Ngari, also known as Ali in Chinese and Western Tibet in English. Located at an altitude of 4500M, around 1550km from Lhasa.

They are two ways to get to Ngari. 

1. Overland from Lhasa and Nepal Border

2. Flight from Lhasa Gongkar Airport to Ngari Kunsa Airport

Nearby Sightseeing 

1. Mount Kailash

One of the most important reasons for the beauty of the Ngari region is Mount Kailash. In Tibet known as Gang Rinpoche. Meaning of Precious Snow is located around 270km from Ngari City.

Every year more than 1000 Travelers will travel to Mount Kailash for blessing and adventure. Mount Kailash is the most desired destination in Tibet. 

Photo:Mount Kailash

2. Lake Manasarovar

Located around 30km from Mount Kailash Darchin Town. Lake Manasarovar is one of the holy lakes in Tibet. Many pilgrims will visit here to get the blessing.

They are four monasteries in each direction of Lake, one of the best places to stay a night is near Chiu (Bird) Monastery.

3. The Guge Kingdom and Toling Monastery

Located around 260km from Darchin Town and around 280km from Ngari. The Guge Kingdom is one of the last kingdoms in Tibet, located around 18km from Tsanda or Tada town. 

The Toling Monastery is located in the heart of Tsanda or Tada town.  The Stupa near Toling monastery, the landscape of Tsanda town, and views of the Guge Kingdom are very unique. 

4.The Shangshung Kingdom Ruins and Tadapuri Hotspring

Around 60km from Darchin town, we will reach the Tadapuri hot spring area, a small monastery, and a beautiful valley that can be seen from Tadapuri.

Around 50km more inside the valley, we will reach the Shangshung Kingdoms Ruins.

5. Purang 

Located around 150km from Lake Manasarovar towards the west. Purang is one of the border towns between India and Nepal. There is an important Monastery namely Kachu Gompa near Purang.

6. Pangong Tso Lake

Located near Rutok town, around 260km from Ngari. This lies between the Indian, Pakistan, and China Tibet Autonomous Region. Pangong Tso Lake beautifies Ngari region.

Photo: Guge Kingdom


Ngari is famous for Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Both are located around 270km from Ngari Ali Shiquanhe City.

Ngari is also famous for many of the last Kingdoms in Tibet, the Guge Kingdom Ruins, and the Shangshung Kingdom Ruins.

These are a few pieces of information regarding travel to Ngari Western Tibet. Check out our Join Group 17-Day tour to Mount Kailash & Guge Kingdom.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 26, 2023


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