No any hidden cost in Tibet Travelers


One thing that might ruin the Tibet trip of Travelers will be the hidden cost. 

The moment there is a hidden cost, it shows there might be more to come and that the Travel agency only sees money and doesn't care for Travelers.

Even though everyone is working for the money, trust always comes first. 

No money might stop Travelers from traveling but no trust will give Travelers the feeling that it would have been good if I haven't traveled here and that is an even worse feeling than travel so Tibet Travelers focus on no hidden cost. 

For all the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers, there is no single hidden cost to ruin the feeling of Travelers while traveling in Tibet.

Traveling is a beautiful journey but both body and mind play a big role in the happiness of travel. 

Even if our body arrives in Tibet but if our mind is not in Tibet then it is just a story to share back in the home but a bit sad since traveling to Tibet is lots of money and time for Travelers.

Tibet Travelers never focus on shopping on the trip. When I was Tour Guide, if Travelers ask me about something to buy, I love taking them to the wholesale place, the new Bhakor market for tourist goods, and Tromsikang market where locals buy the goods. 

The reason I take Travelers there is the rental fee which is much lower than shops which are in the highlight spot so that makes the prices of the goods much lower.

I have this feeling that all Travelers who are traveling to Tibet are just like me who want to travel with someone who is trustable and that is one of the reasons I have been focusing on trust via sharing all my knowledge and stories in Tibet Tourism for nearly 15 years.

Even in any relationship, earning money or any materials are very easy but earning trust is very difficult and once a Traveler has trusted me, to break that trust via cheat is like one of the shameless deeds that I feel. 

Beauties of Ganden monastery

While sharing the information on trust, I would also like to share with all the Travelers about the frequent changes in Tibet Travel Regulations and Tibet Travelers cancellation policy.

Tibet Travel Regulations changes anytime and sometimes even without any advance notice so for that I request all the Travelers to understand since if this happens, it is not happening only with Tibet Travelers, it will happen with all the Travel agencies in Tibet and I am sure they and we will also post update news on social media for Travelers to understands.

Thank you for reading our article on no hidden cost in Tibet Travelers. 

Tibet Travelers are very happy to get feedback from Travelers in the comment box below so we can improve every day by making it easier for future Travelers to travel Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 10, 2018


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