October 11th : Mount Kailash & Guge Kingdom 13 Day

Mount Kailash & Guge Kingdom 13 Day

October 11th : Mount Kailash & Guge Kingdom 13 Day

Join us on our 13-day journey to Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, and Guge Kingdom! This tour is perfect for pilgrims and trekkers alike. For three days, we will begin our journey by discovering the sacred city of Lhasa, Gyantse, and Shigatse. Afterward, we will venture through western Tibet and indulge in the excitement of a 52km, three-day hike around Mount Kailash to cleanse any karmic debts.

Remember to take in the wonder of one of the last kingdoms in Tibet - the Guge Kingdom. The Trip Advisor rating system has awarded us with a 5-star rating. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

Group Price & Size

2,280 US dollars per Person

Minimum 4 People & Maximum 9 People 

Single room occupancy supplement: 500USD (hotels only)

Day1. Lhasa Arrival [3700m]

Upon arrival in Lhasa, you will be welcomed by your English-speaking Tibetan Guide and Tibetan Driver, who will bring you to your hotel. Acclimatization to high altitude: please drink lots of water and rest to minimize altitude sickness.

Overnight at the 4-star Shambhala Hotel or Gold-star Shambhala Palace, located in the heart of Lhasa city, 100 meters from Jokhang Temple.

Day2. Lhasa Sightseeing [3700m]

Today, we will visit the Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, and Sera Monastery. We began visiting Jokhang Temple, the most sacred temple in Tibet. It was founded in the 7th century. We will also see the Potala Palace, built in the 7th century and reconstructed in the 17th century. In the afternoon, we will visit Sera monastery, one of the three great universities of Gelug schools of Tibetan Buddhism. We will attend the monk's debate.

Overnight at the 4-star Shambhala Hotel or Gold-star Shambhala Palace, located in the heart of Lhasa city, 100 meters from Jokhang Temple. (B)=breakfast

Potala Palace

Day3. Lhasa – Shigatse [354Km, 3900m]

Morning drive up to Kampala pass [4794m], you will have a glimpse of Yamdrok-Tso and spectacular views of Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar in the distance; the turquoise-colored Lake Yamdrok Yutso is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, the unforgettable vista of the pincer-shaped turquoise water of the lake and fantastic spectacle of Mt. Nyenchen Khangsar glacier from Karo la pass is wonders of the day. 

Yamdrok Lake full view Tibet Tour

Then, along the Friendship Southern Hwy drive to Gyantse, visit the famous stupa - Gyantse Kumbum, one of Tibet's most stunning architectural wonders. Late afternoon travel to Shigatse with a driving duration of 1 hour 10 minutes through the beautiful farming culture in Tibet.

Overnight at 4-star Gesar Hotel (B)=breakfast


Day4. Shigatse – Saga [450Km, 4300m]

Get ready for a fantastic adventure to Saga! Our journey includes crossing the high pass of Tso la [4900m] and passing through charming nomadic and farming areas on our way to Lhatse. Continuing, we will head to Saga town through Namring and Sangsang, enjoying the breathtaking views of nature and the serene Namring Lake along the route.

Overnight at Saga Hotel. Breakfast

Shigatse Tashilhunpo Monastery

Day5. Saga – Darchen [490Km, 4556m]

Today, we venture into the semi-nomadic areas of western Tibet. This extensive voyage allows us to relish the genuine beauty of Tibetan landscapes on the largest and highest plateau on Earth. Our route traces the Yarlung Tsampo River towards Lake Manasarovar, among Tibet's three holiest lakes. Hindus believe that bathing in this lake absolves sins and bestows positive karma. We proceed 30km to Darchin.

Overnight at 3-Star Himalaya Hotel (B) Breakfast

Day6. Trek To Dira-Puk Monastery [20Km, 5-6h, 5050m]

Today, our trek starts from Darchen town and traces the small trail in the clockwise circuit around Mount Kailash at an average altitude of 4700 m with a duration of 20 km. You will pass by many local Buddhist pilgrims doing kora along your way and several Bon pilgrims in the anti-clockwise direction.

After the 4-hour trek, we will reach Tamdin(4780m), where nomadic tents serve simple lunch and boiled water. From there, it is only 4 km to Dirapuk monastery, but between these stretches, there is some of the best scenery of the entire kora. Dirapuk was rebuilt in 1985, located
on the north side of the Lha-Chu River facing the north face of Mt. Kailash. Dirapuk's name originally comes from the word Dira, which means female yak horn, and Puk, which means cave; a mythical story says a female yak opened the cave.  

Overnight at Dirapuk guesthouse ( No private bathroom / No shower ) Breakfast

Day7. Trek To Zutul Puk Monastery, [18Km, 6-8h, 4820m]

Today marks the most challenging segment of the trek, involving the crossing of two passes. While moderately steep, the altitude presents the primary challenge, leading to a slow and tiring journey. Covering a distance of 18 km, the trail reaches an altitude of 4790 m. Once we pass Dikpyala at 5000 m and Dromala at 5500 m, the passes become identifiable by clusters of prayer flags and Cairns. It is advisable to pause for a few moments at the pass for a scenic and relaxing view. Located on the rear side of Mt. Kailash and offers a majestic perspective of the mountain.

After the pass, you will hike down the long valley and stop for lunch at the Shabjay Dakpo nomadic tent. Zuktrulpuk Monastery 4790 m, also known as the Miracle Cave, was built by two religious figures, Buddhist Jetsun Milarepa and Bon Jetsun Naro Bonchung. You can witness the spiritual beauty footprint and handprint of Jetsun Milarepa inside the meditation cave. 

Overnight at the guesthouse (No private bathroom/ No shower) Breakfast

Mount Kailash

Day8. Trek To Darchen - Tada-Guge Kingdom

Today marks the easiest day of the trek, covering 14 km from Zutrulpuk Monastery to Darchen Town. The terrain mainly involves hiking at a relatively constant altitude of about 4500m. After arriving at Darchen town, drive to Tada town and stay for a night at Tada. Today, we will visit one of the last kingdoms in Tibet ( The Guge Kingdom ). Guge is situated around 18km from Tsaparang town. Tsaparang is the town where we will spend the night. Travelers can also enjoy the beauties of the Toling monastery. [280Km, 5-6h]

Overnight at 3-Star Ganggar Tise Hotel (B)=breakfast

Guge Kingdom

Day9. Tada-Lake Manasarovar  (260km)5-6hrs

Today, we will travel to Lake Manasarovar for the overnight. We will visit the Chiu monastery near the lake. On the way from Tada, we will also visit Tadapuri hot spring. There is also a hot spring at the Manasarovar Lake.

Overnight at the guesthouse (No private bathroom/ No shower) Breakfast

Manasarovar Lake

Day10. Lake Manasarovar - Saga [460Km, 4400m]

After spending the morning at Lake Manasarova exploring the lake, we will drive to Saga town. The duration is around 400km. We will stop for photos of dunes and beautiful nature on the way.

Overnight at Saga Hotel. Breakfast

Ngari Tibetan

Day11. Saga - Shigatse [450Km, 3900m]

Saga is one of the bigger towns near the Mount Kailash region. From Saga, we will drive to Namring via the northern route, enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Overnight at 4-star Gesar Hotel (B)=breakfast

Day12. Shigatse – Lhasa [280Km, 3700m]

Today, you will visit Tashilhunpo Monastery, built in the 15th century by the first Dalai Lama. Nowadays, the seat of the Panchen Lama. Also, you can walk around the local market after driving back to Lhasa through the Southern Friendship Highway.

Overnight at the 4-star Shambhala Hotel or Gold-star Shambhala Palace, located in the heart of Lhasa city, 100 meters from Jokhang Temple. (B)=breakfast

Day13. Tibet Departure

Enjoy your last hours in Tibet exploring Lhasa until your guide and driver meet you at the hotel to transfer you to the airport.

Tour Type: Group Tours

Group Size: 4 to 9 People

Tour Duration: 13 Days

Price: 2,280 USD

  1. All travel permits for Tibet
  2. English-speaking Tibetan tour guide
  3. Pick up and drop off 
  4. All transportation in Tibet per itinerary
  5. Vehicle tolls and vehicle repairs(if necessary)
  6. All administrative fees
  7. All meals and accommodations for your guide
  8. All lodging listed in the itinerary
  9. Breakfast each morning
  10. Entrance fees for the places in the itinerary 
  11. One-time welcome meal for the group
  12. One box of mineral water
  13. Oxygen tank in the car
  1. Transportation costs to and from Tibet
  2. Chinese visa fees and passport fees
  3. Lunch and dinner
  4. Personal expenses (laundry, photography fees, souvenirs, etc)
  5. Tips to the driver and guide

Short Itinerary

Day1.Pick up and Transfer to Hotel

Day2.Lhasa Sightseeing (Jokhang, Sera, Potala Palace)

Day3.Lhasa, Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse

Day4.Shigatse, Sakya, Saga

Day5.Saga, Darchen

Day6.Trek to Dirapuk 

Day7.Trek to Zutrulpuk

Day8.Darchen, Guge Kingdom, Tada

Day9.Tada, Lake Manasarovar

Day10.Lake Manasarovar, Saga

Day11.Saga, Shigatse

Day12.Shigatse, Lhasa

Day13.Depart from Lhasa


Tibet Darchen Tarchen town view of Mount Kailash Mount Kailash and stars 

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