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2018 Types of Tourist vehicle in Tibet

Even though they are many different types of vehicles in Tibet but for tourism, only the vehicles with (L) number plate is allowed.  (L) number plate meaning travel.  Below is the update of different types of tourist vehicle available in Tibet for Travelers from the year 2017 Most of the vehicles are very comfortable since most of t

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Lhasa New Bhakor Market

This article is for Travelers who are keen to buy lower price wholesale gifts or souvenirs from Tibet and bring to home as a gift to friends or family or as a remembrance of Tibet. Before a few years ago, the new Bhakor market was located near the Bhakor street and Travelers can easily buy the lower price gifts or souvenirs but later it was

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May 30, 2018  0

2018 Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence

Finally, with the full support from Travelers all around the world, Tibet Travelers has received the 2018 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. Before starting this article, Tibet Travelers would like to thank all the previous 148 Travelers for rating us Excellent reviews. We really understand, Travelers are busy in daily work when you are

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2018 Updates on Tibet Mount Everest

Almost 90 percent of the Travelers who are traveling to Tibet will travel to Mount Everest North Face base camp, located at Tingri county at the altitude of 5200 meters They are few updates on Mount Everest region that Tibet Travelers would like to share to all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet.  2018 Updates on Mount

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May 11, 2018  0

If You Have Compassion

One of the most powerful words on the planet earth is not the word power but the word compassion.  In the Buddhism in Tibet, compassion is known as (Nying Jey)  Nying means mind or heart.  Jey means Lord or King.  Compassion is the only medicine that can help us to find happiness even in the suffering

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May 09, 2018  0

No Any Shopping In Tibet Tours

From our personal experience, one thing that ruins the trip is the shopping in the tours.  It shortens the travel duration of Travelers since running towards entering more shops and that will ruin the enjoyment of the trip for Travelers so Tibet Travelers focus on tours with no any shopping. Starting from the day one of Tibet Travelers u

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Apr 30, 2018  0

Fewer Tourist Travel Sites In Tibet

Recently we have few Email inquiry from Travelers who ask us about the sightseeing in Tibet where they are a fewer tourist and more locals.  With 15 years of Tibet Tourism experience, Tibet Travelers would like to share some of the sightseeing in Tibet where Travelers can witness a fewer tourist and more authentic Tibetan feeling with

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Apr 22, 2018  0

My Record 16 Hours / 52KM Trek To Mount Kailash

Since I was born near the Mountains at the altitude of around 4, 500 meters ( 14,763 ft ) from my childhood times, I have deep love towards mountains. When I was young, I used to climb the small hill near my second village Tashizom with my cousins.  Those were one of the best days of my life since my mind is fully focused on what I am d

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Overland Journey from Tibet to Nepal is one of the most favorite overland journeys for many Travelers. Many Travelers will travel to China, take train or flight to Tibet and finally will enjoy the beautiful overland journey towards Nepal through the Zhangmu border but it has been closed since April 2015 due to the earthquake at Nepal which has affe

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Nagqu is also known as Nakchu. If we translate the word directly, it means black water.  Located in the northern Tibet at an elevation of 4,400 M ( 14, 436 ft ) Nagqu is known as the Changtang grassland areas in Tibet and the largest prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region with 11 counties.  At the moment they are 2 ways to get

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Apr 08, 2018  0

China Visa Policy From Nepal

Passport scan and China visa scan are the 2 main documents to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa.  The easiest way to obtain the China visa is traveling to Tibet from Nepal. If Travelers are traveling to Tibet from Nepal, Tibet Travelers will take care of the China visa.  This is a great news for a

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Apr 02, 2018  0


Sakya town is one of the most important towns in the history of Buddhism in Tibet. Sakya town is located 130 km from Shigatse at an elevation of 4, 400 meters ( 14, 435 ft ) Sa means land and Kya means grey.  Sakya is famous for the Sakya monastery. Founded in the year 1073 by Je Konchok Gyalpo of the Khon clan.  During the 13

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