My 1-night camping experience

One thing I love about camping is connecting with nature. 

I love the singing of birds, the flowing sounds of the river, and the green trees providing fresh air. 

Camping alone has given me a special experience to see how much attachment I have towards myself. 

I have found that one of the best ways to read the book is while camping, it is very peaceful.

I have also found that it is a beautiful experience to meditate while camping.

Air is fresh and cool, making me alert.

The sound of the river is helping me to concentrate and also giving me a sign of needing to meditate right now instead of later. 

I used to read books about Yogis before and in those books, Yogis used to tell that the river is one of the best friends of Yogis, after this camping, I have experienced this truth a little bit. 

Yogi Jetsun Milarepa also said that the rocky mountains are the teachings that give sadness in the mind while meditating. This sadness is very precious since it helps to gain spiritual attainment and want to walk towards the path to enlightenment.   

Even though I just spent one-night camping, still I feel like I have got a tiny drop of this great blessing since I was camping near the rocky mountain.

When the night came, I have this feeling of strong attachment towards myself. I was reading a book from a Tibetan Yogi from Drigung Kagyu Kyopa Jigten Gonpo, I feel so blessed with his teachings telling me that attachment is the source of suffering. Book kept me strong in the night. It was like the lamp for the darkness. 

That was a brief story of my first-time alone camping experience, I would love to try this kind of solo camping more often soon so that I can be with nature and also to improve my spiritual path. 

One more thing, camping is also a great opportunity to witness the beauties of stars, sunrise, and sunset.

Photo: My another night camping near the Monastery 

In Tibet, They are so many places that are great spots for camping.

The 4 Top trekking routes and the Mount Everest advance base camp routes that I have shared before are the places where they are full of nature without modern pollution.

Top 4 Trekking Route

Mount Everest Advance Base Camp North Col 

For Travelers who only have a short duration of camping, I would also recommend camping near Drigung monastery and Tidrum nunnery hot spring,

My few days experience near Tidrum nunnery hot spring

4 Days Trek from Old Tingri to Mount Everest base camp while camping is also one of the special treks and camping routes in Tibet.

I have done this trek with 3 Germans decades ago, It was a beautiful experience.

The last day of the trek was walking on the vehicle route, which was noisy and not so fun as trekking so that is the only reason I didn't include this trek in the Top 4 trekking routes in Tibet.

Still after walking up and down climbing 5000M pass for 3 and half days with around 60km and finally seeing Mount Everest is definitely worth it.

This trek included beauties of nomads, farmers, rivers, and mountains especially Mount Cho Oyu, which is the 4 highest mountains in our world, and finally Mount Everest North Face, which is the highest mountain in our world. 

For more information regarding camping in Tibet, Travelers can send us an Email so we can share the itinerary and prices in detail.

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 19, 2018


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