My trip to Woka Choelong


Traveling to Tibet is not just a destination, its a dream. Traveling to Tibet is not just a vacation, its a path.

Many Travelers are asking about a place where they are less tourist and more local Tibetans, less crowd and more nature so I have done some research and found that one of the best places is Woka Choelong monastery trip of around 2-3 days from Lhasa.

The day starts with a drive from Lhasa to Rutok hot spring via visiting SijiLhatso Lake on the way. After a few hours drive from SijiLhatso Lake, we will pass by Gundaling Grassland and home of Red Deer. These places are important in the 14th Century during the great Tibetan master Je Tsongkhapa's time.

On my recent visit, I have found that they are 3 beautiful hot springs near the Woka Choelong. 

  1. The hot spring of Je Tsongkhapa 
  2. The hot spring of 13th Dalai Lama
  3. The Phakmo hot spring  

The Je Tsongkhapa hot spring and 13th Dalai Lama hot springs are only allowed for male Travelers. 

The Phakmo hot spring is available for all the male and female Travelers. It is nice without a roof. The water is quite warm. The villagers charge 20 RMB as a management fee. 

I have gone inside the Phakmo hot spring and it is very clean and nice.

The hot spring for male and female are separated. 

They were no any tourist, not even mainland Chinese Travelers. It is around 200 km from Lhasa to Woka Choelong monastery, the road is paved all the way. We will see vast grassland, mountains, villages, farmers, Yaks, and Nomads on the way to the Choelong monastery.

Choelong monastery is the important retreat area of Je Tsongkhapa. Founder of the Gelukpa School in the Tibetan Buddhism during the 14th Century. We can still witness the beauties of the meditation caves of Je Tsongkhapa and his disciples. We can also get the blessing of the stone Mandala and Stone prostration spot of Je Tsongkhapa. It is said that Je Tsongkhapa was bleeding when he was offering 350 thousand Mandalas and350 thousands of Prostrations on the stone. This great determination and diligence during his thirties is the reason behind his great spiritual attainment.

Monastery offers a very basic room with Tibetan style bathroom for locals. Highly recommend Travelers to bring a sleeping bag. The view of the Woka valley from the middle of the mountain where Woka Choelong monastery is stunning.

They are few local Tibetans from nearby prostrating in the small hall where there is the prostration stone of Je Tsongkhapa.

Next day, I have traveled to Tsetang through Sangri town. Travelers can also spend a night in Tsetang via visiting Sangri monastery, Yumbulakang Palace, Tradruk monastery, Samye monastery. Travelers can also travel to Nyingchi, also known as Eastern Tibet.


Tibet Tourism is developing every year and it is important to share Travelers the hidden beauties in Tibet since all the Travel agencies in Tibet are focusing on almost the same trip the Mount Everest North Face and the Mount Kailash. I would highly recommend Travelers who are keen to see the places where there are less tourist and more locals to travel Woka Choelong monastery or Kharta Kangshung valley east face of Mount Everest trek listed on our website.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 22, 2018


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