My short meditation at a monastery


A few days ago,  a Monk and two friends of mine, went together to a small monastery near Lhasa named (Sing Bu Ri) The reason for our visit was to paint gold on the statue of the Buddha. Let's start this beautiful story from the beginning.

One of my friends was a Tour Guide and he met some very devoted Buddhist Travelers who gave some donations that donation money, my friend Guide bought some gold so he can paint at the small monasteries with the help of a monk from a monastery near Lhasa since painting gold on Buddha is best to be done by professional monks. This will create lots of good merits and on these merits, we can make wishes for world peace and happiness for all beings.

We start the day around 10 am and drive towards the airport, around 10 minutes from the airport turn point to Samye monastery, we drove a few minutes towards South and we reach a small monastery named Sing Bu Ri. After reading the stories of the monastery which was written on the monastery wall outside, below I will translate a brief into English.

It was not clear the exact construction date of the monastery. Still, we can confirm that it was built around the year 1200 by great Indian Pandit Bibuti who was invited to Tibet by Sakyapa sect Tibetan scholar Sonam Gyaltsen. The reason behind for constructing this important monastery was in the year 1204, another great Indian Pandit Kache Panchen was invited to Tibet and he stayed in the Drangsong Singburi Monastery.

When Drigung Kagyu master Kyopa Jigten, Tsurphu monastery master Karma Kagyu, and Kadam master Gyamawa send an invitation to Pandit Kache Panchen for a visit to their monastery to get a blessing, Pandit Bibuti talked bad about Kagyu and urged Pandit Kache Panchen to accept Kadampa masters invitation.

Pandit Kache Panchen said; Bibuti, Bibuti, what have you done, Buddha has no illusion,  Drigungpa is an emanation of Buddha Nagarjuna. You should visit him and get teachings and purify your evil karma. Later Pandita Bibuti went to Drigung monastery to get teachings from Drigung Kagyu founder Jetsun Kyopa Jitgten Gonpo. Kache Panchen later asked his Yidam Dorje Naljorma; is there any way to purify the bad karmic of Pandit Bibuti?

Dorje Naljorma said if built a statue of Buddha Chakrasamvara ( Korlo Damchok ) in the Singburi monastery, evil karma will be purified so Pandita Kache Panchen built this precious statue of Chakrasamvara Buddha in this monastery, which is the main shrine of this monastery. 

Later many great masters from a different school of Tibetan Buddhism have been here to get the blessings from the precious statue of Buddha Chakrasamvara. 

I have done a short meditation inside this precious monastery of Chakrasamvara Buddha (Korlo Damchok) meaning endless happiness, It was cold outside and I feel warm inside. Thank you, Buddha Chakrasamvara.

May the merit of this precious story bring enlightenment to all beings.

Written By :Tenzin

Nov 19, 2017


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