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Distracted Mind - MC Tenzin Lyrics

To distract the mind, drinking beer To distract the mind, smoking cigarettes  To distract the mind, watching movies To distract the mind, rubbing mobile phone To distract the mind, partying outside To distract the mind, involve relationships To distract the mind, playing Tic Tok To distract the mind, taking anesthetic Nowadays where ever I

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Drigung Monastery

  Drigung Til monastery is the principal monastery of Drigung Kagyu school in the Buddhism in Tibet.  The monastery is famous for the best sky burial ( Tu Troe ) in Tibet.  The Kagyu school is divided into four major Dakpo Kagyu schools and eight sub-Pagdru schools.  Four Major Dakpo Kagyu schoolsKarma Kagyu Barom Kagyu Tsalpa Kagy

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Ganden monastery

  Ganden is named after the Tushita heaven where the future Buddha Maitreya, presently a bodhisattva is residing. Ganden monastery is one of the three largest Gelugpa school monasteries near Lhasa. The two other are Sera monastery and Drepung monastery. History of Ganden monastery  Ga means Joy and Den means to Remain, it's a joyful remai

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Ralung monastery

  The Ralung monastery can be traced back to one of the great Tibetan Yogi Jetsun Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje. Je Tsangpa Gyare was born in the Ngang To area in the Shigatse prefecture during the year 1161. Je Tsangpa Gyare was one of the fortunate masters who has a chance to met the great Yogi Je Lingrepa Pema Dorje.  History of the Ralun

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Beauties behind Tibetan Ladies

  Tibetan ladies are one of the most beautiful ladies in the planet earth.  Tibetan ladies are beautiful both in look and in the heart.  Three different  features of Tibetan LadiesTibetan Ladies from U-Tsang  Tibetan Ladies from Kham  Tibetan Ladies from Amdo Tibetan Ladies from U-Tsang The Tibetan Ladies from Lhasa, Shi

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How to buy China sim card in Tibet?

  Many Travelers would like to connect with families or friends back in the home, so Travelers have asked; How to buy the China mobile sim card in Tibet?  Today Tibet Travelers would like to share the detail information so Travelers can get in connect with loved ones back in the home. There are three China mobile data companies in Tibet.

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Health Tips in Tibet

  Many Travelers are concerned about the high altitude sickness in Tibet.  The average altitude of Tibet is around 4000 - 4500 meters. The high passes in Tibet are about 5200 meters.  Around 95 percent of the Travelers traveling to Tibet have no any health problems while traveling in Tibet.  We have met few Travelers having altitude sic

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Travel to Tibet from Nepal in 4 steps

  Traveling to Tibet is a beautiful journey. Tibet is the summit of planet earth. Some Travelers planned the trip to Tibet more than 20 years ago, and it's so beautiful to hear such stories from the Travelers. These beautiful stories are the inspiration for us to write more articles regarding traveling to Tibet so more and more Travelers ca

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Travel to Tibet from China in 5 steps

  Traveling to Tibet is a journey of all the Travelers since Tibet is the roof of our world.  Another name of Tibet is the third pole; other two poles are the north pole and south pole.  Tibet is a many years dream of Travelers. Unlike many other regions, traveling to Tibet will need pre-bookings because of few reasons which we will exp

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Jetsun Tsongkhapa

  Jetsun Tsongkhapa is the founder of Gelukpa school of Buddhism in Tibet. Jetsun means Lord of Purity Discipline.  Tsongkha is the name of the place in Eastern Tibet Amdo area where he was born. Jetsun Tsongkhapa was born in the year 1357 during the 14th century.  At the age of three, ordained as a layman vow by the 4th Jetsun Karmapa

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Jetsun Padmasambhava

  Je meaning lord and Tsun meaning Purity Discipline.  Padmasambhava meaning the one born from the lotus.  Also known as Maha Guru Rinpoche or Lopon Chenpo in Tibetan.  Maha meaning great. Guru and Rinpoche meaning spiritual master.  Lopon Chenpo meaning the great spiritual master.  Maha Guru Padmasambhava is one of the wisest Buddh

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Wechat Best App in Tibet

  Before a few years ago, Skype and WhatsApp are the two most reliable social media apps for Travelers while traveling in Tibet.  Travelers will contact Tibet Travelers through WhatsApp or Skype to confirm the tour or to share the updates on a trip to Tibet.  These Apps were handy when it comes to contact Travelers about updates on Tibet

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