Mount Kailash | Kangrinboqe | The Other Dimension? 6638

Mount Kailash | Kangrinboqe | The Other Dimension? 6638

Have you ever delved into the mystical tales of Mount Kailash? This enchanting mountain is not simply a geographical wonder but a fabled portal to another world, beckoning travelers far and wide. As per the age-old wisdom, Mount Kailash is said to hold a deep-rooted link to the vast Universe. Stories of enlightened yogis exploring its rugged terrain have been woven into legends. But before we dive into these captivating narratives, let's take a closer look at the enchanting Mount Kailash.

Darchen is the fifth number in this article, providing additional information.

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Details About Mount Kailash

1. Where is the Mount Kailash?

The name of the mountain is pronounced differently in various languages, including local name as གངས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་, Kangrinboqe, Gang Rinpoche, Chinese as 冈仁波齐, Pinyin: Gang Ren Bo Qie, and Sanskrit: Kailas. Located in Burang County, Ngari Ali Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and has an elevation of 6,638 m (21,778 ft). It is situated in the western region of the Tibetan Plateau close to Manasarovar Lake, also known as "Mapham Yumtso," and another Lake Duktso "Dark" Lake.

2. What is the impact of religion on Mount Kailash?

Did you know that Mount Kailash is considered a palace by many different religions? Even the shape of the mountain resembles a grand palace. From the observation of humans' knowledge of the Universe, it might be possible that Mount Kailash could be considered the most splendid palace of them all since these spiritual seekers' mentality is beyond the human five senses, and even they give such great worth to this precious mountain.

According to Buddhists, Korlo Demchok, also known as Buddha Cakrasamvara, resides there. The term "Korlo" refers to a Chakra or wheel, while "Demchok" signifies never-ending happiness or bliss. According to an ancient text, Buddha once visited Mount Kailash along with 500 of his disciples.

According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva, along with his consort Devi Parvati and their children Lord Ganesha, reside in Mount Kailash, which is considered their abode. Lord Shiva, known as the destroyer, is one of the most powerful gods in Hinduism.

Mount Kailash is also referred to as Mount Meru by Jains, and it is where the first Jain Tirthankara achieved liberation. Bon, the indigenous religion of Tibet, recognizes Mount Kailash as one of the "Swastika Mountains."

3. What is the Duration of Mount Kailash trekking?

One of the most sacred and daring treks in Tibet is the three-day trek around Mount Kailash. The highest point on the trek is Drolma La, which stands at an altitude of 5630 meters or 18,471 feet above sea level. The entire trek covers a distance of 52 kilometers or 32 miles, and most travelers complete it in two or three days. Local pilgrims, on the other hand, usually prefer to finish the trek in just one day.

Tibet Darchen Tarchen town view of Mount Kailash

Photo: Darchen town and the view of Mount Kailash.

4. Who first climb the summit of Mount Kailash?

Have you heard about Milarepa? According to a biography written by Yogi Tsang Nyon Heruka, Milarepa was the only person who climbed the summit of Mount Kailash in just a sunray. Milarepa is an 11th-century Tibetan Yogi who achieved enlightenment in just one lifetime! It has been challenging for those who are not Buddhist to understand the topic of Milarepa's ascent to the summit, so you can also check out Quora for the discussion on climbing the summit of Mount Kailash. 

China Mountain's association prohibits undertaking a mountaineering expedition to Mount Kailash to preserve its pristine environment.

5. Is Darchen the nearest town to Mount Kailash?

Darchen is the nearest town to Mount Kailash. To arrive at Darchen is to arrive at the base of Mount Kailash. The village of Darchen holds great significance in the vicinity of Mount Kailash. Darchen, also known as Darchin or Tarchen, is a significant town situated at an altitude of 4,500 meters (14,763 ft). The town's name is derived from the enormous prayer flag pole at Tarboche Valley, which is approximately 13 km away from Darchen and is associated with the Saga Dawa festival.

6. What is the distance to and from Darchen?

The distance from Darchen to Lhasa is 1300km. The distance from Darchen to Tada Guge Kingdom is 270km. The distance from Darchen to Ali Gar City Shiquanhe is 320km. The Kora pilgrimage to Mount Kailash begins in Darchen Town. The entire trek covers a distance of 52 kilometers.

7. Where is the Saga Dawa Festival?

During the full moon, the Saga Dawa Festival takes place at Tarboche, which is approximately 13 km away from Darchen. A massive pole for prayer flags is set up for this event. Annually, on the Tibetan Lunar calendar, the Saga Dawa festival is celebrated on April 15th. This falls around May or June on the world calendar, coinciding with the month of Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment. 

8. How to reach Mount Kailash and Darchen town?

  1. Overland Tibet travel from Lhasa.
  2. Flight from Lhasa to Ngari Gunsa Airport.
  3. Nepal Rasuwa and Tibet Kyirong border to Darchen town.
  4. Nepal Hilsa and Tibet Burang border to Darchen town.

9. Is Mount Kailash the Gate to another dimension? 6638

Legend holds that Mount Kailash serves as a gateway to another realm, attracting numerous travelers. It is believed to possess a profound connection to the Universe. In the biographies of yogi masters, some ventured into mountainous sanctuaries, revealing a hidden world of exquisite beauty. This spiritual belief underscores Mount Kailash's significance as a portal to higher dimensions, revered by Yogi practitioners. However, access to this divine realm is said to be contingent on one's spiritual merit. Does Mount Kailash serve as the gate to a different dimension? This inquiry lingers.

There are three ways to do the Kora trek around Mount Kailash. The first is the outer Kora path, which is the actual Kora trek covering 52km and taking two or three days to complete.

The second is the inner Kora path, also known as Kandro Sanglam or Dakini's secret path. This path goes from the Dirapuk monastery towards the south and is considered very challenging due to heavy snow.

The final path is the Secret Path, located above Darchen and provides an opportunity to touch the precious Palace Mount Kailash. For Tibetan pilgrims, it is necessary to complete 12 outer kora and 12 inner kora to visit the secret kora, which is considered the most precious path. Legend has it that time comes to a halt once you reach the secret kora, where there are 13 stupas located along the way.

10. What are the Mountains near Darchen?

  1. Mount Kailash 
  2. Mount Gurla Mandala
  3. Bonri

The most sought-after place in Tibet is Mount Kailash. While en route to Mount Kailash, one can catch a glimpse of Gurla Mandala. Darchen offers the opportunity to visit Bonri, a small snow-covered mountain.

11. What are the Lakes near Darchen?

  1. Manasarovar Lake 
  2. Nagtso Lake
  3. Pang Gong Tso Lake

Photo: Mount Kailash view from the Lake Manasarovar.

12. Manasarovar Lake.

Tibetan Local name is Mapham Yumtso. Located just 30 kilometers away from Darchen lies the Manasarovar Lake, which is considered sacred by Hindu, Buddhist, and Bon adherents. This lake is surrounded by mountains and monasteries, making it an ideal location to spend the night after completing the 52-kilometer trek at Mount Kailash. For further details, please refer to our article on Lakes in Tibet.

13. Nag Tso Lake 

Dark Lake, also called Tug Tso, is situated approximately 10-20 km away from Darchen. The Lake has a dark hue. According to legend, it used to be a body of water inhabited by an evil spirit.

14. Pang Gong Tso Lake

The distance between Ali City Shiquanhe and Pangong Lake is roughly 270km, while the distance between Darchen and the lake is approximately 590km. One of the main attractions of this lake is its abundance of wild birds, particularly black-neck cranes.

15. What are the Rivers near Darchen?

  1. Singge Kapap River. English: (Sindhu/ Indus River) Chinese: Shi Quan he.
  2. Langchen Kapap River. English: (Sutlej River)   Chinese:  Xiang quan he.
  3. Macha Kapap River. English: (Karnali River / Ganga River) Chinese: Kong que he.
  4. Tachok Kapap River. English: (Yarlung Tsangpo / Brahmaputra River) Chinese: Yalu jiang / Ma quan he.

16. What are the Monasteries near Darchen?

  1. Gangdrak Monastery
  2. Sera Long Monastery
  3. Dirapuk Monastery
  4. Zutrulpuk Monastery
  5. Chiu Monastery

17. Gangdrak Monastery.

An excellent option for a day trip from Darchen is to visit Gangdrak monastery. Due to the presence of a nearby hill, it is not possible to see Mount Kailash from Darchen Town. Thus, the most optimal way to experience Mount Kailash is by embarking on a day hike to Gyangdrak monastery, which also happens to be the route leading to the inner Kora.

18. Sera Long Monastery.

For a day trip from Darchen town, Sera Long can also be considered as an alternative. The scenery of the valley and Mount Kailash from Sera Long Monastery is incredibly captivating.

19. Dirapuk Monastery.

The Dirapuk monastery can be found along the Kora trek leading to Mount Kailash, having originally served as a place of seclusion for numerous renowned Yogis. When journeying on the 52-km Kora trek around Mount Kailash, visitors will typically halt at the Dirapuk monastery on their first night, with various guest houses, such as the monastery guest house, available for lodging.

Water from Mount Kailash

Photo: View of Mount Kailash, near the Dirapuk Monastery.

20. Zutrulpuk Monastery.

During the second day of the kora around Mount Kailash, visitors will spend a night at the Zutrulpuk monastery, which was previously used as a retreat by Je Milarepa. Currently, one can still witness the meditation cave being blessed with footprints.

21. Chiu Monastery.

Chiu monastery, situated close to Lake Manasarovar, is also referred to as a bird monastery. The monastery is well-known and is the most popular one near Lake Manasarovar. It served as a retreat for Je Padmasambhava in the 8th century.

22. What are the Hotels located near Darchen?

  1. 3-star Himalaya hotel
  2. 2-star Shishapangma hotel
  3. Youth hostel 

During the summer months, hot showers and private bathrooms are available at numerous hotels in Darchen town. However, due to the extreme cold during the winter season, it is not feasible to have access to hot showers. While undertaking the Kora trek around Mount Kailash at Dirapuk and Zutrulpuk, there were no provisions for private bathrooms or showers.

23. What are the Restaurants located near Darchen?

Darchen boasts a variety of eateries, including both local establishments and Chinese restaurants.

24. What are the City & Towns near Darchen?

  1. Ngari Ali Gar City
  2. Purang town
  3. Tada town
  4. Horqu town

25. Ngari Ali Gar City.

The central city in western Tibet is Ngari Ali Shiquanhe. Heading towards the west, we are situated 320 km away from Darchen town.

26. Purang town.

Purang is a town situated on the border between Nepal's Simikot and India. The location is 160 km away from Darchen.

27. Tada or Tsanda town.

The Guge Kingdom ruins, and Toling monastery is well-known attractions in Tada, also known as Tsaparang in the local Tibetan language. Tada serves as the town bordering Ladakh.

28. Hor Qu town.

Hor Qu is situated very close to Lake Manasarovar, with a distance of only 5km separating the two. Additionally, it is located 25km away from Darchen.

Ngari Tibetan

Photo: Tibetans from Ngari.

29. What is the airport located near Darchen?

Gunsa Airport is the sole airport located in Ngari, which is situated in western Tibet. The distance between the airport and Ngari Gar City is approximately 55 km, while the distance from the airport to Darchen town is roughly 270 km.

30. Conclusion on Darchen.

Darchen is a town of great importance. Ngari boasts several attractions, including Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, ruins of the Guge Kingdom and the Shangshung Kingdom, Garuda Valley, Dungkar, Piyang wall paintings, and breathtaking scenery.

The road from Lhasa to Darchen is fully paved now, making travel a breeze. Plus, many hotels and restaurants in Darchen have free wifi, so you can stay connected while exploring the foot of Mount Kailash. 

31. What are the Updates on Mount Kailash 2024?

  1. Mount Kailash Kora trek opens around May.
  2. Darchen town now offers numerous newly built hotels, one of which is the 3-star Himalaya Hotel.
  3. The road from Darchen to Dirapuk Monastery and Darchen to Zutrul Puk Monastery can be used for emergencies related to the health of travelers.
  4. Although the guest houses at Dirapuk Monastery and Zutrul Puk Monastery are constructed well, they do not offer hot showers.
  5. Dirapuk Monastery and Zutrul Puk Monastery now have access to 4G internet.

32. Mount Kailash trek, Day One!

Although Mount Kailash is not visible from Darchen, it can be seen clearly from a rocky mountain to the north after a two-hour trek. It takes about half a day of hiking to reach our first destination, the Dirapuk Monastery.

Accommodation and food can be found at a Tibetan Guesthouse in the local area. Due to the nature of the Mount Kailash trek, all accommodation options are basic and do not include private bathrooms or showers. A clear and close view of Mount Kailash can be seen from Dirapuk, making it one of the best spots to capture photos of the mountain with the stars at night.

33. Mount Kailash trek, Day Two!

Based on my experience, many travelers opt to begin their trek early on this day. At the highest point of the pass, Drolma La (5600M), there tends to be a lot of snow. Therefore, it's best to arrive before the snow melts to make hiking easier. Afterward, we will hike down to Zutrulpuk monastery and spend our second night there. This is the place where the revered Tibetan Buddhist Yogi Jetsun Milarepa performed significant spiritual deeds. The name Zutrul means "spiritual deeds," and Puk means "cave."

34. Mount Kailash trek, Day Three!

On the final days of the trek, Travelers will return to Darchen town, covering a distance of 14km, which will take approximately two hours. Following the trek, I experienced a sense of lightness in my body and felt as though some of my negative karmic debts had been cleansed.

My Amazing Mount Kailah Travel Experience with an article.

35. My trip to Mount Kailash.

At Tibet Travelers, we offer both Private and Group Travel to Mount Kailash. The Saga Dawa festival is a significant Buddhist event that is comparable to Christmas for Buddhists. It is a day to mark by performing good deeds. If you are interested, take a look at our Join group Saga Dawa festival for Travelers on May 15th, 2024.

36. I completed the Kailash Trek in 16 hours.

As a child, I enjoyed scaling the small hill located close to my hometown, Mount Everest Region, which stands at 4,500 meters. The act of climbing not only allowed me to witness the breathtaking scenery but also helped maintain my physical well-being. I have a belief that the higher I ascend, the better my fortune becomes, which is why I am drawn to climbing. In 2005, I had the opportunity to visit Mount Kailash five times as a tour guide, and I accompanied many different tourists from around the world.

37. I woke up at 4 am and started my journey.

I met some local Tibetan pilgrims on the way to Tarboche. When I reached the small hill before the Tarboche, known as Chaktsalgang (Prostration area), the view of Mount Kailash was terrific. From the Chaktsalgang, there is a path to the sky burial, where it is said that Buddha Shakyamuni and 500 disciples came for a blessing during the Buddha's time.

38. Reaching Tarboche - Saga Dawa festival Location.

From Chaktsalgang, we descended on foot towards Tarboche, which is where the Saga Dawa festival takes place each year according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar on the 15th of April. This festival commemorates the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana.

At Tarboche, it is a beautiful spot to stop, enjoy breakfast, and observe the breathtaking scenery of Mount Kailash.

39. Reaching at Dirapuk monastery.

Upon completing a hike of approximately 18km, I arrived at the Dirapuk monastery, which was the first night of the trek. Tibetan Yogis from various sects frequented this location for retreats between the 11th and 17th centuries. I reached Dirapuk in the afternoon, but due to it being a day trek, my time there was brief. My concern about the snow melting at the Dromla la Pass, which was at an altitude of 5,600 meters, led me to hasten my trek from the Digpa la Pass towards the Dromala Pass.

40. Droma la pass (5600 meters) With a Red Bull.

Due to the melting ice, the path was damp, and my footwear became soaked, yet I was pleased to arrive promptly. Following my trek over the Drolma la Pass, I took a break for approximately an hour and savored a can of Red Bull. Typically, Red Bull gives me energy, but on this occasion, I dozed off for several hours due to my complete exhaustion.

41. Reaching the Zutrulpuk monastery.

I resumed my journey, alternating between running and walking towards the southwest in order to reach Zutrulpuk monastery, which is the designated second-night camp for both trekkers and pilgrims. After spending a few minutes at Zutrulpuk, I began my trek towards Darchen town. I managed to arrive at Darchen before nightfall, covering a distance of 14km on foot from Zutrulpuk.

42. Locals opened my eyes and made me humble!

During my trek near Mount Kailash, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the locals. To my surprise, I met a Tibetan resident who had completed the 52km trek in just 11 hours. Learning this information helped to ease my mind.

Are you planning to visit Mount Kailash and want to have a fantastic experience? Well, we've got you covered! We've got five different types of Tibet travel journeys to Mount Kailash that we think you'll love.

  1. 15-Day Mount Kailash, Namtso Lake, Guge Kingdom, and Mount Everest base camp Journey.
  2. 16-Day Mount Kailash, Guge Kingdom, Mount Everest base camp, and Nepal Journey.
  3. 17-Day Mount Kailash, Guge Kingdom, Mount Everest base camp, and back to Lhasa Journey.
  4. 15-Day No Trekking Mount Kailash to Lhasa Journey.
  5. The shortest 13-day Tibet travel journey to Mount Kailash.

Guge Kingdom

Guge Kingdom, 270km from Mount Kailash.

44. Conclusion 

The act of my circumambulating Mount Kailash will bring about universal peace and joy for all living beings. Mount Kailash is regarded as the most sacred mountain on Earth, and its shape and location suggest that it may have been the epicenter of our planet in ancient times. You can also check out our other article on the mountain in Tibet, the tallest mountain, Everest.

If you're interested in traveling there or booking a tour, we'd love to chat with you on Instagram or through email. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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