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Greetings from Snowland! I am Tenzin Dhondup, also known by the stage name MC Tenzin. I was born near Mount Everest Base Camp.  In 2003 I started my Tourism career in Tibet at the Mount Everest base camp in a tea house opened by our family for 2 years.

In the year 2005, I relocated to Lhasa where I became a tour guide for one of the most well-known and oldest local Tibetan travel companies. 

In the Year 2006, I became a Sales Manager at a travel agency for around 11 years.

After having knowledge about tourism in Tibet for nearly 15 years, in the year 2016, I started Tibet Travelers: Your Local Tibetan Travel Agency based in Lhasa, Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers' vision is to be the first choice for Travelers. Tibet Travelers' mission is to provide professional journeys in Tibet. 

Traveling to Tibet is a dream come true for Travelers so here we share the Top TEN reasons to travel to Tibet with Tibet Travelers:

  1. Tibet Travelers focuses on helping local people. We did a Social responsibility project of giving more than 300 warm winter jackets to students. Another Social responsibility project was giving wisdom books. Our General Manager Tenzin Dhondup is a Pioneer of Tibetan Hiphop Music. He promotes Tibetan language music with motivational lyrics as a stage name MC Tenzin.
  2. Our Manager meets all the Travelers upon arrival.
  3. We arrange professional Tibetan Tour guides and Tour drivers.
  4. Rated 100 percent Excellent reviews from our previous humble Travelers.
  5. We focus on eco-tourism and social responsibility projects and we also promote positive speech.
  6. All Travelers are like good friends to us and we are available for any help during the tour in Tibet. 
  7. There is flexibility in the Tour.
  8. No hidden cost in the price and no shopping tours. No Big payment upfront. Only deposit 100 USD per person and the rest of the money when arriving in Lhasa after meeting the Manager.
  9. We are the most popular local Tibetan travel agency in the Social media world. 
  10. We are a good friend of the most popular Tibet travel Guide book Lonely Planet.



The 1st reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers focuses on helping local people. We spend a portion of the profit to help the local community.

We did a project of giving more than 300 warm winter Jackets to students at Pasum village near the Mount Everest area. 

Another project was giving wisdom books to the Nuns. Travelers can find our done projects on our Home page with the articles. 

We are focusing on doing more of helping the local project with the help of our travel business profits.

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is the Poiner of Tibetan language hip hop rap music in Tibet. Since the year 2004 writing rhymes at the feet of Mount Kailash during the time when he was a Tour Guide.  

Promoting modern music with motivational lyrics through the Tibetan language is one of the best ways to preserve the language and share positive vibes with the younger ones.

The 2nd reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

You will meet the manager in person upon arrival in Tibet. Meeting the Manager can fix the problem right away and give a big trust, and this also makes communication easier. 

The General Manager of Tibet Travelers is a Tibetan man named Tenzin Dhondup. Born and raised at the feet of Mt Everest and has been working in tourism in Tibet since 2003. He has traveled to Tibet extensively in almost all areas. He has worked as a tour guide, porter, and translator on climbing expeditions and has done the circuit of Mt Kailash numerous times. He knows how important ethical travel is and loves working with clients to show them his native homeland.


The 3rd reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers arranges all Tibet tours with an experienced and caring English-speaking Tibetan guide. All of our Tibetan drivers are safe and well-experienced. Tour guides and tour drivers are extremely important and play a huge role in making sure clients are safe and have an enjoyable journey. For this reason, we pay a bit higher salary to our guides and drivers. Again, for just slightly more than the price that low-budget travel companies charge, Tibet Travelers offers a BETTER journey with more experienced guides and drivers. 


319 warm jackets for the students at the nearest Primary school from the Everest area Pasum village. 

The 4th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers is rated 100 % excellent reviews by our precious previous travelers, We are proud to show our reviews on Trip Advisor. Thanks to our precious travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers, enjoying the trip, and showing love. Check out our Trip Advisor reviews.

The 5th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers is an Eco-friendly and Social Responsibility Tibetan travel company in Tibet. We are listed on the Eco Travel Collective website. 

We also promote healthy speech about love and preserving nature, we spread the love on social media, this is one of our recent posts.

Whether we are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Christian, or Non-believer, in the end, we are human beings. Even a human being is a label created, so we have reasons to show love!

The 6th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

At Tibet Travelers, we treat all of our clients like good friends. If there is anything we can do to make your journey more enjoyable, let us know immediately. Our General Manager is always available to take a call from you at any time during your journey.

The 7th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

 We know Tibet very well, and we can work with you to create an amazing journey that allows you to experience areas of Tibet and have flexibility in the tour.

Even in the itinerary, we do our best to add more sightseeing or hiking in the tour without extra cost and try our best to take Travelers to the remote areas where fewer Travelers visit so our Travelers can see the true hidden beauties.



The 8th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

With Tibet Travelers, there are NO hidden costs. The price we give you is exactly what you will pay. Also, we will NOT take you on any required shopping tours. 

There is NO big payment upfront. Travelers will pay a deposit of 100 USD per person by PayPal and the rest of the money upon arrival in Lhasa when meeting our Manager.

The 9th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is listed in many editions of one of the most trustable travel guidebooks Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet writers were good friends of our Manager Tenzin Dhondup.

In Lonely Planet 2010, Lonely Planet writer Bradley interviewed our Manager in the year 2006 on nightlife in Tibet and there is an article about MC Tenzin, which is the stage name of our Manager Tenzin Dhondup. MC Tenzin has been thanked by Lonely Planet writers in guidebook editions such as Tenzin or Big Tenzin for sharing information on traveling to Tibet. 

Our Manager is also a good friend of the most popular Tibet travel website the Land of Snows Losang Jamin la. The Land of Snows provides one of the best Tibet travel-free information for nearly 16 years. 

The 10th reason for traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers is one of the most popular Tibetan travel agencies in the Social media world. Travelers can check our 20K Followers on Instagram, we are one of the largest followed Tibetan travel agencies in Tibet sharing Tibet travel videos frequently.  We also have a post on our Facebook with more than 4K shares as the most shared Facebook travel agency in Tibet.  

Photo: A group of 30 Malaysian Travelers wrote a 5-star review after the tour. 

Diligently sharing the latest Tibet travel information and stunning Tibet travel short videos on social media shows our love & effort to promote the beauties of Tibet to Travelers.  All these show that we are one of the hardest-working travel agencies in Tibet.


Finally, we would like to thank you for choosing Tibet Travelers, choosing Tibet Travelers means choosing Tibetans and helping locals. 

We will make sure to arrange a great tour for all the Travelers traveling to Tibet with the local Tibet Travelers travel agency.

Contact us today for your journey to Tibet, reach us online at Instagram DM or add our WeChat. Travelers can also send us an email. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 01, 2023


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