Nagqu is also known as Nakchu. If we translate the word directly, it means black water. 

Located in northern Tibet at an elevation of 4,400 M ( 14, 436 ft )

Nagqu is known as the Changtang grassland area in Tibet and the largest prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region with 11 counties. 

At the moment they are 2 ways to get to Nagqu from Lhasa.

1. Overland 

There is 332 km from Lhasa to Nagqu, the driving duration is around 7 hours. 

2. Train 

The Qinghai Tibet train will pass by through Nagqu Prefecture. From Nagqu to Lhasa, there is 322 km and from Golmud to Nagqu, there is 820 km

The train travel duration from Nagqu to Lhasa is around 4 hours.

The other way to get to Nagqu in the future will be the flight. The highest airport in the world will be constructed at Nagqu Prefecture. The name of the airport is Dagring airport, at an elevation of 4, 436 M ( 14, 553 ft ) 

Nagqu airport is located about 230 km from Lhasa. The airport is located in Dagring town. Nagqu Dagring airport is 102 meters higher than Tibet's Chamdo Bangda airport.  Nagqu airport will be the sixth airport in Tibet Autonomous Region. More information on five other airports in Tibet.

Horse culture is fading everywhere in our world but the good news, that horse culture is still popular in Nagqu. 

Every year around August, there is a horse racing festival in Nagqu.

For horse lover Travelers, another popular horse racing festival also happens at Litang in Kham. 

During the horse race festival, it is quite difficult to get accommodation since all the Nomads will gather in Nagqu to celebrate this festival. Travelers have to book the tour very much in advance to have accommodation. 

Another option is to travel early in the morning from Damxung or Namtso Lake to Nagqu and after the horse race festival, travel back to Lhasa or Damxung. 

Sightseeings located in Nagqu

1. Namtso Lake 

Nagqu is famous for Namtso Lake, which lies on the border of Lhasa Prefecture and Nagqu Prefecture. 

Namtso Lake is located at an elevation of 4, 718 M ( 15, 479 ft ) surrounded by Nanchen Tangla mountain ranges. 

There is 240 km from Namtso Lake to Lhasa and 220 km from Namtso Lake to Nagqu. 

Namtso Lake is one of the best day and two days trips from Lhasa. The sunset, sunrise, and stars at night are the main highlights. 

The accommodation in Namtso Lake is a basic room without a private bathroom and shower. The reason is it is not allowed to build mud or bricks house at the Lake to preserve the Lake. 

Horse having a great time near Namtso Lake.

2. Northern Changtang 

The biggest loop tour connecting western Tibet Ngari Prefecture and northern Tibet Nagqu prefecture including counties like Nyima town is known as one of the hidden beauties in Tibet. 

These areas are also known as no man's land,  they are no villages or nomads, only wild animals wandering.

In summer, only a few Chinese Travelers will travel through this route, according to Tibetan drivers, if we don't have help from a local person to show the route, sometimes we will be lost for a few hours since these hidden beauties are truly no man's land.

3. Twin Lake

Known as Shuangwu in Chinese is a popular travel destination in far northern Tibet to see the beauties of white glaciers. 

They are 2 ways to travel twin lake, travel from western Tibet, and travel from Namtso Lake. 

4. Qinghai Tibet Train 

The Train from Qinghai to Tibet with 1956 km in total connecting Xining in Qinghai and Lhasa in Tibet also includes some of the grassland beauties of northern Nagqu Prefecture. 

5. Travel from Golmud to Lhasa via Nagqu 

There is 1050 km from Golmud to Lhasa. Golmud is famous for Kekexili, which is known as the Changtang in Tibetan. 

Travelers can travel from Golmud to Lhasa via overland or bicycle or train. 

The route from Golmud to Nagqu includes beautiful landscapes, grassland, and Nomads. 


Nagqu is known as the largest prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Nagqu is famous for the horse racing festival, which happens every year around August.

Nagqu is also famous for its beautiful landscape, grassland, nomads, and Namtso Lake. 

Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to travel to Nagqu prefecture to witness the beauties of grassland and Nomads. 

For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email Tibet Travelers. 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 08, 2018


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