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One of the most popular Tours in Tibet is the Overland travel journey to the Nepal Border (Zhangmu / Kodari)  It is around 760Km from Lhasa to Zhangmu, Nepal Border. Tour will be around 5-8 days in total with an overnight stay at Mount Everest North Face Base Camp. Today we would like to share some information on Nepal border Zhangmu and newly open trade border Kyirong. 

Photo: Sweet Local Tibetan girl from Southern Tibet

This route is one of the most beautiful routes, especially for travelers who are planning to travel to Nepal after China and Tibet but in April 2015 with a magnitude of 7.9M or 8.1M Earthquake hit Nepal affecting many regions in Nepal, few regions of border areas in Tibet side, especially Zhangmu, Nyalam, and Kyirong. Since then Nepal border has been closed for both locals and travelers.

After the closing of Nepal border, all the affected regions has been in reconstruction project and a new entrance border route was open for local and Chinese travelers, which is Kyirong Border. Kyirong is one of the most hidden beauties regions in Tibet, Kyirong is around 150-200Km from my hometown Tingri, around 700-800Km from Lhasa, making it one of the most beautiful regions in Southern Tibet. Kyirong is also a very important spiritual destination, Maha Siddha Jetsun Milarepa has been meditating in Kyirong regions around 11 Century, Dagkar Taso, (Horse Tooth White Mountain) This is the meditation cave where Jestun Milarepa has been meditated for around 9-12 Years. Kyirong also has the route where many great Tibetan ancestors have traveled to Nepal and India in late 8th to 15th Century. Spiritual teacher of Jetsun Milarepa, Maha Siddha Marpa has traveled to India around 3 times through Kyirong region. Kyirong is surrounded by green forest and mountains, making it a place like a heaven, so if Kyirong border is open for foreign travelers in future then this route will be much more beautiful as compare to Zhangmu border.

After explaining information's about the importance of Nepal border, for the conclusion, we pray that the Nepal border opens soon, if possible especially the Kyirong border so travelers can enjoy the beautiful nature and spiritual.

At the moment they are already rumors that Nepal border will be opening soon, Tibet Travelers will make sure to share the update as soon as we hear from the Tibet Tourism office.

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