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Jetsun Ra Lotsawa was born in the Nyalam town border with Nepal in the 11th century. In his biography, when he was born, he was taken by Dakini for a few months. His father was a Ngakpa, a Yogi in Tantrayana Buddhism. After learning Tantric Buddhism from his father, he later pursued further teachings from Nepal with a vision of a dream.

During Ra Lotsawa's time, they were many great masters in Tibet. A few of the masters were Lama Je Marpa, Jetsun Dharma Dode, and Jetsun Milarepa. After visiting Nepal and learning the teachings from his master namely Baro. He later came to Tibet and had a serious argument with a master in Tibet. They challenged the spiritual power and Jetsun Ra Lotsawa lose.

Later he had a vision of a female Buddha Tara to pursue higher teachings from his Guru Baro. He traveled to Nepal again to seek further instructions on the Yamantaka Buddha teachings from his Guru. Yamantaka Buddha is known as the emanation of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri in the furious form. The Yamantaka Buddha is symbolizing conquering the lord of the dead Yama. The mantra of Buddha Yamantaka is: Om Yamantaka Hum Phat

It is best to chant this mantra after the initiation from the Guru via focusing on arising compassion and wisdom. 

Photo: Buddha Yamantaka ( Yidam Dorje Jig Chey)

After reading a biography of Lama Je Ra Lotsawa, I have this feeling that he is more like a gentleman who always with humbleness visit other masters with some gift. Some of the masters criticized him that his Yidam ( Spiritual protector) bullhead Buddha Yamantaka is not a Buddhist deity. 

During the time of Lama Je Ra Lotsawa, many masters were focusing on using black magic, so thirteen masters including Lama Je Marpa's son Je Dama Dode died challenging  Lama Ra Lotsawa. The thirteen masters were all bodhisattvas and such history never happened in Tibet even until now. The reason behind this is hard to explain unless someone goes deep into Tibetan Buddhism. The masters who passed away are taken to the land of Buddha Manjushri. That is the reason that Lama Je Ra Lotsawa is one of the most powerful masters in the history of Tibetan Buddhism.

Some say he is an emanation of Buddha Manjushri; some say he is an emanation of Maha Guru Rinpoche since he spent his later years in the Samye monastery repairing the whole monastery. 


Lama Je Ra Lotsawa is known as one of the most powerful psychic power masters in Tibet. In his biography, he lived more than 180 years. The teachings of Lama Je Ra Lotsawa are well preserved in all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

One of the monasteries of Lama Je Ra Lotsawa is located near Lhasa at Nyima Tang village. The name of the monastery Nyima Tang and the village Nyima Tang have a connection with Lama Je Ra Lotsawa. Lama Je Ra Lotsawa took the sun to the ground and the name of the monastery and village has become the sun on the ground. In Tibetan ( Nyima Tang )

Recently I have visited the Nyima Tang monastery with my mother and Travelers can read my day trip article. The two most beautiful statues of Yamantaka are in Sera monastery and Drepung monastery Tantric college. The statues were built by master Je Tsongkhapa and his disciple with pea-size mud via chanting more than 100 thousand times of Yamantaka Buddha Mantra on each size of pea mud. Some say the statue in Sera monastery has heat in the heart so it is full of blessings. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on the great Tibetan Yogi Lama Je Ra Lotsawa. May after hearing the name of Lama Je Ra Lotsawa, bodhichitta arise in the mind of all beings. 

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Feb 13, 2023


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