No any shopping in Tibet Tours


From our personal experience, one thing that ruins the trip is the shopping on the tours. 

It shortens the travel duration of Travelers since running towards entering more shops and that will ruin the enjoyment of the trip for Travelers so Tibet Travelers focus on tours with no any shopping.

Starting from day one of Tibet Travelers until now, Tibet Travelers is delighted to share that we have never arranged a tour that is focusing on shopping. 

Even if some Travelers would like to buy something in Tibet, I immediately recommended them to go to the new Bhakor market, where all the wholesale is located. The only reason it is a lower price is the rental fee, which is much lower than other highlight shops near Bhakor.

No shopping in the Tibet Tour is one of the reasons Tibet Travelers is a little bit different than some other Travel agencies.

There are a few other reasons, Tibet Travelers is special than other Travelers agencies. 

1. There is no any hidden cost.

All the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers are focusing on no hidden cost so Tibet Travelers focus on trust-based Tours in Tibet. 

2.  Alerting all the time for Travelers. 

Tibet Travelers is special since we have deep care for all the Travelers who have traveled with us.

We connect most of our Travelers via Wechat so Travelers can contact us any time regarding the tour. We also recommend Travelers download Wechat App before traveling to Tibet.

For travelers who can't reach us via social media, we recommend they to contact us via mobile phone of Tour Guide.

3. Flexibility in the tours in Tibet.

Making the trip as much flexibility as we can for Travelers is also one of the specialties of Tibet Travelers. Tibet travel permit is difficult to edit or extend once issued but other than that, during the trip, if Travelers prefer to visit places nearby or extend a day in Lhasa, we normally do all our best to make it happen for Travelers. 

4. Travelers happy is the success of Tibet Travelers.

Traveler's happiness is our success key so Tibet Travelers will do all our best to make sure Travelers are happy with our service.

In the interdependent world with lots of causes and conditions, we cannot guarantee that everything will go perfectly but Tibet Travelers is happy to solve any problems to make the trip better for our Travelers any time so we highly recommend our Travelers to contact us at the moment when Travelers are having problems, like hotel not clean or changing sightseeing so Tibet Travelers can fix it at the moment and Travelers travel happily again.

Photo: Beauties of nature in Namtso Lake, Tibet

Travel regulation in Tibet is different than in other regions so if they are a situation that is out of our control, we request Travelers to please understand. 


As our previous Travelers says; if Travelers are looking for a worry-free, caring, and flexible Travel agency in Tibet, Tibet Travelers is the Tibetan travel expert for you. 

Tibet Travelers is a local Tibetan Travel agency based in Lhasa, Tibet with 15 years of Tibet travel experience. 

We highly value all the Travelers who are traveling with us via meeting the Travelers at the beginning and at the end of the trip to make sure our Travelers have a great time in Tibet. 

We would like to thank all the previous Travelers for loving the Tibet Beauties and choosing the Tibet Travelers. 

We would like to welcome all the Travelers to travel to Tibet with Tibet Travelers via sending us an Email at 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 30, 2018


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