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Also known as Geu la Pass situated at the Tingri County, between the Che village and Tashizom village.  Gawula pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Tibet to see the beauties of five mountain above 8000 meters. The five snow mountains : Mount Everest (8844 meters, 29002ft) Mount Makalu (8463 meters, 27825ft) Mount Lhotse (

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Mount Everest Eco Bus Update 2019

(Photo: Mount Everest with the Universe) Mount Everest is the most visited travel destinations in Tibet.  It is the roof of our world. Tibetan name of the mountain is Chomolungma. It takes around three days drive from Lhasa to Mount Everest view area Rongbuk monastery.  The first overnight will be at Shigatse city. Second night at Pelber town.

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3-star Shambhala Hotel

Shambhala Hotel situated in the heart of Lhasa city with around 50 meters from the Jokhang Temple's Square.  Shambhala Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Lhasa. It was reconstructed with a  few new designs in the year 2017. The Hotel has nearly 100 rooms with a 4-floor building. They are three types of rooms: Common Room ( Double bed or s

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2019 Top Chosen Tibet Tours

  2019 is starting with a beautiful tourism year as always. Starting from the April 5th, Tibet Travelers first group of Travelers have entered Tibet.  Before sharing the article about our Top chosen Tibet Tours of 2019, we would like to share a piece of short information on the rules and regulation for traveling to Tibet. Documents require

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2019 Trip advisor Certificate of Excellence

  Tibet Travelers is not the largest travel agency in Tibet, but we are one of the most caring travel agencies in Tibet.  Once again, with the full support from Travelers all around the world, Tibet Travelers has received the 2019 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence on Trip advisor site of Tibet Travelers. Before starting this article,

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Jetsun Sakya Drakpa Gyaltsen

Born like a prince of Sakya yet left the great comfort life and wandered in the mountains of Sakya as a Yogi.  In his whole life, he has never shown his back of the body to his Lama as a sign of true devotion.  Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen is one of my favorite masters from Sakya sect. The root Lama of the first Pandit in Tibet Jetsun Sakya Pandita.

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Penz Patata Restaurant

Choosing a local food while traveling in Tibet will give an excellent impact help on local business.  This time Tibet Travelers brings a great local Tibetan Restaurant in the old town around 100 meters from Jokhang Temple.  This cozy local Restaurant namely Penz Patata is found by our recent Travelers from New Zealand.  They love the food so

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Top Tibet Travel Destinations

  Tibet is known as Bod བོད་ in the Tibetan language. Bod means calling or saying "Ka ye" in Tibetan, more like saying (Hey)  Three main reasons for travel to Tibet are: Stunning natures Precious holy sites Tibetan people and culture Stunning Natures Tibet is the roof of the world with home to many of the highest mount

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Why Tibet Travelers Group Tours?

Group Tours are the favorite option for Travelers traveling to Tibet. 100 % of the Travel Agencies in Tibet are focusing on the Tibet group tours. The only difference between Tibet Travelers Travel Agency group tours and the rest 99.99 % Travel Agencies group tour is the size of the group tour and the vehicle of the group tour.  99.99% of Trave

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  Pasum situated at the elevation of 4300 meters in the Tingri County. Highlight  Pasum is one of the most beautiful villages on the way to Mount Everest North Face. The summit of Mount Everest north face is seen from Pasum village. This makes Pasum a great place to stop for photos and also a place to stay for a night to acclimatized with

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2019 Social Responsibility Project

(Photo: Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup in Pasum village Primary School at the elevation of 4300 meters, around 30km from Mount Everest North Face Base Camp) There is a place where if you reach, you will forget the word unhappiness, it's known as Tibet.  Over the years, Tibet has become dream travel destinations for many Travelers. Each y

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Positive energy from Tibet Travelers

  Having a positive view of everything makes our life more significant. A person should go beyond the mood. If we follow our mood, there is no progress in life. Doing Yoga and meditation, reading books and traveling are the teachers of our life, and we should not let mood to take us away from these great teachers. Our moods are always lovin

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