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To make it convenient for Travelers today's article Tibet Travelers would like to share the Apps which are not possible to use in Tibet so Travelers can use below Tibet Travelers suggested Email and Apps for contacting friends and family back in the home. 

Tibet Travelers is using these App with the help of software to promote Tibet tours and to reach our Tibet tour to more Travelers, this is the only reason that Tibet Travelers is using these Apps. Below Tibet Travelers will share our social media link for more stunning Tibet photos and more information regarding traveling to Tibet. 

For travelers traveling to Tibet, one of the best Emails to use will be Yahoo mail and Hotmail from Microsoft or QQ mail.

Below Tibet Travelers will share the link to both Emails shared above.

Yahoo Mail

Hotmail Microsoft

QQ Mail 

Photo: Beauties of Nature in Tibet

Travelers who would love to use an App to contact family or friends at home. Tibet Travelers highly recommend Wechat.

One of the most popular social media Apps in Tibet and China is WeChat. They are many different languages Travelers can choose from. 

To Sign-up Wechat, Travelers need to Sign-up with your phone number, and Tibet Travelers are happy to help when Travelers arrive in Lhasa, Tibet.  

Travelers can also download Wechat App on Mac. Below is the link to download Wechat on Mac

Travelers can also enjoy stunning Tibet photos and Tibet Travel news on our Social Media shared below.



Wechat ID: tibettravelers

Hope this information is useful for Travelers traveling to Tibet. Tibet Travelers is doing its best to make it convenient for our precious Travelers.

Travelers can contact Tibet Travelers via Email for Tibet Travel Permit, Tibet Tour, and Tibet Travel information and book a journey to Tibet. 

Written By :Tenzin

Jan 31, 2018


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