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Music is one of the important parts of life. People even say that when I was alone, only music was with me so music has played a great role in many peoples lives.

Even though music is beautiful but music does also have effects on both the good side and the bad side so it is important to choose the right music.

Modern rap songs talking about drugs, diss this and that is quite sad since when young kids listen to this music, they are already planting a seed of violence inside the mind so it is very important to choose a type of music that we listen. 

When I was in my teen, I am a big fan of my Rappers and after listening to them a strong self-ego grows in me, which is going to hurt many people near me and including myself. I have witnessed this effects after doing a meditation for a few months and being more aware of the present moment. 

Nowadays I do listen to peaceful music and the moment someone tries to bring negative things towards me, the positive music helps me not to involve so music is important and it is even more important to choose what type of music we listen. 

From my personal experience, our mind is like a child, every time when we do something or listen to something or watch something, we are feeding the baby mind. That is the reason people who meditate and practice compassion deeply are kind and people who love to listen to rough music or action movies are a little bit of violence. 

Today I would like to recommend some of the Tibetan modern music to all the Travelers.

One of the first Tibetan singers that I remember was Tsering Gyurme. He has a beautiful voice.

Norbu Samdrup from Lhasa is a young Tibetan singer with a great voice. His songs can be found in the net. 

Yadong, Kunga, Sherdun and Yang gi ma are Tibetan singers from Amdo and Kham, they all have a beautiful song.

Tibet chick has a beautiful voice and one of the female Rappers, she has good lyrics about motivation in life. 

Photo: Tibetan singer Norbu Samdrup

For peace lover Travelers I would recommend two of my favorite spiritual singers.

Ani Choying Drolma, a Tibetan nun with amazingly soft and peaceful voice. 

Ngawang Kechog, composer of Tibetan peaceful flute music. 


Singing is a part of Tibetan life. There is a saying that Tibetans can sing from the birth since almost every Tibetan has a great voice. The reason behind is the clean water and fresh air so nature is helping us to have a beautiful voice. 

My favorite singer is 11th century Tibetan yogi the great Jetsun Milarepa. When he sings the Doha songs, even the animals can't stop listening. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on modern music. We will do best to share more information on Tibetan music. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 09, 2018


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