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Healthy food is essential while traveling in Tibet. They are thousands of restaurant options to choose from in Lhasa, today we would like to share a few popular restaurants.

Lunch and Dinner Expenses

Our Tour price excludes Lunch and Dinner to make it convenient for Travelers to choose their preferred food within the price range. Lunch and Dinner expenses in Tibet will be around 10-20 USD per day per person.

In larger cities Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang, Ngari, and Nyingchi all the different types of foods, local Tibetan foods, Chinese foods, Nepali foods, and Western foods are available. Outside of the larger cities in the small towns, the only options will be local Tibetan foods, noodles, rice and vegetables, Yak meat, potatoes, and bread. 

Few Highlight Restaurants in Lhasa 

1. Tibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen is run by a good friend Namdol. A decade ago she started her tourism career as a Tour Guide and now running the number one Tibetan-style restaurant in Lhasa. Tibetan Family Kitchen offer Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali foods. One of the most popular food is Tibetan Yak meat Momos.

The location is 20m from the Jokhang Temple. Travelers can enjoy Lunch and Dinner at the rooftop of the building with a view of the mountains. Tibetan Family Kitchen offers Cooking classes and it's one of the favorites for Travelers. Phone number: 138 8901 5053

2. Kyichu Hotel Garden Restaurant

One of the best garden restaurants in Lhasa is the Kyichu Hotel Garden Restaurant. They have Nepali cooks and they offer Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian Foods. 

3. Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen is located at Dangayling Road on the second floor of the building. They offer Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali foods.

4. House of Shambhala Restaurant

This is one of the cozy restaurants located inside the House of Shambhala Hotel. They offer Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali foods. The location of the restaurant is around 100m from Jokhang Temple. Travelers can reach them via phone call at 0891-6326533

5. Namaste Restaurant

Owned by a Tibetan woman and a Nepali man. Namaste restaurant is located near the Lhasa movie center on the second floor.  They are popular for Nepali and Indian foods. 

6. Makye Ame Restaurant

When Travelers do the kora around the Jhokang Temple, Travelers will see the sign of Makye Ame on the second floor. The restaurant offers Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali, and Indian foods. 

8. Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

Po Ba Tsang is located at Dangayling road. This restaurant is famous for Tibetan Hotpot and Tibetan dance for Travelers.

9. Lhasa Java Cafe

One of the popular local Tibetan-owned cafes in Lhasa is the Java Cafe. Located opposite the Kyichu Hotel in the Shenli Square building.

10. Summit Cafe

Summit is one of the oldest cafes in Lhasa, owned by a Foreigner, they are three summit cafes in Lhasa. One of the cafes is inside the Shambhala Hotel on Dangayling Road.

11. Gam Chung Tea House and Ze Dro Tea House

They are the two oldest tea houses in Lhasa, namely Gamchung and Zedro. They offer sweet tea for 8 jiao and Tibetan noodles per bowl for 1 USD. These tea houses are the best places to meet local Tibetans, located on the Dangayling Road. 


Photo: Tibetan Family Kitchen Cooking Class

12. The Rooftop cafe near Ani Tsankung Nunnery

This is one of the best restaurants in Lhasa to see the view of Potala Palace.  


Food plays a great role in the tour in Tibet. Outside of the larger cities, they are only a few options of restaurants to choose from, we recommend Travelers try less oil, not spicy, and non-sugar foods.

A healthy body is the key to having a great trip in Tibet.   Email us for booking a Tibet tour.

Written By :Tenzin

May 27, 2023


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