Mount Everest 8,848 meters - The best route is from North Col

Mount Everest can be ascended from the northern side in two ways. The Serek Glaciers, stretching from 5800 to 6200 meters with a height of 15 meters, are an integral part of the journey.

Before we talk about climbing methods, let's explore Mount Everest in detail, as our Tibet tours mainly feature an overland Tibet travel journey to the north face of the Mount Everest base camp. (ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ "Divine Mother"). Qomolangma 珠穆朗玛峰. Mount Everest attracts many climbers and Tourists. This article has some additional details about:

  1. Number 7 is a Black Yak hair tea tent.
  2. Number 9 is Pasum Town.
  3. Number 12 is Tashizom Town.
  4. Numbers 19 and 23 are Old Tingri Town.
  5. Number 22 is Pelber, and Shegar Towns.
  6. Number 25 is Rongbuk Monastery.
  7. Number 26 is Upper Dza Rongbuk.

1. What makes Mount Everest a well-known destination?

At a height of 8848.86 meters, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, measuring 29028 feet. For numerous travelers, reaching the base camp and experiencing the mountain's magnificence is a dream come true. Tingri county in the China Tibet Autonomous Region covers both the North Face and East Face, with the South Face located in Nepal.

2. What is the Climber's impact on Mount Everest?

There are two methods to ascend from the northern side of Mount Everest: ascending from North Col and North Face. Climbers prefer the North Col route. The Dusty glaciers can be reached after hiking for approximately one hour from Camp 1, which is situated at an altitude of 5300 meters. From Camp 2 to near the 3rd Camp, the 15m Serek Glaciers will shine bright, starting at an elevation of 5800 meters and extending up to 6200 meters.

During May, climbers typically begin their ascent of Mount Everest from North Col. Although most climbers arrive at base camp around the end of March, they must acclimate before starting their climb between May 18 and 25. Scaling the summit of Mount Everest is akin to a spiritual journey for climbers, representing a significant accomplishment. Given the high cost of mountain climbing, many climbers secure large sponsorships.

Mount Everest - The Roof of the World

Photo: 15m Serek Glaciers and the view of the summit of Mount Everest.

In 2003, while I was at base camp, I learned that a Nepali Sherpa had set the record for the fastest climb up Mount Everest, taking only eight hours to reach the summit from the south col of the Nepal side. However, it has been more than a decade since then, so I wonder if anyone has broken that record. Climbing from the Tibet side is more challenging as it takes around two days to reach Camp Three from Camp One. At 6500 meters, the ice becomes thicker and requires professional gear such as crampons.

3. How to get to Mount Everest?

On our website, Tibet Travelers has crafted several itineraries for the journey to Mount Everest base camp, which can be reached through three different routes. Among these, the most commonly chosen option is a 9-10 day overland trip from Lhasa.

  1. Embark on an overland journey from Lhasa.
  2. Journey overland starting from the Nepal border town between Kyirong.
  3. Flying to Tingri and then traveling overland.

4. What was your initial reaction upon seeing Mount Everest for the first time?

Upon reaching an altitude of almost 6000 meters at Camp Two of North Col, I observed a change in the appearance of the mountain. It has a more horizontal position, as opposed to the vertical perspective typically seen from a distance. This was my initial impression upon viewing the mountain up close. At an elevation of 5800 meters, Camp Three of North Face provides a majestic view of the mountain, which is awe-inspiring due to its immense beauty and colossal size. The mountain's beauty humbles us.

5. What are the updates on Mount Everest?

  1. Travelers now have access to Mount Everest base camp.
  2. The path leading to the base camp of Mount Everest from Lhasa is constructed with pavement.
  3. To preserve the environmental integrity of Mount Everest National Park, a non-polluting electric eco EV bus will transport passengers from Tashizom town, located 38km from EBC.
  4. Accommodations offer 4G Internet and  WIFI.

6. Where can I find accommodations and food near Mount Everest?

From mid-March to the beginning of October, the locals offer basic beds at the base camp in Yak Hair tea tents and Rongbuk monastery Guest house. Due to low temperatures, it is not advisable to stay during winter. Thus, it is recommended that travelers spend a night in Pasum or Tashizom town, which are 30-40km away from Mount Everest.

Along with accommodation, the Yak hair tea tent also serves local food and has free WIFI. Travelers can also opt to stay in rooms provided by the Rongbuk monastery, but hot showers are currently unavailable.

7. Where are the Yak Hair Tea Tent accommodations?

At an elevation of almost 5200 meters, the Yak Hair Tea Tent accommodations have been operating since 2002 and can be found at the Mount Everest base camp beside the Rongbuk monastery. My Tibet tourism adventure started at a Yak hair tea tent, which my family established at the Mount Everest North Face base camp in the same year. Only locals from our Tashizom town Valley are permitted to operate a tea tent at the Mount Everest base camp since we were born in the region close to Mount Everest.

8. What is the quality of the lodging in Yak Tents?

At Mount Everest base camp, Black yak hair tea tents offer dorm beds and private rooms with free WIFI and electricity from April to October. Unfortunately, there are no hot shower facilities available at the moment. Throughout the winter months, the Rongbuk Monastery Guest House is the only available lodging option at Mount Everest. Various hot dishes like noodle soup, fried rice, and pancakes are available at the tea tents made of yak hair. Furthermore, they provide butter tea, sweet tea, cold drinks, and beer.

9. Rongbuk Monastery Everest View Guest House.

Mount Everest base camp is a popular Tibet Travel destination. Rongbuk Monastery Guest House is one of the best accommodations available at Mount Everest North Face Base Camp (5200m). The guest house provides single and double rooms with an attached bathroom and a view of Mount Everest. However, shower facilities are not available due to the high altitude.

The cost of accommodation is around 100 USD to 150 USD per room per night. We usually book travelers at Black Yak hair tents, but upgrades to the Rongbuk Monastery guest house are available for a charge of 50 to 100 USD USD per room, depending on the season.

Rongbuk monastery Everest view room

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Everest view room

Rongbuk monastery Guest house Private Bathroom

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Guest House Private Bathroom

Rongbuk monastery Everest view Restaurant

Photo: Rongbuk Monastery Guest House Everest View Restaurant

10. Where is Pasum Town?

At an elevation of 4300 meters, Pasum is located 30 km from Mount Everest base camp in Tingri County, offering a clear view of Mount Everest's north face from the town. As a result, Pasum is an excellent spot for taking photos and spending a night adjusting to the altitude. Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup hails from Pasum, where my mother resides during the summer. It's roughly 600km from Lhasa, 300km from Shigatse, and about 37km from the Mount Everest base camp.

Photo: Mount Everest summit view from Pasum town 30km.

11. What are the sights to visit in Pasum town?

If you're looking for a quick visit, Pasum Dzaphuk Monastery is a great option. During my visit on April 11th, 2019, I noticed that the monastery was being well-maintained by a resident by the name of Tsering Samdrup. This particular monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa sect and is relatively small. The primary area of worship within the monastery is dedicated to the eight manifestations of Maha Guru Rinpoche. Additionally, the monastery houses well-preserved robes that once belonged to Trukshik Rinpoche, who was the Abbot of the Rongbuk monastery in Tibet, and the Solukhumbu Thubten Choeling monastery in Nepal.

12. What is the quality of lodging at Pasum or Tashizom?

To fully experience the sunset, it is recommended to observe it at the base camp of Mount Everest during the hours of 7-8 pm. After that, it is advisable to return to the towns of Pasum or Tashizom, which are located 30-40km away from EBC. This is due to the fact that these towns provide better accommodation choices with more advanced heating amenities.

Accommodation at Everest, Accommodation at Tashizom village, 30km from Mount Everest base camp

Photo: Private room with bathroom in Tashizom town, 40km away.

Numerous restaurants offering local Tibetan and Chinese cuisine can be found.

13. Where is Tashizom Town?

The place called Tashizom བཀྲ་ཤིས་འཛོམ་ཤང་ (meaning "Auspicious Gathering") can be found in Tingri County, at a height of 4300 meters. The distance from Tashizom to Lhasa is 590km, while Shigatse is situated about 290km away. The Mount Everest base camp, on the other hand, is roughly 38km, and Pasum town is 9km away.

14. What are the nearest trekking paths to Tashizom?

The Kangshung Valley Trek is the ideal method for exploring the secret wonders of Tibet, located just 60km away from Tashizom at Mount Everest East Face Kangshung Valley.

15. What is the location of the closest hospital to Mount Everest?

The Tashizom Town Hospital is the nearest medical facility, while the Shegar New Tingri Hospital is more prominent. The largest hospitals are located in Shigatse and Lhasa.

16. Where does the Mount Everest Eco Tour Bus operate from?

In order to preserve the environment of Mount Everest National Park, a non-polluting Eco Tour Bus station was built in Tashizom. Tourists are required to transfer from their travel agency's vehicle to the Eco Bus in Tashizom town in order to travel to the Mount Everest base camp. The journey to the base camp covers a distance of 38 kilometers and takes approximately 2 hours.

17. What are the closest locations for a city, airport, and train station?

Pasum is located 300km away from the nearest city, airport, and train station, which is Shigatse. Additionally, there is a recently constructed airport in Old Tingri.

18. What is the location of the closest border?

The border closest to Mount Everest is the one between Nepal at Kyirong and Zhangmu.

Photo: Eco Bus ride from Tashizom town to Mount Everest base camp, 40km.

19. What are the lodging options available in Tashizom town?

In Tashizom, numerous guesthouses offer simple accommodations with beds and rooms. The Phuntsok Kangsang Hotel is considered one of the top lodging options in the area. However, it does come with a higher cost. The hotel includes amenities such as a private bathroom and access to a hot shower with warm water.

If you're looking for a good spot for lunch, Tashizom is an excellent option. The town offers a variety of local eateries as well as a handful of Chinese restaurants. My elder sister and elder brother reside in Tashizom, which happens to be the biggest town in close proximity to Mount Everest. This is also the town where I spent my formative years.

Photo: Phuntsok Kangsang Hotel in Tashizom town.

20. Where is Old Tingri?

Located at an average altitude of 4,500 meters or 14,763 ft, Tingri County is positioned approximately 60 km from Mount Everest base camp, around 40 km from Tashizom, 520 km away from Lhasa, approximately 240 km from Shigatse, and approximately 140 km from Kyirong, which is a border town in Nepal.

Tingri is situated within the Shigatse prefecture and is considered one of the largest counties. The area has two towns that bear the name Tingri, with Gangkar town previously being referred to as old Tingri and Shegar town being called new Tingri. There are 13 towns, with my village being located approximately 38 km from the base camp of Mount Everest, known as Tashizom.

21. What are the names of mountains 8000 meters high in Tingri County?

Tingri is famous for being the home of the Himalayas, including the world's highest mountain, Everest. Additionally, Tingri boasts a number of rivers, such as the Lapchi Gang Tsangpo River.

  1. Mount Everest (8844 meters, 29002ft)
  2. Mount Makalu (8463 meters, 27825ft)
  3. Mount Lhotse (8516meters, 27940ft)
  4. Mount Cho Oyu (8188 meters, 26906 ft) and finally
  5. Mount Shishapangma (8027 meters, 26289ft)

22. Which Rivers are found in Tingri County?

There are many rivers in Tingri because it is home to numerous Himalayan mountains. A few crucial rivers are:

  1. Bom Chu Tsangpo River.
  2. Lapchi Gang Tsangpo River.
  3. Rongshar Tsangpo River.

The regions of Rongshar and Lapchi can be found close to the border of Nepal. These areas are renowned for their stunning beauty and were once frequented by the great Tibetan Yogi Maha Siddha Milarepa, who would often engage in meditation during the 11th century.

The culture of Tibetan Buddhism Yogic can be found in Tingri. Many great Yogis, including Maha Siddha Padampa Sanggay, Maha Siddha Padmasambhava, Maha Siddha Milarepa, Maha Siddha Machi Lapdron, and Maha Siddha Gotsangpo, meditated in Tingri county from the 8th century to the late 15th century. The Maha Siddha Pa Dampa Sangay, who had lived in Tingri county for much of his life, is a master from India. A Tibetan female Yogini practitioner named Maha Siddha Machik Lapdron was his esteemed disciple. According to specific biographies, she hailed from Tashizom Valley, my hometown.

Photo: Summer beauties of Old Tingri.

One can witness the magnificence of five mountains standing tall above 8000 meters, which includes Mount Everest (8848 meters), by visiting Gawula Pass - a breathtaking mountainous region.

23. Which two towns are crucial in Tingri County?

Pelber, which is also known as New Tingri, is the initially well-known town situated at an elevation of 4,300 meters. Shegar town is just 14km from Pelber, located in the valley.

Travelers heading towards Mount Everest North Face base camp must pass through the vital town of Pelber, which is located 90km away from the base camp. The Gawula Pass is situated approximately 30km from Pelber, and Shigatse is around 240km away. Shegar is the primary town located approximately 14 km into the valley. Before venturing to Mount Everest, the Nepal border, and western Tibet Ngari, tourists will spend one night in Pelber.

Pelber town has a few 2-star hotels, namely Roof of the World Hotel and Everest Hotel, for accommodation. These hotels provide guests with private bathrooms that have hot showers available during the summer season. Additionally, there are only a limited number of Tibetan restaurants in the local area. To fully appreciate the breathtaking view of four mountains above 8,000 meters, travelers should consider spending a night in Pelber and witnessing the sunrise at Gawu la Pass, as depicted in the photo provided.

24. Old Tingri / Gangkar town is the second most well-known town.

At an elevation of 4,400 meters, Gangkar can be found. Travelers from Gangkar town can admire Mount Everest and Mount Cho Oyu's peaks. A distance of 60 km separates New Tingri Pelber town and Old Tingri Gangkar town. The Hotel is a 2-star accommodation option. In the summer, all hotels provide private bathrooms with hot showers. Within Gangkar town, there are a limited number of Tibetan restaurants available.

Mount Everest near TingriPhoto: Qomolangma far view near Tingri.

25. Which trekking paths are the closest to Tingri?

The perfect way to discover the hidden treasures of Tibet is by embarking on a trek from Old Tingri to Mount Everest base camp via the Drokpa Nomad valley. This trek will last for four days and is guaranteed to be breathtaking for those who choose to embark on it. We also offer a 12-day trek from Tingri to the base camp of Mount Everest for those interested.

26. What are some facts about Rongbuk Monastery?

At a height of nearly 5200 meters, Rongbuk monastery is one of the most elevated monasteries globally, located adjacent to the base camp of Mount Everest's north face.

Ngawang Tenzin Norbu Rinpoche constructed the monastery in 1902, which later became a significant Nyingma school of Buddhism in Tibet. The late Trulshik Rinpoche served as the abbot of the Rongbuk monastery for many years. The Lower Rongbuk monastery was constructed by the great master, the late Je Trulshik, and is located approximately 15km away from the Rongbuk monastery. Thubten Choeling, located in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, is a branch of the monastery. Currently, the monastery has undergone reconstruction, including a large central hall and the addition of several valuable Buddha statues.

27. Where is the Upper Dza Rongbuk?

The Upper Dza Rongbuk retreat area has an underground meditation cave of Guru Padmasambhava that dates back to the 8th century. On the backside of Monk Sangay's tiny house, some nuns meditate during the summer, according to the teachings of Padma Kathang (I have spent a month and seven days at Rongbuk Dza. I Have attained supreme spiritual realization). There is also a stone there that can be used to check the amount of evil Karma we have.

In 2003, I used to go to Upper Rongbuk Monastery to see Monk Sangay during the summer. He had given up worldly life and lived there. I have great respect for him as he lives like a Yogi and is very humble. Sometimes, he would roll his dice to predict our future.

Photo: Our Family Hotel California sign at Black Yak hair tea tents in the Year 2003.

28. Is the manager of Tibet Travelers from the region of Mount Everest?

Being born near Mount Everest is a great gift. My Family operated a small business called "Hotel California" in the North Face base camp of Mount Everest from March 2002 to October 2004. I spent eight months every year assisting them. This tea tent made of yak hair was even mentioned in an earlier edition of the Lonely Planet Guidebook.

29. Conclusion

The most remarkable feature of Mount Everest's North Face is the sunset, which transforms the mountain from yellow to orange and eventually red. Additionally, the night sky offers a stunning display of stars. For travelers looking to make new friends and save money on private journeys while having the best travel experience, our Join Group Tibet Tours are the perfect solution. Our top recommendation is the 10-day group tour to Mount Everest North Face base camp and Namtso Lake. Check out another popular article on Mount Everest by

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