Mount Shishapangma


Located on the Himalaya range near the Phikutso Lake at the altitude of 8,027 meters, which is around 26,335 ft, making Mount Shishapangma the 14th highest mountain on our planet Earth.

Even though Mount Shishapangma base camp is one of the stunning beauties in Tibet but from our Tibet tourism experience for nearly 15 years, we have found that every year fewer Travelers are traveling to Mount Shishapangma base camp.

The reason is many Travel agencies are only promoting the popular sites or they lack knowledge of sharing all the beauties in Tibet. 

As a Tibet Travel Expert, Tibet Travelers is delighted to share with all the Travelers the Mount Shishapangma, the one, and only mountain above 8, 000 meters of fully planted in Tibet Autonomous Region.

The first climbing expedition on Mount Shishapangma was in the year 1964 led by Xu Jing with a few Tibetan Sherpas.

Since a few decades ago with the foundation of China Tibet Mountain Association school in Lhasa, climbers who are planning to climb mountains in Tibet won't need to hire Nepalese Sherpas, they are many Tibetan Sherpas from Tibet Autonomous Region.

Most of the Tibetan Sherpas are from my hometown County Tingri and some are from Nyalam town.

In the recent few decades, we have found that they are almost no climbers on Mount Shishapangma, this is good news for Travelers who love nature since there are fewer Travelers, we can witness the true beauties of nature. 

The region near Mount Shishapangma was the hometown and once the retreat area of one of the greatest Tibetan Yogi Maha Siddha Milarepa, in the 11th century.

Proverb from a Maha Siddha Milarepa clarifies the above information, the places where they are no humans and dogs, there is a light, which is the sign of quick success in spiritual practice so the same thing is also happening in the spiritual practice. 

Another proverb from Maha Siddha Padmasambhava clarifies the proverb from Maha Siddha Milarepa, if you know the nature of mind, you will know the nature of everything. 

We recommend Travelers spend some time for meditation near the Mount Shishapangma base camp to get a blessing.

The reason for sharing the above two proverbs: traveling itself is a pilgrim, the more we travel, the more our mind grows and the more our mind grows, happiness will follow. 

They are two ways to travel to Mount Shishapangma Base Camp

Traveling from Lhasa to Mount Shishapangma base camp, located around 660 km from Lhasa, with a driving duration of around 4-5 days including the Mount Everest north face base camp and other sightseeing along the way.

Tibet Travelers arranges a customized tour of 9-10 days from Lhasa to Nepal border via visiting Mount Shishapangma base camp and Mount Everest base camp. Travelers can Email us for more information regarding the itinerary and prices. 

Another way to travel to Mount Shishapangma base camp is traveling from Nepal to border town Kyirong and travel to Mount Shishapangma, located around 70 km from Kyirong, with a driving duration of 1 day. 

For Travelers who are planning to travel Mount Shishapangma from the Nepal border, we highly recommend doing a trek in Nepal before traveling since the altitude of Mount Shishapangma base camp is around 5, 200 meters, which is around 17, 060 ft

Tibet Travelers arranges a customized tour of 9 days from the Nepal border to Lhasa via visiting Mount Shishapangma base camp and Mount Everest base camp. Travelers can Email us for more information regarding the itinerary and prices. 

Mount Shishapangma base camp will be the best spot for camping for a night. 

Beauties of Mount Shishapangma

Mount Shishapangma base camp is also a great place to see the milky ways and stars in the night.

Travelers who are traveling to Mount Shishapangma, we also recommend visiting Phikutso lake, which is located around 30-40 km from the base camp of Mount Shishapangma. 

In the 21st century, everywhere in our world, people are sharing the benefits of nature through science but the benefits of science have been in Tibet since the 11th Century or even earlier when Tibetan Yogis are choosing a place where they are more stunning nature with less crowded towns.

If we look at the nature near Mount Shishapangma and Phikutso Lake, we can understand that the Yogi Maha Siddha Milarepa was more like a scientist since the reason for him to choose such area for the retreat is connected with the science of the mind.

Nature where they are mountains like Mount Shishapangma, the cool wind will keep him alert and nature like the Phikutso Lake, it will provide him fresh air since many regions in Tibet is quite dry.

Local Tibetans worship Mount Shishapangma as a goddess. Every time locals gather for the ceremony, they pray for the blessing. 

From my experience, this worshipping nature is a great habit since it will protect nature and most importantly we have to worship since because of these great mountains and nature in Tibet, Travelers are traveling to Tibet and many peoples lives are getting better. 

The two of the nearest bigger town near Mount Shishapangma is Kyirong town between the Nepal border and Tingri Gangkar town. Tibet Travelers will do their best to share more information regarding these towns. 

There is a loop tour route from Mount Shishapangma and travel to Saga town towards Mount Kailash with Lake Manasarovar in the western Tibet so Travelers can also add Mount Shishapangma in the customized tour with Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. 


Tibet is home to the mountains, there are many snow mountains and rocky mountains in Tibet. 

Most of the highest mountains in our world, Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Cho Ou Yo are located on the border between Tibet Autonomous Region and Nepal but there is only one mountain above 8, 000 meters fully planted in Tibet, which is Mount Shishapangma. This is one of the special reasons for traveling to Mount Shishapangma. 

If Travelers are looking for a place where they are fewer Travelers, we highly recommend traveling to Mount Shishapangma base camp. 

Travelers can send us Emails regarding traveling to Mount Shishapangma base camp.

Written By :Tenzin

May 30, 2018


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