Mount Kailash Pilgrim


Mount Kailash is the holiest Mountain in the whole world. Known as Kang Rinpoche in the Tibetan language. Meaning " Precious Mountain" 

It is believed that the first Buddhist pilgrims at Mount Kailash are the Buddha Shakyamuni with the 500 (Dra Chompa ) disciples. Even nowadays we can see the location of the Buddha Shakyamuni teaching area in the Darchin region.

Darchin is the town below the Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash is around 1100km drive from Lhasa in 4 days overland journey.  From Darchin, it is around 52km for the whole kora route which ends at Darchin, the highest pass on the trek kora is the (Dolma-la pass) 5600M

I have done the Mount Kailash trek kora 52km in 16 hours and feeling very blessed even nowadays. I have met, local Tibetans who did the kora in 11 hours. For the travelers, best is to do the trek in 2-3 days. In the normal route, the 1st-day kora is around 18km to Dirapuk monastery. This is the beauty around Mount Kailash, they are many important monasteries. Including Dirapuk monastery, Zutrulpuk monastery, Gangdrak monastery and few others. 

First Tibetan masters to practice dharma near Mount Kailash is one of the greatest Yogi Maha Siddha Jetsun Milarepa and disciples. I love Jetsun Milarepa a lot, one of the reasons is Jetsun Milarepa was born near my hometown so I can understand Jetsun Milarepa's teaching easier since in the biography, there are many local words from my hometown Tingri region. 

Photo: My record 16 hours / 52km Mount Kailash Trek 

They are two ways to travel to Mount Kailash,  first is through Mount Everest region, Old Tingri to Saga, another route is from Lhatse to Saga. Other routes are from Purang and Xinjiang. 

Since Mount Kailash is one of the most important holy mountains, not only for Buddhist but also for Hindu, who believed the mountain to be the palace of Shivaji. Also, an important holy place for Jain followers so Tibet Travelers focus on arranging one of the lowest price group tours with service quality of 4-star hotels in Lhasa and Shigatse, to make sure travelers get a blessing from this greatest holy mountain in Tibet. Best month to travel will be during May and June, September and October. For more information on Mount Kailash, Send us Email Tibet Travelers at


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