How To Travel Tibet From Nepal?

One of the best ways to travel Tibet is through Nepal, the benefit of traveling from Nepal is, you won't need to worry about the China visa, which will be taken care by the Tibet Travelers with the Tibet Travel Permit.

China Visa

With the scan of passport copy, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the China visa invitation letter from Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa, after getting the invitation letter, we will scan it to our Nepal partner agency, who can help to arrange the China visa for you in Kathmandu, Nepal. Travelers must stay 2 full working days in Nepal for issuing the China visa or you can travel inside Nepal with the scan of passport copy and pass the original passport to our Nepal agency so they can obtain the China visa from Chinese Embassy in Nepal. After getting the China visa, our Nepal agency will deliver the China visa and passport to your hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal.  

China visa fee rates

China visa fee rate for the United State of an American citizen and Canadian citizen will cost 200 US Dollar Per person including the service fee of our Nepal agency. 

China visa fee rate for Other nationals cost 110 US Dollar Per Person.

For urgent visa fee in a day will cost around 50 US Dollar more per person. 

Flights from Nepal to Tibet

Tibet Travelers can help to buy the flight tickets from Kathmandu, Nepa to Lhasa, Tibet round trip or one way. Round trip ticket cost around 600-770 US Dollar Per Person. You can also buy by yourself through Google. If we buy the tickets for you, please send some deposit through PayPal:

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travelers Tour Guide will be waiting at Lhasa Gongkar airport with the original Tibet Travel Permit, our Tour Guide will help to register you at the airport security with the China visa from you and Tibet Travel Permit from Tour Guide and after registration, Tour Guide will take you to the hotel in Lhasa where you can meet our Travel Agency Manager by discussing on itinerary and price, Manager will answer all your questions on tour itinerary and after everything is good then you can pay the amount for the trip and flight ticket.

Before the China visa and Tibet Travel Permit and Flight to Tibet

One of the most important things to arrange before the China visa, Tibet Travel Permit, and flight to Tibet is the Tour in Tibet. You can choose one of our private tour or group tour fix departures, after confirming the Tibet tour with 50 US Dollar per person through PayPal, you can go to next step, China visa and Tibet Travel Permit and Flight to Tibet.  

For your Journey to Tibet, Email Tibet Travelers today: or you can visit our website for more information: 


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