What About (TTP) Tibet Travel Permit and (TV) Tibet Visa?

Many travelers are planning to travel into Tibet and the first thing travelers will do is try to buy the flight or train tickets but there is one very important question left to answer: What about (TTP) Tibet Travel Permit?


Tibet is one of the destinations where we need Tibet Travel Permit to travel. Some very intelligent travelers will also ask questions, what about Tibet visa?  Below Article, we will share more information about Tibet visa and Tibet Travel Permit.



There is Tibet visa, China visa is the only visa required to travel to Tibet. Even with the China visa, you will still need the Tibet Travel Permit to travel in Tibet. So, the questions arise, how to issue the China visa and Tibet Travel Permit?


China visa


If Travelers plan to travel Tibet through Nepal, Tibet Travelers will issue the China visa for you with the help of Travelers Passport Scan and date of entering to Tibet. China visa fee cost 110USD Per Person for non-US and Canadian citizen and 200USD Per Person for US and Canadian Citizen including the service fee of our Nepal friend agency.


If Travelers plan to travel Tibet through China, China visa can be issued in your home country at the Chinese Embassy but before issuing the China visa, there is one thing to be mindful is do not mention about traveling to Tibet since China visa can be difficult to get or can be even rejected if you mention that you are traveling to Tibet, you can mention about your trip in other cities in China like, Chengdu, Beijing or Shanghai or others. For more information on this, Tibet Travelers happy to send our PDF version of an easier way to obtain the China visa through Email. 


China visa type


Best visa is to issue the tourist visa, which is (L) category. For other visa’s like working visa, we will need employ letter or working card to issue the Tibet Travel Permit.


Tibet Travel Permit


After getting China Visa, Travelers can send a clear scan of Passport and China Visa, with these documents, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the Tibet Travel Permit from the Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa, Tibet.


Duration and destination on Tibet Travel Permit


Total travel duration and destinations places you will visit in Tibet will be written on the Tibet Travel Permit so let us know all the places you would like to travel in Tibet since once the permit is issued, it is difficult to extend or add extra places, sometimes it won't be possible since the lack of time. 


What happens if travel to Tibet without Tibet Travel Permit


If you don't have the Tibet Travel Permit, you can't travel in Tibet, even if you can by luck, you will be informed by hotels or train station security or airport security to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) and transfer back to China with some fine. 


How long in advance do I have to issue the Tibet Travel Permit?


How long does it take to issue the Tibet Travel Permit?


Now, we know that Tibet Travel Permit is very important documents to travel in Tibet.


Next two important questions are how long in advance do I have to issue the Tibet Travel Permit? It is much better to issue the Tibet Travel Permit in many days advances as you can since once it's issued, it can't be canceled by tourism office even if there are some changes in tourist policy. For normal travelers who don't plan a trip in advance, must at least issue the Tibet Travel Permit around 20-30 days advance so that Tibet Travelers has enough time to issue the Tibet Travel Permit and mail it to your hotel in China.  


The second question is, How long does it take to issue the Tibet Travel Permit?

Normally, it takes around 10-20 days to issue the Tibet Travel Permit.


Flights to Tibet or Train to Tibet


When you plan to fly to Tibet, you will need the original Tibet Travel Permit so you must stay 1 night in China before traveling to Tibet so Tibet Travelers can mail the permit to your hotel in China, you can pick the Tibet Travel Permit from the hotel and board the flight to Tibet the next day. 


Around 10 days before the trip, you can provide the hotel information with phone number and booking number or name so Tibet Travelers can call the hotel and request them to keep the Tibet Travel Permit safe until you arrive in hotel, once getting the Tibet Travel Permit from hotel, please bring it safely to Tibet with you and give to our Tour Guide once you meet him at Lhasa Gonggar airport. 


If you are planning to take train into Tibet, Print version of the Tibet Travel Permit will be okay for picking the train ticket from train station and boarding the train, Tibet Travelers will send you the scan of Tibet Travel Permit so you can print and buy or pick the train ticket and board the train to Tibet.


These are the most important information on (TTP) Tibet Travel Permit, Contact Tibet Travelers for your upcoming journey to Tibet.



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