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In the year 2018, they are 3 luxury hotels in Lhasa. Namely Shangri La Hotel, St.Regis Hotel, and Intercontinental Hotel.

Shangri La Hotel is near the Tibet Museum at Norbulingka Palace area in the western part of the Lhasa town.

St.Regis Hotel is located near Tibet University in the Eastern part of the Lhasa town near the Muslim quarter. One of the closets 5-star hotel near the Jokhang Temple into the center of the local Tibetans area. 

The St.Regis Hotel is also closer to the Lhasa Kyichu river to witness the beauties of the Lhasa river by doing a short walk. 

Intercontinental Hotel is located in the Eastern part of the Lhasa town near the new Eastern bridge. It is quite far from the center in Lhasa like Potala Palace and Jhokang Temple. 

These hotels offer prices around 1000-1500RMB in the off-season from November to March and around 1100-2500RMB in season from April to October. 

All these hotels have Cozy Bar, swimming pool for Travelers.  The nearest to Jhokang Temple will be the St.Regis hotel, which has a very luxurious room that cost around 1000 US Dollar or more per night for a room with a view of Potala Palace.

I once went to St.Regis with a friend and bought mineral water from Norway, which cost around 13 US dollars and I found it quite expensive since normal water in Tibet (The best water in the world) cost around less than 1 US Dollar but they have to export all the way from Norway with tax so I think that's what the Luxury hotels offer.

St.Regis Hotel has a very peaceful Restaurant view of Potala Palace. This is a great place for Traveler who loves to see the view of Lhasa in a peaceful environment. 

St. Regis is Tibet Traveler's 5-star hotel recommendation inside Lhasa.

Photo: View of St.Regis Hotel room and bathroom 

Shangri La Hotel is located near the Tibet Museum. For normal Travelers, it is quite expensive since just for breakfast costs around 30-50 US dollars but for luxury Travelers, this hotel is worth staying for your travel vacation in Tibet. 

For Travelers who don't love to walk around after sightseeing, I would recommend Intercontinental hotel since it's quite far from the center but once you get into a hotel, there are almost all services including a small shop at Harley Davidson.

I asked the price of the Bike and it cost around 50000 US dollars. It has a big hall and the best part is of the hotel is the Lhasa Kyichu river, which is quite close to the hotel. 


Tibet is a great place to travel for your vacation. For Luxury Travelers, nowadays there are already 3 Luxury hotels in Lhasa rated 5-star so for Luxury Travelers, we highly recommend traveling with Tibet Travelers local Tibetan travel agency via sending us an Email at info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 24, 2018


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