Lhasa New Bhakor Market


This article is for Travelers who are keen to buy lower price wholesale gifts or souvenirs from Tibet and bring them home as a gift to friends or family or as a remembrance of Tibet.

Before a few years ago, the new Bhakor market was located near Bhakor street and Travelers can easily buy the lower price gifts or souvenirs but later it was moved to a new building opposite of Banakshol hotel. 

They are a few reasons that buying gifts from the new Bhakor market as lots of benefits for both Travelers and locals. 

The rental fees for the new Bhakor market shops are much lower as compared to other markets so the prices are lower as compared to other highlight tourist spot shops. 

Travelers can find many different varieties of Tibetan, Nepal style lower price ornaments, spiritual singing Bowl, mantra Beads, Thangkas, wooden cups, small statues, and many more. 

The new Bhakor market is located opposite Banakshol hotel, around a 10-minute walk from the Jokhang Temple. 

Our Tour Guide will show you the new Bhakor market if you mention the name to them. 

Buying expensive gifts or souvenirs is quite risky unless if Travelers can differentiate the original antique and new design, we highly recommend Travelers to check carefully. 

Tibet Travelers never include shopping in the tour since it wastes the time duration of Travelers. We have also written an article about No shopping in Tibet Tours. 

This article is a recommendation to Travelers who would like to buy lower price gifts or souvenirs from Tibet as a memorial of Tibet to friends or family.

For Buddhist Travelers, we also recommend buying spiritual blessing gifts from monasteries in Lhasa or outside of Lhasa. 


Buying souvenirs in Tibet is a great way to bring some memories of Tibet but buying expensive is not necessarily, Travelers can choose to visit the new Bhakor market to buy lower prices.  

Even in the new Bhakor market, Travelers should bargain the price since the moment locals see the westerners, the price will go a bit higher. Travelers can bargain with a smile and the price will go down.

By buying in the local market at new Bhakor, Travelers are also helping the local people, some of their main income is the small shop in the new Bhakor market. 

Thank you for reading our article on where to buy gifts or souvenirs in Tibet, for your journey to Tibet. Email us at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

May 30, 2018


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