Mount Everest

This Article's latest update is on 2023 July 19th. 

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, situated in Tingri County, Xigaze, Tibet Autonomous Region, China at an altitude of 8848.86 meters. 

The Tibetan name for Everest is Qomolangma (ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ, "Holy Mother"). The name was first recorded with a Chinese transcription on the 1721 Kangxi Atlas during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing China. The official Chinese transcription is 珠穆朗玛峰  Mount Everest attracts many climbers and Tourists. 

2023 July updates on Mount Everest 

  1. Mount Everest base camp is open for Travelers.
  2. The road from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp is paved all the way.
  3. Non-Pollution Electric Eco EV Bus will be arranged from Tashizom town( 40km from EBC ) to the Mount Everest North Face base camp to protect the environmental National Park of Mount Everest.
  4. 4G Internet & Free WIFI at the Yak hair tea tents near the Everest base camp & Rongbuk monastery.

Difference between 8 & 9 Days Mount Everest Tour

Tibet Travelers recommend our 9 Days Join Group Tibet tour to Mount Everest base camp to have more time at base camp and to acclimatize to the altitude.

1. There is around 340km from Shigatse to Mount Everest & passing by three high mountains so driving in one day makes too much driving.

2. Jumping from altitude 3950M Shigatse to 5200M Mount Everest base camp in one day is bad for acclimatizing to the altitude.

Photo: Mount Everest sunset

3. In the 9 Days tour, Travelers can also visit the Sakya monastery, which is one of the most Authentic monasteries. In the 8 Days, it is too rushy to add Sakya monastery.

4. No sunrise view at Gawu la Pass (5200M) from where Travelers can see the view of four Mountains above 8000M  

Accommodations & Food at the Mount Everest

The locals provide basic beds at the base camp in Yak Hair tea tents from mid-March to the beginning of October. During the winter, it is too cold so we recommend Travelers stay a night at Pasum or Tashizom town. (40km from Mount Everest) The Yak hair tea tent also provides local food and free WIFI. The Rongbuk monastery also provides rooms for Travelers. At the moment it is not possible to have a hot shower.

Mount Everest is my Hometown

It is a blessing to be born at the feet of Mount Everest, villagers around my hometown Tibetans call her by the name: Chomolungma. Meaning Goddess. 

Starting from March 2002 to October 2004, I spend 8 full months each year at Mount Everest North Face base camp helping with a small business run by my Family. A small Yak-hair tea tent called " Hotel California" is also listed in the lonely planet earlier edition Guide book. I have chosen this name since I love that song by the Eagles and it's a famous hotel so when travelers who arrive near our family tea tent, after seeing the sign saying ' Hotel California"  some take photos, and some laugh joyfully.

Photo: Hotel California sign at the Black Yak hair tea tents in the year 2003

Sometimes I used to take Travelers to the Advance Base Camp of Mount Everest to see the glaciers and to have a closer view of Mount Everest. Sometimes I also take Travelers for a motorbike ride to New Tingri and Old Tingri. It was a great adventure and also a good opportunity to help my family.

My friend Monk Sangay used to live in summer at the upper Rongbuk monastery. I admire him since he left the samsaric deeds. Sometimes when I have important plans, I go to him for rolling the dice and ask for a blessing. 

Sunset is the main highlight of Mount Everest North Face. The color of Mount Everest changes from Yellow to orange and finally red. Another great suggestion is the stars in the night. 


2005 I went to Lhasa and started as a Tour guide in one of the well-known and oldest local Tibetan travel agencies for around 14 years. I started a local travel company Tibet Travelers after gaining professional Tibet travel experience.

Starting in 2023 we arrange a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 people to join the group Tibet Tours. Our Join Group Tibet Tours are the best way to meet friends from all around the world and also to reduce the high cost of private tours. We recommend our 9 days tour to Mount Everest north face base camp group tour for Travelers. 

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May 02, 2023


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