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Lhasa is known as one of the most comfortable cities in the world. It is one of the most beautiful and my favorite places in Tibet. Even though I was born near the Mount Everest region but I have a deep feeling that Lhasa is my home.

Normally I only recommend the places where Travelers can see the beauties of nature and sightseeing in Tibet but for some Travelers who also would love to find out the Nightlife Bar Zones in Lhasa, today I would like to recommend some of the best places to hang out in Lhasa.

Before a few decades, Nangma became very popular. Nangma is a Tibetan version of disco where we can witness the dancing and drama shows and later dance together, even nowadays they are few Nangma's. One of the most popular Nangma is Jing ma (meaning golden horse) They are few numbers and one of the biggest Jing ma Nangma is Jingma 3rd ( Jingma san hao )

After Nangma, I would like to recommend Travelers the Bars in Lhasa where Travelers can witness young locals and different types of beers from different regions in the world.

They are many cozy bars at the new Bhakor market street, which is located opposite the Dungcuo Youth hostel. One of my favorite cafes and bars is the Yak Burger.

Yak Burger Cafe and Bar in Lhasa

Yak Burger is located backside of the new Bhakor market. Own by one of our friend Tsering. He speaks good English and provides many different types of local Lhas beer and wine. The foods are awesome in Yak Burger. They have local Tibetan food, Nepali and Indian food, Western and Chinese food.  Especially the Tibetan Yak meat Burger. 

Photo: Yak Burger Cafe and Bar in Lhasa

Travelers who would love to know about the night disco, one of the most popular is the Muse disco, located in the western part of town near the Golden Yak.


Most of the nightlife in Tibet is very safe and Tibetans love western Travelers but we highly recommend Travelers to travel with Tour Guide for translation and for safety when you are hanging out in the nightlife in Lhasa especially the disco and Nangma.

Beers in the nightlife in Lhasa cost around 4 - 8 US Dollars per each. They accept the Chinese Renminbi, which is the main currency in Tibet.

Thanks for reading our article on Nightlife in Lhasa, we will be writing more articles to provide the latest Tibet travel updates.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 20, 2018


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