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The most popular travel destination is the Mount Everest North Face Base Camp. Many Travelers might think that to travel Mount Everest North Face we need to trek but actually, that is in Nepal side South Face. From Tibet side North Face, Travelers can travel by vehicle all the way to the first base camp 5200M

I have spent many years in Mount Everest base camp decades ago, my village is around a few hours drive from the base camp. Locals from my village worship Mount Everest as Chomolungma ( a Goddess) Even many of the Tibetan Sherpas (Climbers) in Tibet are from my hometown and before they climb, they worship her for blessings.

Many Travelers are traveling to Mount Everest every week from Lhasa. Most of the Travel agencies including us are arranging both private and group tours. One of the most popular group tours is the 8 days overland trip from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp and many Travelers also ask Tibet Travelers about 8 days group tour so Tibet Travelers also arrange 8 days group tour to Mount Everest North Face Base Camp but Tibet Travelers would like to suggest the Travelers who have time to choose the 9 days or 10 days tour if possible.

Below Tibet Travelers share a few reasons:

1. There is around 340km all the way up from Shigatse to Mount Everest through 3 high passes so driving in one day makes too much driving.

2. Jumping from altitude 3950M Shigatse to 5200M Mount Everest base camp is bad for acclimatizing with altitude.

3. No sunrise view at Geu la pass (5200M) from where Travelers can see 4 Mountains above 8000M (Photo showed below) weather is good most of the time in the morning since after late afternoon it gets windy.

Photo: View of Mount Everest from Geu la pass ( 5200 meters )

4. Less time at Mount Everest Base Camp. When Travelers arrive at Mount Everest Base Camp, it is almost ready to be evening and if the weather is bad then no more time to see the view so this is a very important suggestion to all the Travelers since we know Travelers spend lots of time and money to travel Tibet and if Travelers don't see the true beauties of Tibet then its a bit sad since traveling again is again lots of time and money so Tibet Travelers mostly focus on 10 days group tour and we also suggest 8 days Travelers to choose 10 days group tour most of the time.

When I used to be Tour Guide in the year 2004, the road to Mount Everest was very bumpy and dusty, it is lots of fun for me but for some Travelers they don't love it. Nowadays, the paved road has been fixed all the way until 4km before the Mount Everest Base Camp so it is possible to reach Mount Everest North Face Base Camp (5200M) without any trek or hike.

One of the good suggestion is the sunset, which is the main highlights of Mount Everest North Face. The color of Mount Everest changes from Yellow to orange and finally red. Another great suggestion is the stars in the night. Photo of the article shows Mount Everest surrounded by stars.

Mount Everest region is my hometown

Travelers who love Trekking and Glacier. Tibet Travelers recommends trekking to the Mount Everest North Face advance base Camp (6400M) where we can see the view of 15m Serek Gangs of Glaciers. I have trek here before decades ago with some Travelers and it is so peaceful and stunning. The dusty Glaciers, ice caves, and white Glaciers are the few highlights, the main highlight is Mount Everest, her structure changes when we get closer. Mount Everest looks more like lying down when we go closer towards her. They are 2 base camps to hike, North Col and North Face from the Mount Everest Base Camp. Travelers will need a special permit to travel above 5500M, Tibet Travelers can issue this necessary permit from the Tibet Mountain association in Tibet.


Mount Everest is a must destination, I have seen some Travelers cry when they see the true beauties of Mount Everest. I admire their love towards nature, which is similar to we Tibetans worship devotion to nature.

For any Travelers who don't want to trek or hike to Mount Everest Base Camp can travel through Tibet since from Nepal need to hike around 10 days but from Tibet, overland tour from Lhasa to Mount Everest in around 3-4 days is recommended.

Tibet Travelers highly recommend our 9-10 days tour to Mount Everest North Face Base Camp on our website.

Thank you for reading our article on Mount Everest, the most popular travel destination in Tibet. Tibet Travelers will do best to share more information about Mount Everest in the future article.

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