Mount Everest Eco Bus Update 2019

(Photo: Mount Everest with the Universe)

Mount Everest is the most visited travel destination in Tibet.  It is the roof of our world. The Tibetan name of the mountain is Chomolungma.

It takes around three days to drive from Lhasa to Mount Everest view area of Rongbuk Monastery.  The first overnight will be at Shigatse city. Second night at Pelber town. Third-night arriving at the Rongbuk monastery to see the view of Mount Everest.

Few updates on Mount Everest North Face 

  1. Eco Bus to the Mount Everest North Face viewpoint.
  2. The final viewpoint of Mount Everest.
  3. Black Yak hair tea tents.

Eco Bus to the Mount Everest North Face viewpoint

Starting from June 2019, Eco green electric buses are operated to protect the environment of the Mount Everest national park. The Eco bus camp is at Chozom village. Which is around 25km from the Rongbuk monastery. The duration of the Eco bus one way is approximately 50 minutes.

The price of the Eco bus per person is 120RMB. Tour Guide and Tour Driver will be free of charge. The cost of 120RMB is for a round trip from Chozom village to the Rongbuk monastery guesthouses and travel back to Chozom village.

Photo: Mount Everest Eco Bus 

Tourist vehicles will have to park at the Eco bus camp at the Chozom village. 

The final viewpoint of Mount Everest

From the beginning of the year 2019, to protect the nature of the Mount Everest national park area. The central office has made the Rongbuk monastery area the final destination towards Mount Everest for Travelers. Climbers are allowed to travel towards the mountain until the summit. 

The project has made significant cleaning impacts on the mountain. This year we can see more snow on the mountain as compared to previous years. 

The Rongbuk Monastery is located 8km before the previous actual base camp of Mount Everest and 4km before the previous final viewpoint of Mount Everest and Upper Rongbuk monastery.

Black Yak hair tea tents

One of the favorite accommodations of the Travelers is the black Yak hair cozy dorm tea tents. They are around 40 local Tibetan families from Tingri county running the Yak hair tea tent business. I had worked two years in one of the Yak hair tea tent run by my family in the year 2003, and 2004. 

The Yak hair tea tents offer basic dormitory beds with warm noodles and fried rice. It is not possible to have a shower or private bathroom for the one night at the final viewpoint area of Mount Everest. 

Photo: Inside the Black Yak hair tea tents 

Travelers also have an option to spend the night at the Rongbuk monastery guest house.


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Tibet's travel situation is getting better every year. Nowadays the road from Lhasa to Mount Everest viewpoint area is all paved with 610km.

Mount Everest is the favorite travel destination for many Travelers. We recommend Travelers travel to Mount Everest for a duration of three days from Lhasa to adjust to the altitude. 

If Travelers don't have enough time, it is also okay to travel in two days like our recent eight Malaysian Travelers

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 10, 2019


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