Mount Everest Region is My Home Town

Mount Everest North Face Base Camp region is my hometown. It is indeed such a great blessing to be born at the feet of Mount Everest, villagers around my hometown Tibetans call her by the name: Chomolungma. Meaning standing goddess. 

She is indeed one of the most beautiful mountains. Maybe it's because I was born in her arms so I have a deep connection with her. When I was young, I didn't know anything about her. I heard my villagers talk about her since they were climbers who need the help of my villagers as porter and yak man. 

It was around nearly the end of 2002 and the March of 2003 until the mid-October 2004 when I spend 8 full months each year at Mount Everest North face base camp helping a small business from my family.

A small yak hair tea tent called " Hotel California" Which is also listed in lonely planet book, I have chosen this name since I love that song from Eagles and it's a famous hotel so when travelers who arrive near our family tea tent, after seeing the sign saying ' Hotel California"  some take photos, some laugh. It was one of the best days of my life that I have got a chance to connect with travelers from all over the world. 

Sometimes I used to take Travelers to the Advance Base Camp of Mount Everest to see the glaciers and to have the closer view of Mount Everest.

Sometimes I take Travelers for a motorbike ride to New Tingri and Old Tingri. It was a great adventure even for myself. That was the time when I was 18 and I have got a chance to help my family.  

They are two ways to climb Mount Everest, North Col, and North Face. North Face is very difficult to climb so mostly Russian's choose to climb, I admire their courage. North Col advance base camp is located at 6400M and 15M Sirek Glacier can be pass by along the route. I have also seen the electric lines of George Mallory, who is known as the first person to climb from Tibet side. 

I love going closer to Mount Everest, the closer I go towards her, more beauty she becomes.

When we look at Mount Everest from far, she looks like standing tall woman but when we get closer, she looks more like a head rise above and the body lying down. She is beautiful and May more snowfall on her since she looks more beautiful with snow. 

I also love the sunset when the color of Mount Everest change into yellow, orange and finally red.

Mount Everest base camp is also a great place to see stars and the milky way. I used to make lots of wishes since I see so many shooting stars after every few minutes. 

Near the base camp, there is upper Rongbuk monastery, where my good friend Monk Sangay used to live in summer, in winter because of water difficulty, he will go to main monastery or hometown.

I admire him since he left the samsaric deeds. Sometimes when I have important plans, I go to him for rolling the dice and ask for a blessing. 

Stunning beauties of Mount Everest from upper Rongbuk monastery retreat area

Now the Yak hair tea tents are moved under the upper Rongbuk monastery. Tea tent will be open around March mid, Climbers will arrive at the base camp around March end.

Around May 20th, most of the climbers have already climbed the Mount Everest, I still remember the big Romanian group, who taught me some Romanian language, like Bag mesh.

I still don't know what it means but I am very happy that they come to our family tea tent via singing and spending time with locals, especially myself since at that time since I am the only local Tibetan at base camp, who can speak English so I have made many friends from all over the world. 

After spending 2 years at Mount Everest base camp for 16 months, I have moved to Lhasa and started as a Tour guide in one of the well known and oldest local Tibetan travel agency for around 12 years, where I have got a chance to visit many places in Tibet including Mount Kailash with 5 times kora.

Now I have started my own Travel company 'Tibet Travelers' with the mission to show the beauties of my home Tibet to the whole world. 

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