Lunch and Dinner expense in Tibet


All the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers website are excluding Lunch and Dinner to make it easier for Travelers to choose the food with a preferred price range. 

Tibet Travelers can also arrange tours that include the meals but to make it easier mostly we let our Travelers choose via excluding. 

1. Local Tibetan foods

Most popular local Tibetan food is Tibetan noodles, which can be found in any smaller local Tibetan tea houses. Price is around 1 US dollar, it is a great choice to at least try one time. Soup will make you warmer. Sweet milk tea is also served at a local tea house.

Tibetan Thukpa and Tibetan Yak meat Momos are a good option to try while you are in Tibet. Cost around 3-5 US Dollar 

Tibetan butter tea can be found in Restaurants in towns and cities but the best butter tea can be found only in the villages home, the real butter. 

2. Available western foods in Tibet

Pizza, Steak, Nepali and Indian sets, Italian noodles, are few of the foods served in Western-style Restaurants in Lhasa and Shigatse. It won't taste similar as in west but some Restaurants are doing best by employing Nepali cook. Price will be around 10-20 US Dollar. 

For Travelers who love the Burger, They are Dicos Restaurants, a Chinese version of Mcdonals in Lhasa. There is also one KFC near the Shenli Square. Cost around 5-10 US Dollar 

3. Budget of each meal in Tibet

They are a different budget for different meals.

Tibet Travelers budget suggested for Lunch and Dinner per person in Tibet is around 10-20 US Dollar per day.

It will cost a bit less if Travelers try more local foods.

If Travelers choose more western foods in Lhasa and Shigatse, it will cost bit more. 

Photo: Beauties of Tibet Valley

4. Coffee Cafes in Lhasa

Most popular coffee cafe in Lhasa is the Summit cafe. The ower is a westerner employing local Tibetans. There is one shop at the Dangayling road and another branch inside the 4-star Tashinota hotel.

5. Western Restaurants in Lhasa 

At the Dangayling road, they are few Western-style Restaurants. Lhasa Kitchen, Namaste Restaurant, House of Shambhala Restaurant, Snowland Restaurant, Tashi 1, Alotsang Restaurant and Kyichu hotel garden Restaurant are few of the good recommendations. They serve Western, Nepali, and Indian foods.

6. Special Tibetan Organic Food

Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to try Tibetan Tsampa, Barley wheat. This is one of the only organic food that we can find in Tibet. It is hard to adjust but it has lots of nutrition since its organic. 

These are the information on Foods expenses in Tibet. 

7. Foods outside of Lhasa

Many places outside of Lhasa are not developed so only possible food will be local Tibetan foods. They are not so many choices. Tibetan Thukpa noodles, Tibetan momos, Fried rice are few of the possible food to be found outside of Lhasa.

Price will cost around 3-10 US Dollar per each meal. 

8. Tibet Travelers special Potala Palace view dinner Restaurant

Most of the time, after or before the Tour. Tibet Travelers arrange a Dinner for our Travelers as a Thanksgiving from our side to the Travelers. 

We arrange Tibetan Hot Pot for our Travelers in one of the best views of Potala Palace to celebrate the teamwork of Travelers, Tour Guide, and Tour Driver.

These are the information regarding Food expenses in Tibet. For Tibet Travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email us at [email protected] 

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Feb 21, 2018


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