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Every year many Travelers from Malaysia travel to Tibet. There is one important question that remains, the reason behind Malaysians' travels to Tibet.

There are so many reasons but today Tibet Travelers would like to share a few of the important reasons.

Malaysia is one beautiful country where there are many different people with different faith and devotion who lives together, which is a symbol of peace. 

The reason behind Malaysian Hindu's travel to Tibet is Mount Kailash. The Lord of the Mountain is the Palace of the great Hindu God Shiva. The shortest way to travel to Mount Kailash and holy Lake Manasarovar will be in 12 days. Tibet Travelers arranges group tours to Hindu Malaysian Travelers a few times each year.

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is also a good friend of Malaysian Hindu pilgrim group leader Shiva, who travels to Tibet a few times each year with Hindu pilgrims. Tibet Travelers' 17-day trip to Mount Kailash and Mount Everest is also a good option for Malaysian Travelers traveling to Tibet. 

Many Malaysian Muslims are traveling to Tibet, our first Tour for the year 2016 is arranged for the Malaysian Muslim family Yasmin and her 3 Children. There are a few reasons for Malaysian Muslims to travel to Tibet. The first reason is there are many Muslims in Tibet, there is also a Mosque in Lhasa city near Bhakor Street.



Tibetans are very friendly with all other religious believers. They are also Halal food available for Muslim Travelers, which is the main important thing for Muslim Travelers through our experience. Tibet Travelers 9 or 10-day tour is a great recommendation for Muslim Travelers who love the explore Tibetan culture and nature. 

8 days Group Tour

9 days Private Tour

10 days Group Tour

10 days Private Tour

The reason behind Malaysian Buddhist travel to Tibet is very easy to answer. Tibet is the center of Mahayana Buddhism. Jokhang Temple is one of the most precious Buddhist temples in the whole world, the reason behind this is the 2600-year-old statue of Buddha Shakyamuni which has got a blessing from Buddha himself, making it one of the most important reasons to travel to Tibet.



 All tours arranged by Tibet Travelers are recommended for Buddhist Travelers to Tibet since all our tours will visit many important Buddhist monasteries. Our 10-day group tour is one of the special recommendations for Buddhist Malaysians. This tour has included many monasteries of different schools of Tibetan Buddhism including Sakya monastery, this tour also included beautiful nature Namtso Lake and Mount Everest North Face Base Camp.

10 days Private Tour

10 days Group Tour

The final reason behind Malaysians travel to Tibet is the beautiful nature of Tibet, which many Malaysians love. Tibet is the roof of the world, surrounded by Snow and the Rocky Mountains where every view can be seen widely, blue sky and sunny days, white glaciers, and blue, green, and white running rivers that form many beautiful Lakes. Grassland and beautiful green nature are some of the main reasons behind all the Malaysians choosing to travel to Tibet.


These are the few important reasons behind Malaysians choosing to travel to Tibet instead of other regions in Asia or Europe. Tibet Travelers would like to thank all the Malaysian Travelers who have traveled to Tibet and helped the local Tibetans, Tibet Travelers also would like to recommend all Malaysians to travel to Tibet and witness the true beauty of Tibet. 

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Sep 20, 2017


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