magic teacher and told him that even though I had defeated my enemies, there was a sense of emptiness in my mind.

11. Black Magic Teacher's truths words. 

His teacher urges him to seek enlightenment for himself and all beings since if he doesn't look for a teacher who can show him the path to enlightenment; hell is the only destination for him since he has killed so many people.

12. Instant Enlightenment with hearing.

His teacher sent him to a Nyingmapa master who taught teaching that if we practice in the daytime, we will be enlightened in a day. If practice at night, enlightened within a night. If they are anyone with a karmic connection with this teaching in the past life, they can even enlighten while hearing the teachings. 

After hearing these from the Nyingma lama, Jetsun Milarepa slept for a few days since he thought enlightenment was more accessible than practicing black magic, which took him around two weeks. 

13. Hearing the name of Root Guru Marpa.

After seeing Jetsun Milarepa not doing what Lama told him, Nyingma lama said, Oh, you are really an evil man; even my precious teaching can't help you. You should go and look for Lama Marpa since you and Lama Marpa have a previous life karmic connection.

Just hearing the name of Lama Marpa, great joy arises in Jetsun Milarepa's mind, and his body trembles.

14. Meeting Lama Marpa and Purifying Karma.

Later met Lama Je Marpa in Lhodrak town. Lama Marpa let him build a 9th-floor monastery known as Sey Kar Gutok (9th-floor prince's palace ). There were wounds on his back with blood bleeding. Lama Je Marpa's consort wife Dakmema was crying after seeing it and said: I have seen animals with scars on the back and bleeding but never seen human bleeding; please let him rest for a few days.

Photo: Lama Je Marpa

Lama Je Marpa let Jetsun Milarepa build the 9th-floor monastery to purify his karmic debts. After staying with Lama Je Marpa for around 6-7 years.

15. In the Mountains as the greatest Yogi.

Jetsun Milarepa spent almost four decades wandering in the mountains near Kyirong, Nyalam, and Lapchi. During this time, he meditated alone for many years in various retreat areas, including Kang Tsuk Phuk, Drak Kar Taso, Mamo Dzong, Lapchi, and others, ultimately achieving enlightenment.

16. Encountered the God of Wealth and the deity Mahakala.

Once, while Milarepa was deeply immersed in meditation in his peaceful cave, the God of Wealth, Zambhala, paid him a surprise visit. With a curious smile, Milarepa asked, "What brings you here now? When I was going through tough times, where were you?" The God of Wealth kindly shared, "At that time, dear master, your heart was tangled with attachments, making it challenging for me to connect with you. But now, with your heart liberated from those ties, I may not feel the need to visit, yet I know it's important." Milarepa simply beamed and responded, "I no longer require your company, go on your way."

An interesting thing happened when the powerful Deity Mahakala paid a visit. Milarepa asked, 'Why didn't you show up when I was facing enemies? Why now?' Mahakala replied, 'My dear Master, back then, your heart was clouded by anger so that I couldn't come to you. But today, seeing your anger fade away, I felt drawn to visit.' Milarepa, with a warm smile, softly remarked, 'I no longer need your guidance, go on your way."

17. Legend says "The Flying Himalayan Master"

In the Legendary Biography of Milarepa, it is written that after practicing Dharma diligently for 12 years in Dakar Taso cave, he eventually achieved high spiritual attainment by flying into the valley near his village, making him one of the coolest early spiritual flying masters. When Milarepa was seen flying by his Uncle and his little grandson, the young boy exclaimed in amazement, "Look, Look," someone is flying.

The Uncle, however, dismissed it as nothing special and assumed it was just To Pah Gah, warning the boy not to try to get a shadow of him. Nevertheless, the little boy insisted that there was nothing more amazing than seeing people fly and that he would enjoy watching.

18. The Final Teaching of Great Value.

Milarepa had a foremost disciple named Gampopa who was planning on going to U Tsang to practice the Dharma teachings. Before letting him go, Milarepa told him that he still had his most precious dharma teaching, which he had not given to anyone.

Gampopa inquired about offering a Mandala, but Milarepa assured him it was not necessary. Instead, he revealed the flatness of his buttocks, a result of prolonged meditation on a stone. Witnessing this, Gampopa wept and conveyed his reluctance to part ways with the Lama.

Milarepa said, "Son, diligently practice the Buddha Dharma; this is my final teaching." He reassured him, stating that he had important work for the benefit of all sentient beings and should go forth with a joyful heart.

19. Connection between Milarepa and Mount Kailash.

According to Milarepa's biography, he had a spiritual challenge with the great Bon master, Naro Bonchung. The challenge was to see who would reach the summit of Mount Kailash first. To learn more about Mount Kailash.

Mount Kailash and stars

Photo: The Stunning Mount Kailash

Naro Bonchung began climbing before sunrise, and Milarepa's disciple became worried and informed him that Naro Bonchung had already reached halfway up the mountain. However, the disciple was surprised because Milarepa was still sleeping instead of getting ready. Milarepa assured his disciple that there was no need to worry. Later, when the sun rose on the summit of Mount Kailash, Milarepa was already at the summit, following the sun's rays.

20. Three great disciples.

Milarepa had many exceptional disciples, including Gampopa Dakpo Laje, who shone like the sun, and Rechung Dorje Drakpa, who was as radiant as the moon. Shiwawo, who meditates in a cave near my village Tashizom, is a disciple who shines like a star. One of Milarepa's female disciples is Rechungma.

20. Vision from Root Guru Marpa.

When Je Marpa asked his four great disciples to look for a dream to predict the future of Marpa Kagyu, Jetsun Milarepa had the vision that one Vulture was flying high in the mountain, giving birth to a Crane. The Crane was giving birth to many Cranes and soared in all different directions, sharing a glimpse of Kagyu today. 

The Vulture is Jetsun Milarepa; he will stay in the high mountains his whole life, meditating and teaching Dharma to humans, gods, spirits, and animals. 

The Crane is his sun-like disciple, Je Gampopa; he has many great disciples, including Je Pakmo Drupa, Je Karmapa, Je Dharma Wangchuk, and Je Zundru Drak. 

They took the Kagyu even further by having great disciples like Je Kyopa Jigten, Je Lingrepa, Je Tsangpa Gyare, Je Tsang Nyon, Je U Nyon, Je Drukpa Kunley, and many others. 

Thank you for reading the shorter version of the biography of Jetsun Milarepa.  Some quotes from Jetsun Milarepa. If you want to watch the movie Milarepa, you can check it out on IMDb.

22. Great Milarepa's Gur Doha Songs.

According to the Biography of Milarepa, the famous Tibetan Buddhist master wrote approximately 100,000 songs referred to as Gur in Tibetan and Doha in Sanskrit. Dakinis have taken the majority of songs, and only a few remain in our world.

The history of Doha songs can be traced back to the Indian yogi Saraha, as well as later yogis like Tilopa and Naropa. He became one of the greatest Tibetan Yogis by teaching Dharma through singing Doha songs and practicing Dharma with hardship. These songs are a way to express their wisdom through enjoyable and joyful melodies.

I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful songs from Milarepa's biography. Just a heads up, I'm not a professional singer or translator, so please forgive any mistakes. But let's enjoy these songs together and embrace the teachings of Great Milarepa.

“No one to ask me if I'm sick, No one to mourn me when I die. To die here alone in this hermitage is everything a yogi could wish for.

No trace of feet outside my door, No trace of blood within. To die here alone in this hermitage is everything a yogi could wish for.

No one to wonder where I've gone, No particular place to go. To die here alone in this hermitage is everything a yogi could wish for.

My corpse can rot and be eaten by worms; my gristle and bone be sucked dry by flies. To die here alone in this hermitage is everything a yogi could wish for."

24. A song to the Hunter Yogi.

Hey Hunter, I want you to hear my song. The dragon's voice may be strong, but it's merely a hollow noise. The rainbow's colors may be stunning, but they'll soon fade away. Samsara may seem prosperous, but it's just a fleeting dream. Sensual pleasure may bring happiness, but it's the root of wrongdoing. Everything may seem permanent, but in truth, nothing is permanent. The things we had yesterday may be gone today.

The person born last year may have passed away this year. Good friends may turn into enemies, and good food may turn into poison. Even those whom we have treated with sincerity may disappoint us, and it's a result of our actions. It's crucial to be compassionate towards yourself before others. It's essential to leave samsara. Life is fleeting, and we cannot postpone practicing Dharma. Even our dearest relatives may lead us astray, so it's essential to seek guidance from an empathetic and wise spiritual master. By following this path, we can find happiness in this life and beyond.

Kyira Repa, also known as the Hunter Yogi, transformed into a skilled master after being inspired by Milarepa's songs. He devoted himself to practicing the Buddha Dharma in the mountains and never strayed from his retreat area.

25. Humbleness is his most extraordinary.

Jetsun Milarepa's flesh body has lived around 84 years; his teachings are a legendary blessing that remains even nowadays in the hearts of many seekers.

As someone with limited knowledge, writing about a figure of such mastery intimidates me. However, I have written this article to gain merit by mentioning this great master's name. If there are any mistakes in my writing, I humbly request forgiveness from the Dakinis. Milarepa Khenno! Thank you for reading until the end. Also, be sure to check out another article on why meditation is so challenging! :) If there is anything I can do to improve the article, let me know by leaving a comment. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 10, 2023


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