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The Tibetan language is one of the most profound languages in our world.  

Each of the words in Tibetan has a deep meaning. 

It is beautiful that nowadays many Westerners and Chinese are learning Tibetan.

I have Travelers asking me about where are the best places to learn the Tibetan Language? 

My answer is Tibet University in Lhasa or Nepal. 

I have seen many Travelers learning the Tibetan language at the Tibet University. 

After learning the Tibetan language for a few years, some of the Travelers have better grammar than me. 

A few of my friends from the Philippines and a friend from the USA Rob had learned the Tibetan language at the Tibet University a few years ago.  

They told me that you have to apply to Tibet University via sending them an Email. 

They are a few different Tibetan spoken languages. 

Even the spoken language from our hometown Tingri is much different than other regions in Shigatse. 

The spoken language of each place in Tibet is different. 

I have met many Travelers who speak the Tibetan Kham or Amdo spoken language but my suggestion is to learn the spoken language of Lhasa.

Tibetan Lhasa spoken dialect is beautiful since it has 2 different spoken ways.

The direct ways like in Rap music or the respectful spoken dialect, is the main reason Lhasa dialect is the best-spoken language in Tibet.

 I would like to urge Travelers to learn the Tibetan language Lhasa spoken dialect. 

They are many benefits to learning the Tibetan language in Lhasa.

One of the main benefits is learning the Tibetan language in one of the most comfortable and holy cities in the world. 

I have met 2 Chinese Travelers who speak the very well Tibetan Language. I was amazed at their great determination. 

I have also met a Traveler from Europe who speaks very well Tibetan language. He had learned from Nepal. 

Travelers who cant learn the Tibetan language in Tibet can also learn in Nepal. 

The Tibetan language is very deep and profound.

Top Ten useful Tibetan Phrases

The great 84000 teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni are fully translated into the Tibetan language by our great ancestors. 

The teachings of Buddha are translated very well in Tibetan because the Tibetan language can be traced back to Sanskrit in India from the 7th century great Tibetan Scholar Thonmi Sambota.

The tantric chanting of the Sanskrit sounds exactly the same when we chant in Tibetan so the Tibetan language is blessed. 

When I read the books of my ancestors, I feel amazed by their wisdom.  

This wisdom is best understood in the Tibetan language. When it is translated, it doesn't always taste like the original so I recommend Travelers to learn the Tibetan language.


Language plays the biggest role in the beauty of culture. 

I have met a few Travelers who have learned Tibetan because of the wisdom of great ancestors. 

When I read the books of my ancestors, I lose the taste of reading books in another language.

I am sorry that it might feel a bit proud but yes our ancestors are full of wisdom.

They even tell us what happens after we die?

What is the body of the mind?

What is beyond the five senses so these are beyond normal people like me's knowledge. 

Learning Tibetan can be difficult in the beginning but no need to lose hope since I have met Travelers who have learned Tibetan in a year.

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on learning the Tibetan language. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 27, 2018


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