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Meditation is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves. 

I am just a beginner meditator but I can say that I am a big fan of meditation. I have seen a few books about meditation and today I would like to share my little information about meditation with all the Travelers. 

They are many benefits we will gain from meditation, we will become more aware of our actions and as long as we are more aware, we are more secure.

Buddha was once asked: what did you gain from meditation?

Buddha replied: Nothing.

The person asks again: Then why do you meditate?

Buddha said: " Let me tell you what I have lost: I lost my anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear of old age and death."

In today's article at the beginning, we are just going to follow our breath as a meditation object.

Why do we meditate in Tibet?

Tibet is one of the best places in the whole world to practice meditation, the main reason is the high altitude where fresh cool air makes us alert and peaceful nature where our mind naturally becomes peaceful. 

Firstly, I would like to share my two proverbs and then share my little wisdom about Meditation. 

My Proverb One 

At the moment 
most pitiful is my mind, 
even though want happiness 
but because of habit,  
my mind is distracted!

At the moment need
meditation to make the mind stable! 
As long as the mind is stable, 
happiness will follow!

My Proverb Two

In order to change the effects,
we need to change the cause!

In order to change the cause,
we need to change our habits!  

In order to change our habits,
we need to practice Meditation!  

Photo: Beauties of Nature in Tibet

In Tibetan Buddhism, they are many different types of meditation like the visualization of Guru, Yidam or chanting meditation, and so on.

For beginners, one of the best meditations is breath meditation. 

Easy Rules of Breath Meditation

1. Find a comfortable sitting posture and quiet place

2. Back straight

3. Eyes Open

4. Concentrate on the breath in and out from Nose

5. When thoughts come and we get lost, come back to the concentration object breath

6. Keep doing this for 10-20 minutes per day 

Few Benefits

1. It will boost our concentration

2. Increase memory power

3. Reduce Anger, attachment, and desire

4. We will become more appreciated, which is the key to happiness

5. Slowing aging

6. We will become more Now, as long as we become more Now, we are enjoying every second of life and many others if we go deeper.

After we become more mature with breath meditation, there is one meditation that I would like to highly recommend.


Tonglen Meditation

One of the most beneficial meditations is compassion meditation, which is also known as  Bodhichitta Tonglen meditation.

There was once a great Tibetan master from Kadampa school, who had not even wasted his breath.

He practiced Tonglen meditation while breathing.

Breathing in, taking all the suffering of Sentient Beings.

Breathing out, giving all the happiness to all the Sentient Beings.

This is a very beneficial meditation. We don't need to worry that we will get all the sufferings of others, instead because of our great intention, we will reap endless joy and happiness.

 Travelers who have heart disease or stress problems. This is one of the best medicines.

I highly recommend all the Travelers to do a short breath and Tonglen meditation during the trip, around 5-15 minutes near the lakes, mountains, and monasteries. It will let us enjoy the beauties of nature and our life completely. 

Few Best destinations in Tibet for meditation lovers

1. Upper Rongbuk monastery underground meditation cave, 4km before Mount Everest North Face. This is one of my favorite meditation spots.

2. Tidrum nunnery meditation cave near the hill, Travelers have to hike around 1 hour or a bit more to get here. From here the view of Tidrum valley can be seen.

3. Ganden monastery lingkor area, located around 65km from Lhasa, and Drakyerpa meditation cave, located around 40km from Lhasa. 

4. Samye Chimpuk meditation caves, Dzong Kumbum, and Drak Yangzom.

5. Namtso Lake is also a great spot for meditation. 

These are the few of the places where many great Yogis meditated for many centuries. May through meditation our mind become stable so whatever we do our mind follows.


I have learned Yoga for a few weeks in Lhasa, I am still a beginner.  

Few postures of Yoga are great to warm up before doing the meditation.

In Tibet, Yoga is taught only when we practice the Tantric teachings so I would highly recommend learning Yoga in India. Tibet is a great place to practice Yoga to get blessings from the great Tibetan Yogis. It is also possible to meet Tibetan Yogis in Tibet to ask questions regarding Yoga if you have merit. The great Tibetan Yogis are practicing Yoga at the highest level. 

1. Channels (Tibetan name: Za)

2. Winds (Tibetan name: Long)

3. Essences (Tibetan name: Tig le)

These are the three main keys that play the biggest role in the mind and the body. 

Tibet is a great place to practice Yoga, I have met Travelers who had learned Yoga in India and they love practicing in the beautiful nature and fresh high plateau in Tibet. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on Meditation and Yoga in Tibet, we will do our best to share more information about meditation and Yoga in our future articles.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jan 14, 2018


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