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When travelers travel to Tibet, most of the travelers will look for trust support from Lonely Planet, Land of Snows, and trip advisor.


It is difficult to find a true local Tibetan-owned Travel agency since almost all the travel agencies claim to be locally owned and employ local Tibetans but in reality, few do, we are one of the few local Tibetan-owned travel agencies located in Lhasa. Even the most successful travel agencies in Tibet are owned by non-locals who claim to be local Tibetans so preserving the beautiful local culture is difficult when it is very difficult for true local Tibetan-owned travel agencies to be successful.


For travelers, when you choose a true local Tibetan-owned Travel agency, you are helping the local people directly and preserving the local culture naturally, we would like to thank you for choosing local Tibetans as your travel guide. We will repeat this again, by choosing local Tibetan travel agencies, you are helping the local people directly, you are also naturally preserving the beautiful local culture, even the dialect, and language. Your trip will also be memorable and unforgettable worry-free since local Tibetans are born in Tibet and we know Tibet from our childhood so we can show you the true beauties of our childhood friend with lots of love and care.


Tibet Travelers is one of the local Tibetan owned Travel agencies based in Lhasa, our Manager Tenzin Dhondup can be found on Facebook for friendship from Tibet, Tenzin Dhondup shares his personal views on both spiritual and materialism on Facebook


Tibet Travelers Facebook page has around 16000 Facebook followers and we share stunning Tibet photos almost every week.



Tibet Travelers Facebook Tibet Travel Group with around 1900 Travelers around the world.


Tibet Travelers Instagram, we share stunning Tibet photos on Instagram almost every day. 


Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is listed in many editions of Lonely Planet guidebook as Tenzin, Big Tenzin, and MC Tenzin, he is also a good friend of both lonely planet authors for Tibet, Bradley, and Kelly. Tibet Travelers is also highly recommended and a good friend of the most popular American blog writer and traveler Jamin" The land of snows"  Lobsang. Tibet Travelers is also rated 100% Excellent in Trip Advisor by our precious previous travelers, we have more than 14 years of Tibet tourism experience in Tibet.


With all the above information, Tibet Travelers has all the qualities of trust for any travelers who plan to travel to Tibet, and most importantly we are a true local Tibetan employing Tibetans, we take customer service first by offering one of the best design tours in Tibet with both private tour and group tour as an option with worry-free and caring service.


Our vision is to be the first choice for Tibet Travelers, Our mission is to provide the best service for Tibet Travelers. When you travel with Tibet Travelers, you are the Tibet Travelers.


Contact Tibet Travelers today for your upcoming journey to Tibet. 



Written By :Tenzin

Jun 07, 2018


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