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One of the most beautiful things to buy in Tibet is Made in Tibet brands which are not too expensive but special. Made in Tibet (T-shirt) from Monlam(dream) Tibetan brand is one of our favorite gifts to our travelers. In this photo, our travelers are wearing the Monlam brand Tibetan T-shirt at the farewell dinner with Manager Tenzin Dhondup. Thank you once again for choosing Tibet Travelers. 

Another favorite will be buying a Tibetan Chupa in Lhasa. Recently a Traveler from Swiss Tim asked us a very special question, what can I buy from Tibet, which I can only find in Tibet and not too expensive?

Our first suggestion was Tibetan Lhasa style Chupa, We went together to some famous Tibetan shop brands like 999,888 and 666 to buy a full Lhasa style Tibetan Chupa.

We were quite amazed to find very well design Tibetan Chupa which you can choose by tailoring on the first day and finishing on the last day of the trip.  

Finally, another beautiful gift from Tibet, we have found was Jang Shing. Tibetan alphabet learning wood and that was really special since this can only be found in Tibet.

This is one of the best ways to understand Tibet, which is to learn Tibetan.

As long as you learn Tibetan, you can easily learn more about Tibetan culture, tradition, and customs.

Photo: Beauties of Nomads and grassland in Tibet

A few other special brands made in Tibet are, Tibetan Tsampa, one cup of Tsampa is similar to one apple per day and it will keep doctors away.

Tsampa (Burley flour) is one of the best food in Tibet. Tibetan cheese, instant Tibetan butter tea, and sweet tea are also good options.

Another good place we take our Travelers is the New Bhakor market.

Even though it is very difficult to find things which are made in Tibet but still this is one of the lowest price markets in Lhasa to buy small gifts for your friend.

The reason is their rental fee is much lower as compared to many other places. 

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Written By :Tenzin

May 16, 2017


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