2019 Level up group tours to join


Group Tour is one of the best ways to make friends and now Tibet Travelers bring Tibet group tour to a next level via arranging high-quality group tours to hidden beauties and unique tour style in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers 2019 level up group tour has the size limit of 8 people making the focus of the Tour Guide, Tour Driver and travel agency on the whole group of the Travelers.

For the year 2019, Tibet Travelers level up group tour is ready to book for all the Travelers.

The level up group tour meaning all-inclusive tour with a special itinerary arranged only by a few travel agencies in Lhasa. The two of the itineraries are only arranged by Tibet Travelers at the moment. 

Photo: Beauties of East face of Mount Everest Kangshung Gama valley trek 

Three different level up group tours to join in the year 2019.

Spiritual Tour, Trekking Tour, and Motorbike Tour

  1. Spiritual Tour to the monasteries and meditation caves of great Tibetan ancestor Yogis from all the different schools in Tibetan Buddhism in a duration of around 18 days. 
  2. Trekking Tour to the hidden beauties of Tibet at the east face of Mount Everest in the Kharta Chutang Gama valley to witness the beauties of nature in Tibet with very few Travelers in a duration of 19-20 days.
  3. Motorbike Tour from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp and Namtso Lake in the highlands of Tibet enjoying cool fresh air and view of beautiful nature and Tibetan villages along the way in a duration of 10 days. 

These Tours are especially for Travelers with a higher budget and prefer to enjoy the Tibet in a different way than normal speedy group tours that almost all the Travel agencies in Tibet arrange. 

The Month of these tours will be in June, July, and October.

The accommodation of the hotels will be 4-star and the best local options. 


Traveling to Tibet is a dream of many Travelers. It is a once in a lifetime experience but nowadays everywhere in our world is developing so to witness something outside the line is difficult since almost all travel agencies are focusing on similar tour routes where they are many Travelers and shops so Tibet Travelers is taking the opportunity to let Travelers witness some beauties Tibet outside of the tourist wall. 

The reason we arranged three different tours is based on three different types of Travelers.

  1. Tibet Spiritual Travelers
  2. Tibet Trek and Nature lover Travelers
  3. Tibet Adventure Motorbike  Travelers

Thank you for reading our article on high-quality level up group tours of 2019.

Travelers interested in one of our above 2019 level up group tour can send us Email at [email protected] for more detail information.

Written By :Tenzin

Aug 08, 2018


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