My record 16 hours / 52KM Kailash Trek


Since I was born near the Mountains at the altitude of around 4, 500 meters ( 14,763 ft ) from my childhood times, I have deep love towards mountains.

When I was young, I used to climb the small hill near my second village Tashizom with my cousins.

Those were one of the best days of my life since my mind is fully focused on what I am doing.

Climbing the hills near my hometown gives me a chance to see the beautiful view of the nature and full panorama view of my hometown.

Another reason is, it gives me a self-trust that I am healthy and also the fresh air that cleans my body and peace my mind.

One of the most important mountain near my hometown is Mount Everest ( Chomolungma ) 8,848 meters ( 29,028 ft ) Which is the highest mountains in our world. There is around 51 km from my village Tashizom to the base camp of Mount Everest.

I have spent 2 years at the Mount Everest base camp during the year 2003 and 2004. Travelers can also read my another article Mount Everest region is my hometown.

I started as a Tour Guide in Lhasa in the year 2005, when I went to Mount Kailash around 5 times with many different Travelers from all around the world.

At that time, they were only 2-3 guest houses and 3 restaurants. Nowadays, there is even a 3-star hotel in Darchen namely Himalaya hotel.

The road from Lhasa to Darchen is paved all the way. Darchen is the town before Mount Kailash. Located about 30 km from the Lake Manasarovar.

From Darchen, we cannot see the view of Mount Kailash because of the hill near the Darchen town. More information regarding Darchen.

My Record 16 Hours / 52KM Trek To Mount Kailash 

I wake up around 4 am and started my journey. I have seen many dogs near the Kailash region so I recommend Travelers to beware of the dogs.  It was still dark, I have met some local Tibetan pilgrims on the way to Tarboche.

When I reach near the small hill before the Tarboche, known as Chaktsalgang ( Prostration area ) the view of Mount Kailash was amazing from the Chaktsalgang.

From the Chaktsalgang, there is a path to the sky burial, where it was said that during the Buddha's time, Buddha Shakyamuni and 500 Disciples have been here for a blessing.

After the Chaktsalgang, it was all walking down until the Tarboche, where the wide open area is located,  Saga Dawa festival happens here every year during Tibetan Lunar calendar April 15th, the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni's Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana.

Saga Dawa festival is one of the most important Buddhist festivals. It is similar to the Christmas of Buddhists. The Day to celebrate via doing more positive deeds.

After walking from Tarboche, passing by some up and down trails towards the East. Where I have seen some of the spiritual deeds areas of Jetsun Milarepa.

Around 18km I have reached the first night of the trek, Dirapuk monastery. During the late 11th to 17th century, many Tibetan Yogis from different sects have traveled here for a retreat. One of the popular Guru is Jetsun Gotsangpa, meditated near the Mount Kailash for many years with hardship practices. Some say Jetsun Gotsangpa is the one who has shared the trail of kora through Dromala Pass.

From my personal experience, it was Jetsun Milarepa who had shared the kora trail since Jetsun Milarepa had been near Mount Kailash since the 11th century, Jetsun Gotsangpa was around the 16th century.

I arrive near the Dirapuk around afternoon and since it was a day trek so I didn't spend much time at Dirapuk.

I was a bit worried about the melting of snow at Dromla la Pass 5,400 meters ( 17,716 ft ) so I rushed my trek from the Digpa la pass towards the Dromala pass.

I was right about my guess, the trail was watery since the ice have melted, my shoes were all wet but I was quite happy that I did it quite early so I walked happily down and rested around 1 hour in the middle of the Dromala pass to enjoy my food for the trek ( The Red Bull )

It was a hard trek to do in a day since I have never done 52km in a day in my life.

Normally Red Bull awakes me but this time, I fall asleep for around 1 and a half hour because I was very tired.

Lakes in Tibet

I have started my journey again, sometimes running a bit and sometimes walking slowly towards the south-west to Zutrulpuk monastery. The second night camp for the trekkers and pilgrims.

Zutrulpuk is important for spiritual deeds of Jetsun Milarepa and Jetsun Naro Bonchung. The small meditation cave where Jetsun Milarepa meditated is full of blessings.

I spent a few minutes in Zutrulpuk and started the trek towards Darchen town, which is around 14km more.

The trek from Zutrulpuk monastery to Darchen town is quite easy since no any pass to climb, it is almost all on a flat path.

On the way I have again seen some nomad dogs, I asked for help from a shepherd to let the dogs go away so I highly recommend Travelers to trek with the group.

I arrived at Darchen around the dark and I feel very blessed for my beautiful 16 hours record journey to the kora of Mount Kailash.

Next day, my whole body feels very light, I feel like I have purified some karmic debts.

I chat with the locals near Mount Kailash about my trek and I was amazed to find a local Tibetan, who did the trek of 52km in 11 hours, that made my mind much calmer.


May the merit of my kora around Mount Kailash brings world peace and happiness to all beings.

Mount Kailash is the holiest mountains in our world. Looking at the shape and the area, it is quite sure that Mount Kailash might be the center of our world before thousands of years ago.

Mount Kailash is an important destination where spiritual Travelers can travel for the blessing and materialism Travelers can travel for the adventure.

Tibet Travelers arranges 14 days, 16 days and customized Tour to Mount Kailash from Lhasa and from Kyirong town border between Nepal.

For your journey to Mount Kailash, Email Tibet Travelers. 


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